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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Just Relaxing In The Sun And Then....

Monday, it was humid and we had a brief shower.  Yesterday, it was beautiful here and Mom and I decided to relax in the sun.
In this photo, you can see our new tire covers.  Pretty, don't you think?  BOL

Normally, I lay in the shade, but maybe I knew something was about to happen because I chose the sun away from our rig.
Mom sat with me for a while and then decided to move back to the shade near the motor home.  That was her big mistake.  What happened?  Well, all of a sudden without any warning, water fell from the roof.  It was not just a sprinkle.  It was a big gush of water.  Mom said it was like the ice bucket challenge.  She jumped up.  Her hair was plastered to her head.  BOL!   Her shirt was soaked.  It was pretty funny.  She had to change her clothes and dry her hair.

Evidence of the event.
We don't think anyone saw it happen as no one is really around.  If they did see it happen, I am sure they laughed and laughed.  It was pretty funny.  Dad said he wishes he could have seen it.  He laughed pretty hard when Mom told him the story. 

The rest of the day was pretty normal.  Mom did make an awesome dinner last night.  She fixed BBQ chicken thighs in the Ninja.  She sauteed the chicken in onions and garlic in the Ninja.  She then removed the chicken and added 3 cups of chicken broth and put the chicken back in the Ninja but on the rack this time. She steamed it for 30 minutes.  She then removed the chicken and drained the liquid but kept the onions and garlic in the bottom of the Ninja.  She then added the chicken back in without the rack and added BBQ sauce.  She baked it for about 15 more minutes.  Dad said it was really good.  It was better than actually putting it on the grill.  Mom loves her Ninja.

The Greyhound Who Stayed Dry Yesterday - BOL

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Oh, The Things They Eat

One of the things Mom likes best about our lifestyle is eating out on weekends.  They normally eat out twice on Saturdays and once on Sundays.  Sometimes, they eat out twice on Sundays.  Mom usually reads reviews on restaurants before they go.  She is a regular contributor to TripAdvisor.

This past Saturday, they ate a restaurant they saw on Food Network.  I think it was one of those shows that have the top 100 restaurants, but I don't remember the name of the show.  The place that was number three has a location in this area. It was not the location that was on the TV show.  It is called Primanti Brothers.  The restaurant was different than Mom expected.  This location has waitresses. The one on TV was where you ordered at the counter. 

The sandwiches are served with coleslaw and fries on the sandwich. Dad ordered a hot sausage & cheese sandwich with double meat and egg.  He said it was good.

Hot Sausage & Cheese Sandwich
Mom ordered the crispy chicken sandwich.  It comes with a fried chicken breast and a chicken thigh.  It has a Cajun sauce on it. Mom said it was good.  She really liked the thigh because that is what she prefers on a chicken.  She didn't care for the fries.

They also ordered fried pickles.  Dad thought they were good.  Mom was not impressed.

Fried Pickles
The music was extremely loud in this place. The prices were reasonable.

Mom chose a BBQ place for dinner.  It is called Corner Stable.  They are known for their ribs and and crab cakes.  The place was packed when they arrived at 5 p.m., but they were seated immediately.

Mom ordered a slab of ribs with sides of mac & cheese and hot apples.

Dad ordered the crab cake rib dinner. He had green beans and hot apples for his sides.  His ribs are not shown.

Mom thought the ribs were good. They were very tender.  Dad said they were overdone.  Dad did like the crab cakes.  He said it had big flakes of crab meat.

They were in and out of the restaurant in 30 minutes.  Mom said the food appeared about five minutes after they ordered.  She wasn't impressed by that.

Inside the restaurant.  It is pretty small.
 Sunday, they went to Quaker Steak and Lube.  Mom has seen these around and always wanted to try one.  It looks like you are going into an oil change place.

Motorcycle rotates on the ceiling.

They are known for their wings.  The folks decided to order wings as an appetizer.  Guests choose from a long list of sauces for their wings.

$6.95 for 5 wings. Yikes!
Mom said the wings were good, but the sauce they chose was bland.  She can't remember what they chose.  On Tuesday nights, they have an all you can eat wing buffet for $12.95.  Mom would love to try it.  Dad doesn't get home from work until late, so that is probably not going to happen.

The folks both ordered the Lube Burger.  It has a wing sauce on it.  Mom said it was good, but it could have used a little more wing sauce.  She liked that sauce.  It also came with fries and the fries were excellent.

Lube Burger

Women's restroom

Women's restroom.
When the waitress brings the bill to the table, she brings our Twizzlers (licorice) too. We are not sure why, but Mom liked it.

 Would you believe that I did not get a single bite of any of this food?  I need to check my adoption contract. It may have been violated.  BOL!

I did this while they were gone.
The Greyhound Who Is Going To Demand A Doggy Bag This Weekend

Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Shoe House?

Yes, the folks toured a shoe house yesterday.  It is called the Haines Shoe House.  It was built by Mahlon Haines in 1948.  He owned a shoe company.  He had it built basically as a "billboard" for his company. He handed the contractor a boot and told him to build him a house like it.  The house is 25' tall and has five floors.  He lived in the house for a short while but then began renting it out. The renters were served by a butler and a maid.  They received a free pair of shoes when they left.  He also held contests for people to win a stay in the house. 

The living room is located in the toe, the kitchen is located in the heel, two bedrooms are located in the ankle, and an ice cream shop is located in the instep.  New owners took over in 2015.  Mom said she the owner and her twin sister.  They were very nice and were interested in our lifestyle. 

Tours are $5 a person.  The folks were surprised by the amount of people that were there to tour the shoe house.  Honestly, Mom thought they might be the only ones.  She was happy to see other people there.

Every window has a stained glass shoe in it.

The window sills are curved in the living area.  Mom did not take photos of the living room.  She does not know why.

The original owner in stained glass on the door window.

This is the kitchen window.

The kitchen table.
Dad looking at how the house was constructed.  This is in the upper bedroom. There is a lower and upper bedroom. The maid's room was on the top floor.

Steps leading up to the maid's room.  The maid only lived there when they had renters.

Window as seen from outside of the house.

This is the dog house.  A Great Dane belonged to the original owner.

 Real dogs are allowed to visit.  We are not sure if they are allowed on the tour though.  I would think not.  Below is where the dog enters his house.

The fence has boots on it.

Mom said the house was fun to visit.  Is it worth $5?  Well, the people who own it have to make a living.  It is an unique place, so yes, it is probably worth $5.

The Greyhound Who Prefers A Couch To A Shoe Dog House

Friday, August 21, 2015

Our Campground Is Boring

We have decided that this is the most boring campground that we have stayed. They have a pool, activities and events. So, why do we think it is boring? We are in an area where we don't see anything that is going on. I know, we should be thankful we are in a quiet place, but we enjoy seeing people come and go. Mom was very excited when she found out an Elvis impersonator was appearing here. We walked up to see him and I flopped down on the ground. Do you know what happened? They kicked us out!  No dogs allowed! It was an outdoor event, so Mom didn't think it would be a problem. After we got home, she read the rules and sure enough it said that pets were not allowed at any gatherings.

There are a lot of people that keep their campers here all year and they come out on weekends. We have found many of these people are not very friendly as we are outsiders. A few people talk to us, but not very many.  A couple people did speak to us last weekend and said I was a good looking dog.  Duh!

The people who live here long-term have a club called the Chipmunk Club.  The store sells t-shirts that are only for the club members.  Visitors like us are not allowed to buy them.  It's not like Mom wants one, but why have them on display in the store?  Can't they have them under the counter and club members can just ask for them?  It just another way to make people feel like they are outsiders in our opinion.

I will give you a tour of our place. It looks like tons of fun, but it's not. BOL!

When you enter our park, they have a drive-by museum.  It has tractors, an old house, wagon, etc.  I don't know how many people actually come to see it. The original owner was very interested in history, so he wanted the museum.

Tractors and an old gas pump.

This is where kids can mine.

The office.

Course for remote control cars.

Jumping mat - it isn't aired up here.  It is only aired up for a few hours on Saturdays.

It looks like kids would love it here, but the jump pad, mining and remote control car course are only open for a few hours on Saturdays.  What is up with that?  The pool doesn't open until noon each day. I have heard parents complain about activities having limited hours.

Some nights, there are outdoor movies.  The people who live here all have golf carts, so they line up their carts up like they are at a drive-in.  It is funny to see.  We just walk past because it is an outdoor gathering and dogs are not allowed.  On Friday nights, a DJ plays music.  Sometimes people dance.  Mom and I just walk by because dogs are not allowed.  BOL!

I sat out for a little while last week, but the bugs were bad.

This is our view.
It really isn't a bad place.  No one bothers us.  BOL!   We have a ton of places to walk.  Mom normally lets me choose the route.

We shouldn't complain because there are worse things than being bored.  We are in a safe place and that is important. 

The Greyhound Who Is Catching Up On Sleep At The Boring Campground

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

From The Archives: A Funny Post With Scout

Comedy was not Scout's thing.  She was the beautiful one. Believe me, I heard it every time we walked.  There were times that she was funny without trying. This is Mom's favorite post featuring Scout and yours truly.  This occurred while we were home and Dad was in Jamaica.  Mom was getting our house ready to sell.  We took a break to meet my half sister, Bunny.  We hope this makes you laugh as much as it does us.

Today was a big day for us. We met my half sister, Bunny.  Many of you know her from her blog Tales and Tails.  We have the same, Dad.  He is Be My Bubba.
The is our Dad - picture from Greyhound Data.com
Mama was a little concerned about us going to a museum, so she told us to play before we left.  She hoped we would be tired that way.

It looks like I did all the running, doesn't it?  BOL  Scout did run, but you sure can't tell in these photos.

Finally, it was time to go to The American Kennel Club/Museum of the Dog.  Sounds classy, doesn't it?  That is why Mama was nervous.  She kept telling me not to mark anything. Well, when someone tells you not to do something, that's what you want to do.  I am happy to say that I DID NOT MARK anything.  The only thing I did to embarrass Mama was whine.  It's what I do though.  She would rather have me do that than mark.

A nice table was set up for Bunny and Blueberry's appearance with cookies for all the dog visitors.  Yum!  Bunny and her folks had visited in June and Bunny was asked if she wanted to be the dog of the day or maybe it was the breed of the day and today was the day.

Mama wanted to get a photo of all four of us.  It wasn't easy. 

Close, but Blueberry is too far back.

Scout looks like she is throwing up.

Not yet.

Leaning too far to the right.

I think we need to give up.


Okay, we are done.  You can see the professional models in this photo.  We didn't know treats were involved or we would have worked a little harder.

Blueberry and Bunny are princesses.

Mama said that we are rednecks. We stick our tongues on the floor.

It was a tiring day.

We had a lot of fun.  We met several people who enjoyed petting all of us.  Two ladies came back several times and petted us.  They liked my kisses.

Mama had never been to the museum and still hasn't seen it because she was scared I would do something bad.  She is going to go back and tour it without us.  She thought about going tomorrow, but they are having a huge pug event and it sounds like it will be too crowded.  They don't even charge admission tomorrow because it is too hard to keep track of people.  They said there will be 300 pugs!  She said she will go back on a quieter day.

We sure enjoyed meeting Bunny and Blueberry.  They are definitely dignified greyhounds.  We liked their folks, too!

Be sure to be watching Bunny's blog for her view of our day together.

The Greyhound Who Just Realized He Is A Redneck Greyhound, But He Is Just Carrying On The Family Tradition Since He Is A Bubba

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