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Our 2016 Travel Map


Friday, July 5, 2013

Shade Saga - The Conclusion

Yippie!  The "shade saga" is over!  It only took two more trips to Home Depot and two hours of work!  Dad had to put them up a non-conventional way, but it works.  No more suction cups, pillows, Velcro or brooms.  I forgot to tell you about Mama using Velcro straps and the broom to hold the shades open.   The Velcro worked for a few days. The broom worked fine, but it was a pain to put it in place and take it down each day. 

The new shades look so nice.The color is perfect and they look so much nicer than the old ones even before they broke.  The folks didn't replace the bedroom ones though because they are not raised and lowered much and they are still in good condition. 

It's amazing how much more window there is when you don't have pillows blocking the view.  BOL!

This really is not that comfortable.

We have new shades!!!!

I am a happy camper!

Look!  No pillows!  BOL
  The new battery arrived for the laptop and it wasn't the problem.  Mama ordered a new power cord and it arrived on Wednesday.  The power cord was the problem, so now we have two batteries which is not a bad thing.  There is something strange going on though with the power cord.  It only charges when the computer is turned on and is running.  It cannot be in a sleep mode and it has to be on.  What is up with that?  Our old one charged when the computer was turned off.  Is Mama doing something wrong?

The folks were able to watch fireworks from the campground last night.  The Hard Rock Casino is just down the street, so that show was pretty close. They could see other fireworks in the distance. The 4th is huge here.  Dad said they should have gone to his hotel to watch the fireworks at the beach.  Mama said traffic would have been terrible and she didn't know how we would do alone.  We were fine though.  It didn't scare us even though it was pretty loud.  We took our last walk at 8:30 p.m., so we were safe inside before the big noises started.
Scout is planning our next trip.

Our time in Florida is almost up.
Next week at this time, we will be on the road.  We are headed home for a visit.  It will take us three days to get there.  Actually, we are stopping off to do some trout fishing first.  Grandma, Grandpa and one of my skin cousins will be there.  We will head home after that.  It will take us a day just to get our of Florida.  Mama is ready to leave South Florida.  She is not happy being at the bottom of the state during hurricane season.  Let's just hope nothing shows up in the radar in the next week.  Dad is actually going to DC next week, so we are on our own.  We had hoped we would be able to go, but he has to work on Monday and needs to be there on Tuesday.  Motor homes can't travel that fast.  BOL!

On a sad note, we lost another one of our blogging friends.  Jaime has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  Mama always laughed when she saw pictures of Jaime with her HUGE teddy bear, Kevin.  You are missed Miss Jaime.  We are thinking of her family.

The Greyhound Who Loves Having A Full View Of The Outside World Again


  1. Joey...I'm glad the shades are done. As always, I look forward to your new adventures.

  2. The shades do look great. Did you say "trout fishing"? Can I come? Please!!!!! I am pretty good at catching my own fish.

  3. Love your new shades, it must be good to have more window to see cats out of!
    Have fun with your family on your fishing trip.
    Ooooh, where are we going Scout?
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

    1. Scout is searching for cooler weather. She has done quite well here though. She actually has a bounce in her step on evening walks. The weather is nicer at night than in the morning here.


  4. Joey, I'm so glad that you supervised the shade repairs, and helped when needed!
    I agree that the new shades are beautiful!

    The fireworks sound like fun and I was pleased to hear that you and Scout are so brave.

  5. Hi Y'all!

    So glad the shades work now! Hope y'all get the rest up soon.

    It is so sad to hear about Jaime.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  6. You got it made in the shade! Thanks for thinking of Jaime. We sure do miss her.

  7. I like your view, Joey! It must be nice to be able to enjoy watching the world go by. I'm glad the new shades worked out.

    I hope you have safe travels next week! I thought Florida sounded like a pretty fun place while you were there, though.


  8. Lovely view! Glad you got the shade issue resolved. Safe travels out of South Florida. :)