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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Beer And Baths

The folks decided to do some sightseeing in Golden on Saturday.  Coors beer is made here, so they decided to take a tour.  They think they did that years ago, but Mom isn't sure. 

The folks were disappointed in the tour.  It was self-guided and nothing was happening.  I guess if you take the tour during the week, you actually see product being made.

We are from the St. Louis area and Mom has taken the Anheuser Busch tour a few times and said it was 100% better.

This was in the restroom.  Mom thought it was blog-worthy.  :::snicker:::

Display in the lobby

Another display.

Some of the Coor products.


Packaging, but nothing was being packaged.

After the tour, samples were given out.

A view from the brewery.
 After visiting Coors, they decided to eat lunch. They visited D'deli which gets great reviews and Dad has been told it is great by co-workers.  People were lined up to get inside.  The wait was probably about 20 minutes.  Mom had the Oinky sandwich.  It had ham, bacon, BBQ pork and coleslaw.  She said it was okay but she probably wouldn't have it again.  She can't remember what Dad had, but he liked it.

Inside D'deli.
The folks then visited the Astor House.  It was built in 1867 and served as a boarding house until the 1960's.  The house had the first bathtub in Golden.  Hot baths were $.25 and it is said that the owner made more money from the bathtub than regular rent.

The dining room.

The famous bathtub!!!

The kitchen.

One of the bedrooms.

View from the balcony. The balcony had to be removed due to people spitting on people on the streets.  All balconies in Golden were ordered to be removed because of this.  It was re-added back in the 70's when the house was deemed a historic building.

Another view from the balcony.

One more view.

Another bedroom.

Rope bed.
The Astor House was interesting, but nothing really special.  I guess the folks are getting tired of looking at old houses.

The Greyhound Who Didn't Partake In Beer Or A Bath

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bringing Treats To Campgrounds Across America

We were asked by an employee here why we "charge" his golf cart.  He said "Why do they love my golf cart?"  Mom was embarrassed to tell him that we were searching for treats.  She explained that we have stayed at campgrounds where the workers in golf carts carry treats for the dogs.  He said "That is a great idea!"  Today, we saw him and he said "I didn't see you yesterday, is everything okay?"  Mom explained to him that we wanted to walk on the "mountain" even though it was muddy.  Mom told us we needed to stay on the grass, but we didn't.  We ended up getting our paws really muddy.  Scout and I both stopped.  I held up my paw and said "MOM, HELP ME!"  Scout just sat down and refused to move.  Mom cleaned off our paws and told us the only way to get home was to continue walking.  I lost my boot, so we had to find that on the way home.  We finally made it down the "mountain" and then we washed our feet off in the flooded dog walk.  We told the employee all of that and then he handed us treats!  Scout, of course, refused hers.  She is so rude at times.  I ate mine because that is the polite thing to do.  I think our goal should be to have treats given out at all the campgrounds we visit, don't you? 

Dreaming of how all the other dogs will love him because he brought treats to their walks.

This is the dog walk.

Notice how our "mountain" doesn't have snow, but the real mountains do.

We have a nice view when the site next to us is empty. Mom hopes the blue skirting comes off soon on the fifth wheel.

We saw a rainbow last night from our window.

The Greyhound Who Finds Walking With Muddy Paws Difficult

Friday, April 17, 2015

They Were Wrong

The weather people said we might get a few inches of snow.  The weather apps showed that we would stay in the mid to upper 30's and that we would have an hour of snow and then just rain.  Well, over two days, we ended up with 8" of snow.  Denver is about 15 miles from us and they mainly got rain.  Dad works 3 miles from us and said that they did not have anything on the streets or sidewalks, while our streets were covered.

Our morning walk was strange because we would walk on snow and then sink into water.  It was not fun. I guess it is just hard to predict the weather here.  They were predicting that the mountains would get 1-3 feet.  We are not sure how much they got, but I-70 was shutdown yesterday and today due to accidents.

Since our morning walk was not fun, Mom told us to hibernate until afternoon.  We did.  I slept by the fireplace and Scout took the folks' bed.  She thinks that is her bed. She even started taking treats in there, but Mom doesn't let her anymore because she leaves crumbs behind.  She only sleeps in the bed when there are no humans in the bed.  She is still determining her sleep number.  She seems to like her butt on Dad's side and her head on Mom's side.  Dad is a 50 and Mom is a 35.

This was this morning.  It had started raining and the snow was melting.
This afternoon.
Trying to sleep the snow away.
The elk came out in search of food this afternoon.

See the elk on the hill.  This is near the dog walk.

More elk at the top of the hill.  We estimate there were 60-70.

These photos were all taken in the afternoon.  Our dog walk is flooded.

The Greyhound Who Is Glad We Are Not Staying In The Mountains

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Molly Brown's House

Saturday, the folks visited the Molly Brown House in Denver.  This is the second time they attempted to visit her house.  The last time was two years ago on April 20th.  They remember that date because that is National Cannabis Day. Since marijuana is legal here, it is a big event in Denver. They were unable to find a parking spot.  They had trouble finding parking again this time, but finally were able to park in a paid lot a few blocks away.  On a side note, they tried to visit Molly Brown's birth home in Hannibal, MO a few years ago, but it closed whenever they drove by.

Molly Brown's House. She paid $30,000 for this house.
Most people remember Molly Brown for being "Unsinkable Molly Brown".  She was on the titanic and she was thrown into lifeboat #6 and survived.  The list of the items she had taken on the boat is displayed in the house.  She lost over $27,000 worth of items.  A necklace she had in a safe on the boat was valued at $20,000.

Molly actually went by the name of Margaret.  She became a millionaire due to her husband working as a superintendent in a mine in Leadville, CO.  They were given shares of the company and overnight, they became very rich. They bought the house in Denver shortly thereafter.

Molly was a women who was living in the wrong time.  She is more like a woman of today than in the 1800's.  She actually ran for Senate which was unheard of for a woman of her time.  Her husband was not happy.  He said a woman's name should only appear in the paper three times; her birth, her wedding and her death.  She withdrew from the race.  She and her husband later separated, but they never divorced.

Mom said the tour of the house lasted an hour and it was fun.  Pictures were not allowed to be taken inside.  Here is a gallery of some of the items as well as more information about Molly.  Molly Brown House
The front porch

Another photo of the front porch.

Back of the house
Me just chilling at home.

The Greyhound Who Is Waiting For The Predicted Snow To Arrive

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Have You Heard?

Yep, it is our month!  We wanted to post the YouTube video that Cal, the greyhound, did several years ago, but it is not working.  It is supposed to air on TV this month, but if you want to see it now, just go to YouTube and type in Cal, the greyhound.  It is cute.

I think I would make a good greyhound spokesman. Don't you?

We are getting into our routine here.  Yesterday, we walked up a "mountain".  Dad didn't believe that Scout did it.  Today, she decided to stay behind, but yesterday she did it. We don't have any proof though.

We climbed all the way to the top.
We couldn't wait to see what was at the top of the "mountain".  We were rather disappointed.

Supposedly, there are three miles of trails.  We have to stay on the lookout for rattlers.  We haven't seen any yet. We have seen some big animal foot prints.

Our rig is down there!

There are so many bunnies here!  We saw seven on our walk last night.

There are four bunnies here.

There is a seating area up here.

Mom says we will not be going up there because of the steps.  They are pretty steep.

A little house on wheels!


The view from our windshield.
Mom made BBQ pork steaks last night.  They smelled good.  She said we will be needing a new grill soon.  Ours is falling apart.  It is old.  We are going to get a tabletop one next time.  It will be easier to store and easier for Mom to setup.  We have noticed that most campers seem to be going to that kind.

The Greyhound Who Needs A Nap After His Morning Hike

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