Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday 2/27/13

Sticking your tongue out while laying on the ground can result in a surprise.
If a leaf in the mouth  is the worse thing that happens to you, it's a good day.
The Greyhound Who Thinks A Leaf In The Mouth Beats A Stick In The Eye Or Something Like That

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We Love Our New Home!

We are loving our new home.  There is a lot more room.  The couches are awesome!  Saturday night, Mama couldn't sleep and each time she got up, I was trying out a different place to sleep.  Mama and I are actually sharing a couch right now.  I didn't do that when we lived in Goldie.

Here I am looking out the windshield.

Saturday was a stressful day for me and Scout.  We didn't know it would take all day to move into the new place.  The folks were exhausted after moving all day.  Mama wanted Godfather's Pizza for dinner.  She was about ready to order it when she realized we were locked inside the dealer's lot.  Everyone had left and they didn't leave us the code to open the security gate.  We knew another couple who were staying there would be back that night, but we didn't know when.  Finally, the owners came back home and they gave us a clicker so we could get in and out.  We ordered the pizza and off we went to pick it up. When we returned, the other couple had returned and they wanted to talk.  Our pizza got cold.  Mama decided to try out the convection microwave.  Well, it took longer than she was willing to wait, so she decided to switch to the microwave.  She soon learned that you can't just switch from the convection oven to the microwave.  A warning said that the convection oven had to cool off before the microwave could be used.  It is all one machine.  Mama heated up a few slices at a time and it worked out.

Jamie has found a home on the dash for now.

The other thing that Mama had to learn was how to use the washer/dryer.  It is a combination machine.  She put a load in to wash Saturday night.  A salesman once told her to shake out the clothes before switching to drying. She stopped the machine before it went to the automatic drying and shook out the clothes.  She must have hit a wrong button because it started washing again. It takes quite a while to wash a load, so we had to wait at least another hour before we could dry.  Mama has it figured out now.  She has decided it is just easier to let it go from washing to drying automatically though.  It works well.  It can wash more than it can dry, if that makes sense.  If you put too much in the machine, it takes it a very long time to dry.  Mama figures if she keeps up with the laundry every day, it will be fine.  Sometimes when it goes into a spin cycle, it shakes the whole place and that scares Scout.

The dinette has been made into our bed again. 
It was so nice to get back home on Sunday.  Mama said "We are home!" Several of our neighbors came out to congratulate us on our new home.  We are going to miss this place when we leave, but we may come back here next winter

Yesterday, Mama spent the day organizing the bedroom.  She still doesn't have a closet, but she has a dresser and she is using part of the linen closet.  It works.  Dad has the closet.  Mama put his work clothes on one end and she can iron his clothes and they will not wrinkle in the closet.  We couldn't do that in the old place.  She had to hang the clothes all over the motor home and that made us all feel cramped.  She may buy a full sized ironing board since we have the room for it.

Scout enjoying the sun this morning.

Me being impatient because we are standing still.
We will take more pictures of our new home later today.  Mama bought rugs on Sunday because I was doing zoomies and fell on my butt on the wood floor.  She said she wants to vacuum them again before we take photos.  The rugs show all the lint and hair.  They were probably not the best choice, but she wanted something with color and color shows lint.

There is a lot more to say about our new home, but we will save it for later this week.

Mama says "Thank You" for all the birthday wishes.  It was a good day!  BOL!

The Greyhound Who Is Becoming A Real Couch Potato Now

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Guess What Mama Got For Her Birthday?

It is Mama's birthday.  Is her gift bigger than a bread box?  Yes!  Will it fit into the motor home?  NO!  Will the motor home fit into it?  Yes!

Click the link to see what Mama's birthday present is.  Click here!

We would post more, but we are exhausted.  We are camping on the dealer's lot tonight. Very strange!

The Greyhound Who Is Not Sure About This Present

Friday, February 22, 2013

It's Go Texan Day!

Today is Go Texan Day!  What is Go Texan Day?  Well, since the rodeo kicks off on Monday, Texans are encouraged to show their pride. The rodeo challenges schools, businesses, organizations, and clubs to participate in a one-day event that will build pride in Texas and Western heritage throughout Houston and the surrounding areas.  Dad is wearing his denim shirt and jeans to work.  Mama is supposed to find my bandanna and Scout is going to wear her bandanna collar.  Mama just remembered she has the shirt she bought at the cowboy ranch.  She needs to change her clothes so she looks more Texan.  BOL  We saw one elderly man who was wearing a denim jumpsuit with a cowboy hat.  It is a different look. 

Last night, the cowboys camped near us, but not close enough that we could get photos.  The park manager said that they were right by him and loud.  He said they have a big cookout and hand out awards and things like that.  He said one year they had bands and it was so loud it shook the office here.  He supplies their electric and had a conversation with them after that and it has not been that bad since then.

Last night was also the big BBQ cook off in town.  We could smell it from the highway.  Yum!

This morning there was all sorts of excitement.  A helicopter flew above us and did live broadcasts about the "trail riders" as they are called.  The trail riders then headed down the street and Mama got pictures, but we missed out.  We were sleeping and she didn't have time to get us because they came by pretty fast.  They actually got on the highway which seems really dangerous.

Mama said it was so cool to see them.  She and her friend stood by the road as they went by. 

Tonight, they will camp at Reliant Park and then there is a big parade tomorrow.  I bet it will be crazy around here tomorrow.  There is such excitement around here.

The Greyhound Who Is A Texan Today

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Rodeo Is Bringing Strange Things Into Our Park

Excitement is growing here because the rodeo is coming to town.  We have not seen the horses yet, but last night pizza trucks arrived.  That's right pizza trucks!  They are parked in our resort.  We think the drivers/workers are staying here and maybe they are parked here until things are set up for the rodeo.

Pizza On A Stick? That's what it says.  Why would you want it on a stick?

There are also some strange trailers here.  They have been arriving since last week.  Some of them have four doors.  Two doors are common.  Dad said he thinks they use these type of trailers as dressing rooms, but these may have been converted.  They have two sewer hook ups, so we think they must have four bathrooms.  We didn't get a picture of the four door ones yet.

The rodeo people like to party more than the regular residents.  It has not been a problem yet and probably once the rodeo starts, they will be too tired to do much.

We are trying to figure out our new neighbors.  It's a trio of people that don't seem like they go together.  They have a truck and a car.  They take both and are gone all day long.  They might be working at the rodeo.  They came in Sunday afternoon in a trailer with the sale stickers still in the window. We thought one person was just delivering their trailer, but that is not the case.  We thought they were here for medical, but that doesn't appear to be correct either because they wouldn't need two vehicles for that.  It's a mystery that we still need to solve.  BOL!

On our walk this morning, Mama said to do something blog worthy.

Is this blog worthy?
No, I'm not going to smile.

People are looking. This is embarrassing.

Let's just go.

I need to take a nap so that I am refreshed and can check out these rodeo people more.

The Greyhound Whose Quiet Resort Is Getting Exciting

Monday, February 18, 2013

Another Visit To The Houston Arboretum

We had a very busy weekend.  We won't tell you everything today because we may need something to talk about later in the week.  We need to pace ourselves.  BOL!

We have posted Dad's clue to our next destination on the sidebar.  We will announce the destination at the end of our post.

Mama bought a new blanket at Camping World. She had a coupon and bought it for half price. She thought it was cute and it is about time that she retires a blanket that she has had for 27 years.  Yep, that is right, 27 years.  It is wearing thin.

Yesterday, we returned to The Houston Arboretum.  We walked different trails this time and took one that was really fun.  It had hills and was a little more challenging than the flat trails.  Scout didn't think it was as much fun as me, but that's Scout.  It was such a beautiful day.  Flowers are blooming here.

Lantana - Mama loves lantana.

 After we got home, I took a nap while the folks went to lunch.

They were only gone a few hours and we spent the rest of the day together.  It was a great day!

You are all too smart for us.  Our next destination is Denver, CO. We have been told that it does snow in April, but since the average temperature is in the 60's, it usually melts by noon.  We are leaving here at the end of March and will arrive in Denver on April 1st.  It will take us three days to get there.

The Greyhound Who Is Excited To Visit The Mile High City

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day - A Day Late

We hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day.  Mama told us yesterday that Valentine's Day was today.  We think she thought she could sneak out today and buy us some things and we wouldn't know the difference.  Dad brought her candy last night, so that blew her story.

Mama took Dad to work this morning, so that means she has the car. She went shopping this morning and came home with two boxes of treats and a 30 pound bag of food for us. We forgave her for lying to us.  She also stopped by the office and there was a box of bully sticks waiting for us.  We were down to our last one and let me tell you, it wasn't pretty last night with just one bully stick to share.

The search is still on for our new motor home. The folks are going to leave early tomorrow morning and hit all four dealerships. They are all over town, so it will take a while. Only one of the dealerships updates their inventory online.  It would be a lot easier if they all did that.  There is nothing available that we are seeing online that we want.  We hope there is something at one of the dealerships that we don't know about.  We are running out of time.

Mama bought more yarn today, so that means more hats.  Yikes!  She also ordered yarn online yesterday from Joann's because they had a good sale going on for Valentine's Day and shipping was only $2.14.

We have another clue to our destination on the sidebar.  Mama has also updated  her restaurant blog with a few new reviews.

The Greyhound Who Is Happy That There Are Bully Sticks In The House

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another Day, Another Hat

We were going to do a Wordless Wednesday, but decided it just was not going to work today.  Mama finished the second hat using a knitting loom.  The first hat was too small.

The first hat only fit our stuffy, Ms. Penguin
 Mama followed the instructions this time and kept saying that she thought this hat was going to be huge.  It is not even round.
This is what the hat looked like on the loom.

It is definitely bigger than the first one.

Yep, it's a little big.

Seriously, Mama...this one is not going to work.

It is so big that I can't even hold my head up.
It is even big on Mama.  If she rolls it up enough, it kind of fits her.  It is supposed to fit most heads.  BOL!  She does not have enough yarn to make another one right now, but she is going to adjust the loom and try it again.

We may need hats for our next destination.  We have starting putting clues on the sidebar.  Anyone care to guess?

The Greyhound Who Thinks It Would Be Easier To Just Buy A Hat At The Store, But It Definitely Would  Not  Be As Funny

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Destination Has Been Assigned

We mentioned last week that Dad was told he was staying here in Houston until the end of March.  Those plans changed quickly.  We thought he might be gone for a month.  We thought about going with him, but we didn't know if the weather would be okay there.  The folks went back and forth on it and kind of decided that if we got our new motor home before he left, we might give it a try. 

Dad was able to come up with a compromise.  He will leave here on March 3rd and work at the next destination.  He will come back on March 15th.  He will be gone less than two weeks!  He will then work here until March 29th and then we will all leave for the next destination.  We will be there until at least the end of April. 

We really hope we have our new motor home before we leave here.  We are working hard to find one.

Mama is working on another hat.  This one looks HUGE!  She is following the instructions, so if it doesn't work, she can blame Martha Stewart.  BOL!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Another Hat

Mama has been thinking about getting a knitting loom.  She has been watching YouTube videos on people using them.  She said it looked easy.  She decided she wanted to try the Martha Stewart  Knitting Loom Kit because not only does it have a circle loom but it has several pieces that you put together to make different shapes. Yesterday afternoon, she set out to make a hat.  She kept saying "This is so much fun and it is so easy!"

Wow, Mama, that is a nice hat!

Unfortunately, the hat came out kind of small.

Yep, the only thing it fits is the penguin.  BOL!
The instructions say that Mama should add pieces to the round pieces to make it an oval and it will fit most heads.  Mama is going to follow the instructions today.  BOL!

We are not getting that motor home.  The mechanic found a few things wrong and they would be costly to repair.  The generator has an oil leak.  There is a problem with one of the slides and the cook top has a part that is bad and it is no longer made, so the whole thing has to be replaced.  The owner refused to pay for the repairs or lower his price, so we walked away.  It is back on the lot with the 10 foot of damage along the side.  Yikes!  Insurance will pay for that damage, of course.

The Greyhound Who Will Have To Be Mama's Hat Model Soon

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Friday, February 8, 2013

Extra Large Is Huge

Mama has decided that she made a mistake ordering us extra large beds.  She wanted to be sure that she got us beds that were big enough.  You succeeded, Mama.  They are big enough.  BOL!

I like my bed.  It has enough room for a friend or two.

There is nothing like snuggling with a friend.
Dad says there is enough room for Scout.  No way! This is ALL MINE!

Weeee!  So much room!

Scout still likes our old bed, but she does like the new one, too.
Well, we should be rushing around like crazy today getting our new home, but it is not happening today.  We are not sure what will happen.  The motor home needs to be fixed from the accident and then the mechanic found some other things wrong with it that need to be fixed. The generator has a bad oil leak and one of the slides has an issue.  They can both be fixed, but we will not buy it with those issues. We are not sure what the owner will decide to do. 

Dad said the guy who hit them was an 82 year old man driving a Lincoln.  He told them "I didn't want to get stuck behind you, so I gunned it."  His lane was ending, so he tried to squeeze between the motor home and a concrete barrier.  He lost.  His Lincoln is pretty messed up. 

Dad called yesterday with good news.  His contract has been extended to stay here for another month!  We were so excited. Mama said "Rodeo, here we come!"  He then told us that while on his way home, he received a call from someone else wanting him to go to a different location. He said that they need him more than the current place.  :-(   The man said he was going to call Dad's boss today and tell him that.  :-(  We don't know what will happen now.  :-(  We think the signed contract should be respected.  Unfortunately, the place that Dad may be sent is too cold for us right now.  We could go there in April though.  Our life changes quickly it seems. 

The Greyhound Who Loves Having A Huge Bed

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