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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Disappointing Meal :-O

Sunday, the folks went shopping. Mama needed a new pair of tennis shoes. Her old pair is falling apart because of walking on wet grass so much. She has used cement glue on them twice. She found a pair at Kohl's that feel good, but she doesn't like the color. They are dark gray. She prefers white. However, while she was trying on the new shoes, she realized her old shoes really smelled. They smell because they have been wet so much. She thinks it's probably mildew. She decided she better get a new pair regardless of the color. Yesterday, she soaked the old pair in laundry detergent and she hopes once they dry out, they will be okay to wear to walk us. If we were not in the shade, things might dry out faster. After shopping at Kohl's, they searched for a place to eat lunch. They came across an Arthur Treachers, so they pulled in. They had searched for one on Saturday and it was no longer there. Mama ordered chicken and chips. The chips are larger fries than normal and she liked them. The chicken was nice and crisp. The hush puppies were good. She had a side order of coleslaw, but did not like it. Dad ordered a Seafood platter. He said it was good.
Chicken, Chips and Hush Puppies

Seafood Platter

Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips on Urbanspoon
The folks then drove to Camping World. Mama is still looking for a cart to carry her laundry in. She found one online that Walmart carries, but she has to have it shipped there. She would like to see one in person. They didn't have one, but she did buy a hummingbird feeder. She has one, but it doesn't have the spot for the hummingbirds to rest on. We have a hummingbird that is visiting here. He is a Ruby Red Throat. It's a little disappointing because that is the same species that we have at home. We would like to see something new.

On to the somewhat disappointing meal. Mama has been wanting to eat at the Brown Derby. It is a steak and seafood place. 100% of the people who visited, have liked it. She ordered a ribeye and a loaded baked potato. The salad comes in a big bowl and is shared. It has eggs,cucumbers, onions and lettuce. The salad was delicious. The homemade bread was delicious. The loaded baked potato was huge and delicious but it was $1.99 additional to have it loaded. That seems a little much for cheese and bacon bits. The ribeye, it was not good. It was dry and unseasoned. It seemed like it was a bad cut of meat. It was very disappointing. Mama's total bill was $31 with a tip and she felt it just wasn't worth it because of the steak. Dad's bill was separate.

Ribeye with loaded baked potato
 Dad ordered the strip steak and a sweet potato. He felt the same way about his steak. It was dry and unseasoned. Maybe it was just a bad night for steaks. 
Strip Steak with Sweet Potato
Mama said she might give them another try, but she would order the baby back ribs next time.

Brown Derby Roadhouse on Urbanspoon

 Dad told our neighbors about their bad steak experience and they recommended a place to them. They may try it this weekend. It is located in an old mill. It sounds like it could be interesting.  Mama didn't place a vote on Urbanspoon because the choices are like or dislike.  She liked it, but disliked the steak.  If she totally disliked it, she wouldn't be willing to give them another try.

It is supposed to be a rainy day today.  We were headed to the playground and it started to rain, so we came back.  It's not raining now, so I got ripped off.

The Greyhound Who Loves The Enclosed K-9 Playground


  1. Did they tell their server that they were unhappy with the meal? I think it is always important to (politely) tell the server if there is anything I am unhappy about with my meal. Sometimes they just apologize, or don't even care. Other times, I have been given a new dish (when my soup was WAY too salty to eat), had part of the bill comped, or been given a free dessert. At the least, I think it is important to let them know I am less than totally satisfied. Especially for the kind of prices that place charged for steaks.

  2. It is a nuisance when you go somewhere to eat and don't enjoy it. Hope the other place will be better. Mum says her dog walking shoes sometimes get stinky too with the wet weather. She chucks them in the washing machine and they come out okay.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  3. That's awful that your mom spent so much money on a meal she didn't like! I am guessing that your mom is a restaurant reviewer? Is that what she does for a living? If so, does she have a column in the paper or magazine?
    Anyway, I love that your mom is saving her old sneakers for walks with you because oldies are definitely goodies!

  4. NOMNOMNOMNOM That steaks looks yummy to meeee!!!!


  5. Those chips with your chicken look very English..... but what are Hush Puppies?! Deccy x

  6. Hi Y'all!

    Just trying to get around and visit all my friends I've been missing.

    My Human keeps a pair of rubber shoes that slip on, she calls them rubbers. She and Papa both have them. When the grass is wet she wears slip ons in the house and changes into these rubbers to go out with me.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  7. Can't wait to hear about your re-visit. Sounds like they were having a bad night.