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Thursday, September 27, 2012


My favorite past time while walking is watching squirrels.  I would like to chase them, but I have two problems. I have Mama attached to me who is an anchor and then I have Scout who gets her leash wrapped around trees when I do get the chance to "chase" them.

Here I am this morning watching a squirrel.  Nice form, don't you think?

This is what Scout did while I watched the squirrel. 
Scout said she saw deer this morning, but I didn't see them.  I was too busy watching for squirrels.  Dad mentioned last night that our rabbit population at home is probably out of control.  They better watch out because I no longer have restrictions.  Mama is worried about me running, but she has to let me be a dog, right?

Sunday, the folks ate at Portillo's Hot Dogs.  The inside is decorated with gangster pictures. It is a place where you go to the counter and order your food.  The prices are not bad, but the serving sizes were a little disappointing.

They have a drive-thru that always seems to be quite busy.

Outside Portillo's Hot Dogs

Jumbo Chili Cheese Dog w/Onion Rings
 Mama felt the jumbo chili cheese dog was not jumbo at all.  It was very good, but definitely smaller than she expected it to be. The chili was really good.  The onion rings are a side order.  They were also really good.

Dad ordered a polish sausage.  He had it half eaten before Mama got to the table, so no photos.  He said it was good, but also felt serving size was too small.

Inside Portillo's

 The folks really liked the food, but needed more to fill them up.  They said they would like to eat there again, but would order more the next time.

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The Greyhound Who Thinks Squirrels Are Awesome!


  1. Agreed! That jumbo chili dog does not look jumbo at all!
    Love your pose as you watch for the squirrels! I love that you mentioned that your mom is an anchor who holds you back from chasing squirrels. Very clever!

  2. Look out RABBITS!!!!
    And that is not Jumbo at all.

  3. You'll take care of those bunnies, won't you, Joey! Leftovers for us tonight, so chili cheese dogs and onion rings sound soooooo good!

  4. Did you know there's a town in Illinois full of white squirrels? Maybe you should get your parents to take you to Olney! http://www.ci.olney.il.us/Visitors/WhiteSquirrel.htm

    Mom and Dad have been to Portillo's before, but it was a while ago!


  5. Guess the party is over for the squirrels and bunnies when you get back home.


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