Saturday, March 31, 2018

End of March - More Condo Updates

 March has been very nice here weatherwise.  We have had many beautiful days!  We survived spring break.  It wasn't crazy with college kids.  It was full of families.  Boy, was it crowded!  We are finding that weekends are packed now that the temperatures are nice.  You should see it tonight.  It is so busy!  I enjoy walking on the beach when it is busy because it is just more exciting!

Here are a few photos of me and my Dad:

Mom and I walk every morning, but I enjoy the weekends best because both of my folks are with me.  You should see how deep I am getting in the water now.  I love it! 

We have made a few more updates to the condo.  Dad painted all the kitchen cabinets and put new knobs on them.  He added knobs to the drawers. They never had knobs, so that required a special screw because the wood was extra thick which added a few weeks to the project.  Mom got them on Amazon.  We have starfish knobs on the top cabinets and shells on the bottom cabinets and drawers.

We found the starfish hooks at Kohl's. They were half off and since they matched our kitchen, Mom said we had to buy them.

Dad added hooks to the stove so that Mom could hang her pot holders.  She hated just leaving them on the counter.

Here are more starfish holders with measuring cups and spoons on them.  We only have two real drawers, so we don't have a lot of room for things.  Mom bought the knife holder at Ikea.  She wants to get a wall spice rack. She bought this one at Goodwill for $2 but it doesn't hold all of her spices.

Here is the view from the living room.  The Home Sweet Home is from Ross.

We bought this at the Galveston Market.  It is an outdoor event that is held every few months.  It was only $5.

Today, we hung up the divider curtain between the living room and the bedroom.  We were going to put up barn doors but those would have been a challenge.  Our ceiling is steel and concrete and Dad doesn't have the tools to drill through it which means we may never get the ceiling fans we want.  Anyway, we decided to go with curtains.  We doubt we will really close them, but it gives the room a more finished look according to Mom.  Dad glued the wood to the ceiling and then he screwed the rod into it.  He says it will hold.  I hope so.  Mom is going to have to hem their curtains.  They are a little long.

Mom painted the table next to the bed. It is actually a barstool that came with the place.  We were going to just use the top of it as a shelf but decided to leave it alone in case we need it for seating some day.  Do you see the pelican on the upper shelf? Mom really likes pelicans and it seems she started collecting them accidentally. 

We have a few more paintings to hang. Mom painted the frames last week.  Dad has talked about fixing the countertops will a faux finish.  Mom said it looks like a lot of mess to her, so I am not sure if and when that will happen.

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Friday, February 2, 2018

It's February - More Condo Updates

Can you believe that it is February already?  We are happy to have this year moving into a new month.  January was cold here.  I know, it was not as cold as other places but it was cold for Galveston.  We actually had ice here!  Dad had two really bad days of driving on ice.

Our condo is directly over the storage area.  We enjoy not being over another condo because we can be noisy and not bother anyone.  We did discover a downfall.  The storage area is not heated which means our floor is very cold on freezing days.  We have rugs all over, but the floor is still cold.  Mom gets notifications from the electric company every week telling her how much electric we have used the previous week.  We are using a lot more electric than other people.  We think we figured out another reason other than our freezing floor.  We think a lot of those people are not even living in their units.  The majority of the people in our building do not live here full-time so they are not really heating their units.  It was warmer last week and our heat wasn't on that much and we were still told we were using more than other people.  Mom said she is just not going to worry about it. She should probably stop the notifications from coming so that she doesn't stress so much.   We keep our unit at 72 during the day and lower at night.

We have completed a few more updates to our place since our last post.  We have received several compliments on our door.  BOL!  We took down the rusty piece that was on it and Dad painted the door, put a new lock on it and put weather stripping all around it.  Mom thinks it is funny that so many people are excited about our door.

Can you believe they left the rusty piece on it when they were selling it?  They put a ton of nails in it and they probably didn't want to fix it.  This was the picture on the realtor's site.

Mardi Gras is huge here, so bought this wreath.  We like our lock system. We can lock it with just a touch of the screen.  We don't have to carry keys, but Mom does because "What if the battery dies while we are gone?"  I like it because I know when the folks are coming in the door.  They can't sneak up on me because it goes beep, beep, beep as they punch in their code.

This is our breezeway.  We take the elevator to our floor and then we have to walk on the breezeway to get to our unit. There are some days that it is very windy here.  Most people don't like the blue and there is a big debate about what color it should be.

This is our view from our doorway.  It is not very pretty.

Here is the backside of the building.  You can see our wreath - 2nd floor towards the middle of the picture.

Full view of the backside of the building.  Tennis courts are to the left. 
Okay, so back inside.  We bought new rugs to help our chairs fit in with our color scheme.

The lamp came with the place.  It will eventually leave.  We added the end tables with baskets for more storage. Tools are still being stored under our table.

We still need to add a divider to separate the rooms.  We had planned on barn doors but now I think we are going with white curtains.
Mom continues to add things our cubes.
This painting came with the place. It is of our unit.  Mom painted the frame white.

This past weekend, we added a shelf and a new microwave to our kitchen.

Before - this was before we even moved in.  Mom wanted the microwave off the counter.

Before the shelf.  We have the missing door.  Dad took it down so that we could buy new hinges.  We will be painting the cabinets soon.

After - Mom loves it! The plates and silverware are very handy in this location.
We really don't have good before photos of the bathroom.  Dad put in new lights, a new mirror and towel rack.
We still need new towels.  Mom loves the toilet paper holder.  It holds the extra rolls.
The lights and the mirror are a big improvement.
We added the medicine cabinet.  There really wasn't storage without it.

Mom decorated the jars and basket.  It holds q-tips, floss and eyeglass cleaners.  She is not in love with it.

Mom loves this night light that is in the bathroom.  It is from Switchables.  You can switch out the design. They have a few more that she would like.

The door to the right was in our storage unit.  They just had a curtain over the doorway.  Mom hated it.  The water heater is in that closet.  Dad was able to put the old door back up.  It needs to be painted. 

Mom bought some pansies last week.  She has two planters on the balcony. They are Mardi Gras colors!  BOL!

Here is our unit from the front of the building.
We are the unit on the right closest to the wall.

We had some beautiful views this week.

Mom and I don't know why our fonts are acting up on this post.  We have tried to fix it, but it is not working.  We will just live with it.

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Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

We spent a quiet New Year's Eve at home.  However, Saturday at 4:30 a.m. we were awakened by flashing lights in our window.  A guy stole a car and drove fast into our parking lot.  He decided to get rid of the car by sending it over the seawall.  He put it in drive and sent it over from our parking lot.  He then ran into our building because he is staying here.  The police immediately found him and arrested him.  We thought it had to be a drunk driver or someone whose GPS guided them incorrectly, but no, it was a guy who stole it. 

This is the imprint of the car.  It went down nose first.  The seawall is in the background.

Yesterday, the folks were busy in our tiny condo.  Dad fixed our patio door and our front door or back door (we can't decide what it is) because they both had gaps that were letting a lot of cold air in.  When the wind blows, we had quite a breeze coming in.  He also put the cubes on the wall.

Mom has her cookbooks. CDs, DVDS, my treats and a few other things.  We are going to buy some bigger shells to decorate some of the openings.
 Mom decided to paint the kitchen.  She ended up getting white all over the top of her head  She was painting behind the refrigerator and when she looked down her head brushed the wall.  BOL!  It was pretty funny.  She still has a little paint on her head today.




After (Mom bought that clock for their first apartment. It has been in every place that they have owned.)

We are going to get a new microwave soon and it will hang above the stove.  We will paint the cabinets blue.  We were going to paint them the same color as the living room, but now we are thinking we will use the bathroom blue.  It is a little bit lighter.

Mom ordered curtain liners that are supposed to help darken the room at night.  They will also help insulate the patio door a little better.  Our curtains are supposed to be room darkening, but it is hard for white to darken.  We think these will help.  They are scheduled to arrive tomorrow.  She also ordered a new vent for the bathroom and a silverware caddy for the kitchen.  We only have two drawers in our kitchen so she thinks that will free up a drawer for other things like measuring cups and spoons and things that just don't fit in our utensil holder.  

Mom is still searching for rugs for the place.  She wants something to help our chairs fit in better with our color scheme.  

It is cool here this week.  It is not as cool as other places, but Mom is making me wear my hoodie.  It is the wind that really makes it cold.  I am still insisting that we walk on the beach every day.  We will dip below freezing the next two nights and then this weekend we may be back up to 70.  We have been told that this weather is not normal for here and that winter normally doesn't last this long.  Mom even got out the space heater today.  Our electric bill is predicted to be double what we planned.  It is not nearly as bad as in the RV though.

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End of March - More Condo Updates

 March has been very nice here weatherwise.  We have had many beautiful days!  We survived spring break.  It wasn't crazy with college...