Monday, May 13, 2013

Small Project - COMPLETED!

Mama has been wanting to buy some glass jars for her spices and finally took the plunge yesterday after she saw a photo of her friend's spice drawer.

The before photo.
Mama's biggest concern was how she was going to make the labels look nice.  Dad reminded her that she has a Dymo label maker.  He told her that the clear labels would look nice.  She didn't have any, so the first stop was Staples.  They had the labels, so the next stop was Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Mama planned on getting the jars that were $.99, but Dad thought the $1.99 jars would be better.  They have a flip top and one side is a shaker and the other side is for pouring.  He also thought it would look a little nicer with our stainless steel kitchen.  Mama debated the cost, but decided it was worth it.

Mama washed the jars last night and after our 1.5 hour time of sitting in the yard with us this morning, she got to work.  This is the result.
After photo  Much prettier.

View without the light on.
We have a very small cabinet that used to house a Dust Buster that didn't work. There is an electric outlet in the cabinet, but it looks like the Dust Buster almost caught on fire once, so it was decided it might not be safe for another one.  It is very narrow and is a bottom cabinet.  Mama houses spices and large bottles that she doesn't have room for elsewhere.  She keeps things in it that she doesn't use very often.  The bottles stay in place while we are traveling, so it works really well for us. 

Mama took photos of me this morning on her tablet, but needs to figure out how to get them off the tablet.  A squirrel was teasing me.  

I did the greyhound scream of death this morning and probably scared half the resort.  My cable wrapped around my leg and scared me. Don't worry, I am safe and am back inside now.

Our space bar seems to be okay now.  We used Super Glue.  BOL!  It isn't as bad as it sounds.  A small part fell off and we glued it to the space bar and it seems okay.

The Greyhound Who Loves Being Outside But There Is Danger Out There

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Southfork Ranch

Yesterday the folks drove to Southfork. It is the home of the show, Dallas and of course, JR. Mama watched the original show, but hasn't watched the new show.

The drive to Southfork visitor's center.
A tour is offered of the house and visitors are allowed to roam the grounds.
Back of the mansion

Original cast.  The lady in yellow and the man in the plaid jacket owned the home.  The man's name is actually J.R. which is  just a coincidence.

The table where the Ewings' had  breakfast.



Lucy's bedroom

Lucy's bedroom

Bobby's bedroom

J.R.'s murder scene - yes, the blood is still there.

The pool

Views from the balcony.

J.R.'s bedroom

Front of the house.

More  outside photos of the house.

Texas Longhorn


J.R's car

Photos showing filming at the ranch.

Lucy's  wedding gown.

Saddles used by J.R., Sue Ellen, Bobby and Pam

J.R.'s hat

Larry died last November and here is the memoriam to him.

Jock, the Dad.

Linda Grey's hand prints and foot prints.

Mama said the tour was fun.  There is a lot of camera magic to make the house look larger than it is on TV.

Our space bar is broke so writing the blog is difficult.  We hope to fix it soon. 

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