Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day - A Day Late

We hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day.  Mama told us yesterday that Valentine's Day was today.  We think she thought she could sneak out today and buy us some things and we wouldn't know the difference.  Dad brought her candy last night, so that blew her story.

Mama took Dad to work this morning, so that means she has the car. She went shopping this morning and came home with two boxes of treats and a 30 pound bag of food for us. We forgave her for lying to us.  She also stopped by the office and there was a box of bully sticks waiting for us.  We were down to our last one and let me tell you, it wasn't pretty last night with just one bully stick to share.

The search is still on for our new motor home. The folks are going to leave early tomorrow morning and hit all four dealerships. They are all over town, so it will take a while. Only one of the dealerships updates their inventory online.  It would be a lot easier if they all did that.  There is nothing available that we are seeing online that we want.  We hope there is something at one of the dealerships that we don't know about.  We are running out of time.

Mama bought more yarn today, so that means more hats.  Yikes!  She also ordered yarn online yesterday from Joann's because they had a good sale going on for Valentine's Day and shipping was only $2.14.

We have another clue to our destination on the sidebar.  Mama has also updated  her restaurant blog with a few new reviews.

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