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Friday, October 24, 2014

Survived The Nor'easter

We survived the Nor'easter.  It really wasn't that bad here.  We thought the rain last week was worse.  Mom was not scared like she was last week.  Last week, she was upset because she thought our site might flood since we are near the water.  We learned that it really won't flood unless there is a tropical storm.  Our paws are crossed that we don't have one of those.  Our site became muddy, of course, and we had some standing water, but it didn't seem as bad as last week.  The high winds have helped dry it up pretty fast. 

Wednesday night, Dad got on a ladder and pushed the awning in because the wind was high.  It is not fixed, of course, and doesn't look normal but at least it is in and will not be damaged by the wind.  It is tied up with cables.

The mechanic did not come on Wednesday.  He did call and said he could be here around 5:30 p.m. Dad rescheduled him for Monday so that he can be here when he shows up.  Dad prefers to be here when someone is working on our rig.  Mom prefers that too.

We are getting used to living here.  Mom likes it a lot better this week than last week.  She really hated it here last week.   It sometimes takes her a little while to adjust to a new place and she really didn't like all the mud and not being able to walk us through the campground.  The weather is supposed to be nice for at least the next week, so she is much happier.

Today, we met up with Beckett.  He is the greyhound who was just adopted on Sunday.  His name was Matlock, but his Mom changed it to Beckett.  He is adjusting well and was not nervous today. We sniffed and kissed.  I tried to mark him but my aim was bad.  Mom said that was bad of me to try and mark him.  :::shrugs shoulders:::

Here I am watching a squirrel.  The tongue helps with my concentration.

A close up of me.
Yesterday, there was a lot of excitement in the neighborhood.  A man was getting his septic tank replaced and that required a lot of equipment.  His yard is a mess now.  Another house was getting a new kitchen.  It was trash day, so trucks were zooming up and down the street.  Oh, and then we saw someone who got their trailer stuck in the mud.  There was lots to watch.  We walked for an hour and fifteen minutes.  Today's walk was almost two hours, but that is because we stopped and visited with Beckett twice. 

Mom is excited because she is getting a new cookware set today to go with her new induction cook top.  Her first induction cook top fell apart.  The company was nice enough to take it back even though their 30 day warranty was up. The cook top had a year warranty but the manufacturer was not that nice, but the company we bought it from took over and sent us a new one.  Actually, they accidentally sent us two and that was an issue because we had to send it back.  The problem was that the people in the office forgot to reject one of them, which is understandable.  So, they said they would send one back, but it was missed a few days.  Finally, it was sent back yesterday when the FedEx man came. The new cook top seems to work much better.  We think we had a defected one.  Anyway, the new T-Fal cookware is coming today and Mom is super excited about it.  She only had a skillet and griddle to use on the cook top, so she needed a dutch oven and a sauce pan.  She did some re-organizing and purging of items to make room for it.

Here I am sleeping during the Nor'easter.
Dad is going to be off for three days in a row!  The folks are going to do sightseeing on Sunday and Tuesday.  Scout and I will get so much needed peace and quiet.  BOL!

The Greyhound Who Is Glad The Rain Is Over

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Nor'easter

Mom told us yesterday that we were going to experience our first Nor'easter.  I thought it might have something to do with northern chocolate bunnies, but Mom said it was rain....lots of rain. 

Monday, we met a greyhound who was just adopted on Sunday. He is not a camper, he lives in the neighborhood.  His new Mom told us we should take the foot bridge and that would lead us to the park.  We set out yesterday morning for the park.  We never made it there.  We found the foot bridge, but then were were so many streets to choose from and we didn't know which one lead to the park. We were pretty far from home, so we just turned around.  It was over two miles though, so it was long enough.

We have been having a heck of a time with our satellite here.  The local channels don't always come in.  They seem to be okay after 10:30 a.m.  Last night, Mom tried to tune into them at 9 p.m. and they wouldn't come in.  Grrrr!  She switched over to cable and that is what we are going to watch until Sunday.  Dad likes Boardwalk Empire on HBO and the cable doesn't have HBO, so we need to switch to satellite then. The cable is fine except it doesn't have a program guide.  The nice thing about satellite is that we basically have the channels memorized and we have a program guide.

Yesterday, Mom decided to put the awnings out to let them dry out so that they do not develop mildew.  Well, the awning over the door quit halfway out.  It won't go in or out.  :-O   Mom checked the manual, checked online forums, etc. and couldn't find an easy solution.  Dad worked on it last night, but it will have to wait for the weekend.  Hopefully, the winds don't damage it.  It is not big like a regular awning since it just goes over the door.

Today, a mechanic is supposed to come here to flush our radiator.  We will not be surprised if he cancels due to the rain.  We are thrilled that someone will come here and do it for us.  Mom asked Dad if the mechanic could fix the awning and Dad said he is not an RV person, he a mechanic.  Okay, so that is a no.

The Ninja crock pot has been busy again this week.  This weeks' menu includes beef sirloin in wine sauce, Hawaiian pork loin, beef sirloin over mashed potatoes, chicken taco bowls, chicken enchiladas and red beans and smoked sausage.  The last meal was supposed to have rice, but Mom forgot the rice.  BOL! This is the second week of just using the crock pot to fix dinner. Mom finds our evenings are not as rushed cooking this way.  We never know for sure what time Dad will be home and she can just leave the food in the crock pot and keep it warm for him that way.

The Greyhound Who Learned A Nor'easter Has Nothing To Do With Bunnies

Thursday, October 16, 2014

We Are Waterlogged

We survived the rain yesterday.  It was pretty lonely as everyone else in our area work during the day.  We were alone watching the water rise.

Mom headed to the office yesterday morning to see if they sold the cable we needed to hook up the cable.  We knew our satellite would be out all day with the rain.  When Mom got back with the new cable, she found Scout trying to order porn.  Yep, she had the remote and had turned it to a pay per view site.  BUSTED!  BOL 

She is not as innocent as she looks.  BOL!
Mom tried to hook up the cable, but couldn't figure out how to connect it on the inside. She called Dad and he asked if it was raining here. She told him it was and that it was up to her ankles.  He was surprised.  It wasn't raining where he was.  That figures, doesn't it?  He told her how to hook it up and then we had TV.  We were glad because it would have been a really long day without TV.  It was a long day with TV.

We had quite a bit of heavy rain, but luckily, we had breaks in the rain and the water was able to recede before it started up again.  It was a pretty miserable day.  Our site has standing water.  The ducks had a great time splashing in our yard.  We had rugs outside our door, but they sunk in the water.  Today, Mom gathered some wood planks from the "junk yard" and put those down and put our rugs on top.  We are not sinking down, at least.  Management may not approve, but we really don't care.  Mom said if they don't like it, they can come up with a solution.  This is most expensive place we have stayed and the conditions right now are not good.  There are no refunds if we leave, so we are sticking it out.  The sun is supposed to come out tomorrow, so it will get better.  We may actually like it here when we are not waterlogged.

Mom is back to cooking in the crock pot.  All the meals this week have been crock pot meals.  She fixed a London Broil steak on Monday.  It turned into sandwiches with bacon and cheese on Tuesday.  Yesterday, we had chili.  Today, is meatballs and spaghetti.  Tomorrow will be chili mac and Saturday with be a meatball pizza.  It's pretty easy cooking.

It looks like we will have some mail tomorrow.  They charge $20 for a mailbox at the office plus $20 for a key (they return that when you return the key) and if you don't get a mailbox, you can't have any packages delivered to you.  Dad says it is a racket, but it is easier than going to the post office for our mail. At least the people are nice here.  BOL!

The Greyhound Who Is Looking Forward To Laying Out In The Sun Tomorrow

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Want To See Our View Of The Campground?

This morning it is partly sunny. We are hoping some of the water puddles and mud dry up because tomorrow we are going to get a lot of rain.  We might have strong to severe storms.  Mom is worried, of course.  We can only imagine how much worse the mud will get here.  It would really help if they put some gravel in our area.

Okay, so want to see our campground?  We are only allowed to walk to the dog park and out the exit, so here we go.

This is the entrance/exit.  The code to enter is right at the gate, so we are not sure why they even have this.  It is not secure.

This is the dog park.  I don't like it because there are sweetgum trees and the balls get stuck in my feet.

Oops, we can't show you this part because we are not allowed to walk that way.
This witch is in the neighborhood.

Scary stuff.
We talked to a man in the neighborhood today.  He told us that the county is really strict on loose dogs, so we will not likely find any.  He was nice and doesn't mind us walking past his house.  Mom thought they might not like us campers because we all walk down the street with our dogs.  He said he doesn't have a problem with it.

Heading back to our place.  Don't you love the utility trailer next to us?

This is our neighborhood.  We have met everyone here already.  Everyone is very friendly.

It will be interesting to see how much water we have after a full day of heavy rain tomorrow.

Our view.  See it is not all bad.

Dad is looking forward to fishing here.
Here we are this morning.  Mom watched the bald eagles this morning.
Ducks in the site next to us.  Luckily, they are walking and not swimming by. BOL!

Dad is going to work Saturdays while here. He will be off on Sundays and Mondays. Mom is not thrilled about that, but it might work out for the best.  We need to have some work done on the RV and it might be easier on a Monday. 

We have our reservations made for the winter.  We are going to stay near the coast in Alabama at an Escapees park.  It is just too far of a drive for us to go back to Houston this year.  The park is about 20 miles from the coast.  Mom had been thinking about it for a while and one of the other campers in Sanger, TX actually mentioned it to her.  He told her it would be a good place for us to spend the winter.  She was happy to speak to someone in person about it. She has heard nothing but good things about the park.  Our plans are always subject to change, but that is our plan right now. 

The Greyhound Who Is Needs A Nap After Playing Tour Guide

Monday, October 13, 2014

30 Hours On The Road

We left Sanger, TX Thursday morning.  We thought we would be smart and take a less traveled highway instead of driving in rush hour through a really bad construction area.  We were making decent time and then we were directed off the highway due to it being closed.  That was a little scary because TomTom kept telling us to turn around.  Mom had to read the map.  You have to realize that Mom is not very good at reading maps.  BOL!  She ended up figuring it out and we took two toll roads to get us back on track.  We don't have a clue how much we owe in tolls because they mail the bill to you.  When you have a motor home towing a car, it adds up quickly.  We finally made it out of the Dallas area an hour later than we planned due to our detour.   The rest of the drive that day was pretty normal.  We did hit rain though and that is never fun.
Bye Texas!
We spent Thursday driving through TX and AR.
We spent all day Friday driving through Tennessee.  We experienced traffic delays in Knoxville.  It was raining and foggy.  We thought we would never get to our campground. We didn't take photos because it was raining when we arrived and almost dark.

Saturday, was another long driving day.   It rained a little.  The scenery in Virginia was beautiful.  We didn't take any photos because it was so gloomy.

This was a scary bridge to drive over.  Dad said you should have seen it from his view.  BOL!

 We then drove through West Virginia.

I think we were pretty close to Dewey.  We would have liked to have stopped since the greyhounds were reaching the beach this weekend.

We finally ended up at our destination!

Yep, we are in Maryland.  We are about 30 miles from Baltimore.  The campground is interesting.  The sites are tight.  However, they put us in a new section. There are only five of us in our area.  We all face the water.  Our site is brand new.  The downside is that there has been a lot of rain here and our site is muddy....very muddy.  We also are next to the storage area.  Mom says we need to look straight out the windshield and not to the left at the "junkyard".  BOL! 

This place has rules.  We are talking a book of rules. They have been in business for 50 years and Dad said it looks like they kept adding rules and never deleted any.  The one rule we were not aware of until we arrived is that dogs are not allowed to walk through the campground. We are only allowed to walk to the dog park and back.  Mom was quite upset about this at first because I LOVE to walk.  We are near the dog park, which means our walks are short.  She discovered though that most people walk their dogs through the neighborhood which is just outside the park exit.  We are near that, too.  She doesn't like to walk us through neighborhoods because she said you never know when a loose dog will bother us.  We haven't seen any dogs except for the people from our campground walking their dogs in the neighborhood.  It seems to be a good solution for us. We walked a mile this morning and turned around because it started raining.

It is a gloomy day here today, so no pictures of our site yet.  We are loving the cooler temperatures!  Oh, and something really exciting according to Mom...we have EAGLES here.  There is a rock in the water that they seem to fish from.  We will have to search for their nest.  We saw one of them fly from the rock to a tree, but Mom didn't see the nest.

Mom says she needs to put the summer clothes away and bring out the sweatshirts.  She said she is going to make chili this week.  She has been wanting some, but didn't want to eat it in 95 degree weather.
No yard here like in Sanger, but we have a patio that we plan to use later this week.

The Greyhound Who Is Tired After His Three Day Drive

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Queen Has A New Collar

When Scout received her senior queen collar at Heart of America, Mama realized her name collar was really faded.  She ordered her a new one, but it took it a while to catch up with us.  We received it last week and boy, the old one was more faded than we thought.

Old and new name collars
Scout looks pretty sharp now with her new collar and her queen collar.  She knows it too.

Not much is going on here.  It has been hot.  Yesterday, it was 95. 

This is how Scout deals with the hot weather.

A family of 8 moved in across from us. They have a Class C which is smaller than ours. They set up a tent the other day for the older kids.  The kids are home schooled.  We can always tell when school is in session because it is really quiet.  They seem like a nice family.

The folks surprised us by ordering a pizza Sunday night.  Yum....we got to eat the pizza bones.

We have been in the Dallas area for the past month.  There has been a lot going on here.  We had a huge storm last week, but we were lucky and it missed us.  It hit the area that we normally stay really hard though.  Mama was glad we didn't move there like she wanted to do.  Also, the first Ebola patient that was diagnosed in the US was in Dallas.  Sadly, he died this morning.  Ebola has been the hot topic here, of course.

We will be leaving Texas soon.  Yep, it's true.  Where are we headed?  The only clue that I am giving is that it will be cooler.  BOL!

The Greyhound Who Will Soon Be On The Road Again

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Weekends Make Me Smile

The Greyhound Who Loves A Lazy Weekend Morning

Where Have We Been Since April 29, 2012