Friday, March 30, 2012

Passing The Time

There's not a whole lot going on here.  We are counting the days until Daddy comes home.  In two weeks, I am off of restrictions which means Mama can take us places in the Jeep.  I will be able to get in and out on my own.  I'm excited.  Mama looked at ramps this week, but decided that since it's just two more weeks, we can save the money and not buy one.  It will be fun to get out of the house again and go for an evening drive with Mama.  We are walking up and down our road for exercise.  I guess I'm being a little hard to handle, so Mama ordered me a New Freedom Harness yesterday.  It's supposed to help with pulling.  Mama just needs to walk faster, in my opinion.

Mama cut the grass in the backyard Wednesday night.  I watched her from the deck.  Her technique needs work, but she got it done. I was so excited that I gave her a hedgehog serenade.  Yep, I squeaked that hedgehog like crazy.  She laughed.  She's going to cut the front yard this morning. 

Apparently snake bites are up in the area this year.  We saw it on the news last night.  We really didn't need to see that.  Mama worries about snakes enough.  

Mama worked on her Wriggly Crochet for quite a while and decided it wasn't for her. LOL   She has moved on to making dish cloths.  Her plan is to make a table runner, but we will see.  Her concentration has not been very good this week.

Daddy said he went to a buffet Wednesday night.  He didn't ask the price so he was shocked when the bill arrived. The buffet was $47.   He said it was good, but it didn't have anything special on it.  The waitress told him to come back on Thursday because they serve crab legs. I bet that buffet costs even more.  He seems to be doing well and is enjoying the work there.

The Greyhound Who Is A Cheerleader For Mama

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Staying Busy

We've been keeping busy this week.  Mama bought mulch on Monday and put that in the front of the house.  It looks good.  Yesterday, we didn't do a whole lot. We took two walks and Mama worked on learning crochet again.  She wants to do this thing called Wiggly Crochet.  That's fine with us because it doesn't look like she will be making anything for us with it.  Scout said the last time she crocheted, she made scarves for her and Jack.  I know there are photos, but I can't find them and maybe I shouldn't remind Mama.  She might decide to make one for me.

Daddy is able to call us from the Virgin Islands on his cell phone.  The first night, the reception was terrible.  Last night, he called from outside his room and it was much better.  Mama heard a cruise ship come in as he was talking to her.  He said that mama wouldn't like it there because there are iguanas every where.  They are in the trees, on the ground, etc.  Mama doesn't like iguanas.

The weather is the same in the Virgin Islands as it is here right now.  That's strange.  Our weather is just warmer than normal. 

We were asked if Scout is bigger than me.  Yes, she is.  We don't have a good picture that shows it though.  She says she is bigger than me because I'm the little brother.  Mama calls me the little guy.  I'm not that little.  I weigh 75 pounds.  However, I look small compared to big-boned Scout.  LOL

The Greyhound Who Is Doing A Good Job Keeping Mama Company

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Told You So

Scout here at the keyboard telling you about my experience with Joey's doctor.  We had a stormy day here on Friday.  I had planned to stay home while Joey went to the doctor to get his stitches out.  The skies turned black right before Mama and Joey left and there were tornadoes touching down across the river, so Mama said I should go with them because you just never know.  She didn't want me to be left home alone in case something bad happened.  It was a little scary riding in the car because the rain was coming down really hard, but we made it.

Mama explained to the vet and his assistant why I was there.  The vet assistant said she had never seen a female greyhound as big as me.  Are you ready for what the vet said?  He said "She is BIG BONED."  Isn't that what I have been telling all of you?  Daddy said he was probably kidding, but I am not sure.  He said that I look fine.  I'm very long and tall.  I'm bigger than some boys, you know.  It's not my fault I got the big girl gene.

Our bully sticks arrived yesterday.  We chewed on those for a while.  Mama is taking us on two long walks a day, but we are going separately.  She is trying to train Joey to walk better.  She may need to order the Freedom Harness that Miss Bunny's Mom suggested. 

The Greyhound Who Really Is Big Boned

Monday, March 26, 2012

On Our Own

Daddy left this morning for St. Thomas.  Mama dropped him off at the airport at 5:30 a.m. He will be back on April 27th.

Yesterday, we had fun.  We went to the state park near our house and walked one loop around the campground.  Daddy then decided that he wanted to go to another state park that is about a half hour away.  We stopped at McDonalds for lunch and then drove to the other state park.  We walked around the campground.  There were a few campers there, but no one spoke to us. It was a nice day though.

Oh, for those who are wondering about our motor home, it is 35 feet long. It has three slides.  The kitchen and living room both have slides, so that makes a large room.  The bedroom also has a slide.  It is a 2006. We bought it in 2008.  It was a rental before we bought it.

We are pretty tired after our big day out yesterday, so we will write more later.

The Greyhound Who Is Resting Before The Bully Sticks Arrive

Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm Stitch-Less!

The stitches are out!  I no longer have to wear a trash bag on my foot or Mama's sock.  I am allowed to take 5-10 minute walks and walk up our porch steps.  I am not allowed to get in and out of the Jeep on my own for three more weeks.  I'm not supposed to run or play.  I'm walking really well though.  Mama is very happy with how well I am doing.  Dr. Mike gave me more pain medications just in case I need them.  I finished up my antibiotics tonight.  I should be ready to go whenever Daddy gets home from St. Thomas. Can you believe he is being sent there?  Most people would be excited about it, but we really want to travel together.

Mama is doing better tonight.  She was really upset when she found out that Daddy was going to St. Thomas.  We went to bed happy last night.  Daddy thought he might just go to Kansas City for a week to work and we would go with him as kind of a warm-up to our future travels.  We found out early this morning that the St. Thomas deal might happen, but didn't know until this afternoon that it was definite.  Mama is a planner so all of this changing of plans is bothering her. We don't know how long he will be gone, but think it will be a full month.  He will get to come home for a weekend and we hope that we can start our adventure then, but who really knows.

Do you like our new background?  Mama thought it was really cute.  We live near Route 66.

Mama said to tell you that we will be fine.  We have family nearby, so no worries.

The Greyhound Who Is Now Sock-Less Joe

Good News Doesn't Last

Daddy is going to St Thomas.  The RV can't go there.  We are sad again.

The Greyhound Who Is Very Sad

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Happy Update

GUESS WHAT?   Daddy is NOT going to Hawaii!!!!   We found out at about 4 pm that the trip might be cancelled.   Daddy just called and said the Hawaii trip is a no go.  We are so happy!  We could be hitting the road soon after all.  We have to wait to hear what the next destination will be and then if it's some place the motor home can go (not crossing an ocean), then we are on the road!

Mama is exhausted from this roller coaster ride that she has been on for three weeks.  She will probably have to re-cancel all of the services that she just reactivated soon, but that's okay.  This time when she cancels them, it should be the real deal and not just a test drive.  LOL

The Greyhound Who May Be On The Road Soon!


My stitches are supposed to come out tomorrow.  I hope so.  I'm tired of having to wear a sock to go outside.  I also have to wear one whenever Mama is not watching me.  I haven't played with my stitches, but Mama is not taking any chances.  In case you are wondering, I wear a women's size 10 sock.  LOL   Daddy's were just way too big.  It's been raining today, so I have to wear a white trash bag when I go outside.  The cows were really staring at me this morning and I just wanted to say "What? Have you not seen a greyhound wearing a trash bag before?" 

Our weather has been really nice.  We have had 9 straight days of temperatures in the 80's.  That is a new record for us.  Unfortunately, it makes the grass grow fast.  Mama is not happy about that since she will be the lawn care person soon.  Everything is pretty though because it's green again.  We have a lot of red bud trees here, so there are a lot of purple buds.

Mama is still sad about Daddy going to Hawaii.  She is worried about us because we miss him when he is just gone a few days and she doesn't know how we will handle a month.  I'm worried because Mama is not good at giving ear rubs.   She said it will be more fun for us when I can get in and out of the Jeep on my own.  I'm not supposed to do it right now because of my leg. So, for now, we will not be taking any trips.  Her back can only take so much lifting of me. A ramp would solve that problem, don't you think?

Mama ordered bully sticks yesterday and they should be here on Monday!

The Greyhound Who Hopes To Be Stitch-Free Tomorrow

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The HUGE Adventure Is Being Delayed....I Think

It appears that our HUGE adventure will be delayed until Dad returns from Hawaii.  Yesterday, our trip was on and off a few times.  We haven't heard anything today, but we are assuming that Dad is leaving for Hawaii on Sunday.  Mama was upset when she heard the news, but she has accepted it and has spent today contacting companies to keep services turned on instead of turning them off.   There had been talk that she would allow the cable to be turned off as planned and she would use the new portable satellite, but Dad said she would probably be happier keeping things as they are now.  She has unlimited Internet and more TV channels than she could ever watch, plus she will still have her DVR which she loves.  So, the cable will remain on and our trash service will continue. 

Yesterday, when we thought we were leaving on Saturday, Mama decided to un-install her anti-virus on the computers because she gets it through the cable company.  When she tried to install the new anti-virus, it wouldn't install.  She found out that her Windows Installer was no longer working.  After much research, trying many different things and many re-boots later,  I am happy to report that she has repaired Windows Installer and now she has re-installed the anti-virus that she took off yesterday.  So, everything is basically back to the way it was 24 hours ago.

Dad is supposed to be going to the Big Island in Hawaii.  However, the resort he will be staying at is very secluded.  I don't think he will be having as much fun as he thought he would.  We hope it's just a 2-3 week trip.  It will take him 12 hours to get there.  That's a long travel day. 

Mama has decided she probably will not paint the bedroom while Dad is gone this time.  She is going to re-paint the front porch instead.  Also, she will be cutting the grass which is pretty funny.  Dad never wants her do it, so she is not very experienced.  She hopes she can get the lawnmower started.  That has been a challenge in the past.  We have someone who is going to cut it while we are traveling, but Mama said since she is not working, she feels bad paying someone to cut it. Stay tuned on the lawn cutting.  It could be quite interesting.  She sprayed the weeds last week and not much has happened.  She told Dad that the weed killer might be too old.  He asked her if she shook it before using it.  She hadn't.  She's going to re-spray the weeds. 

Dr. Mike just called and said that the results came back from the plates and screws and I am fine.  There is no infection.  That's good news!!!!   Mama told him that I am wanting to do more than I should and he said she has to hold me back.  Boo!  I may have to have a word with him on Friday.

The Greyhound Whose Adventure Has Been Delayed

Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm Healing Nicely

Mama says that I am healing up nicely.  She said my foot looks really good and feels that the stitches will come out on Friday.  She doesn't have a trained eye, of course, so we will see what Dr. Mike says on Friday.

I pushed almost all of Mama's buttons on Saturday.  I only slept for maybe two hours.  I was a "hyper boy" as she says.  She went to the store and bought us Kongs to keep us busy.  Scout is better at eating out of one than I am.  She uses her paws to hold it.

I don't really get how to do it.  They seem like too much work to me. Bully sticks are easier and guess what?  We don't have any.  Mama ordered us these news things called bladder sticks.  Well, they are good, but last us about five minutes. Once we figure out where we are going to be living, she will try and place us another order.

The real problem was that I wanted to patrol my yard and see my bunnies.  I paced the house until Mama finally gave in and let me look around the yard and then I was fine.  Yesterday, she took me out again and I relaxed and slept a good part of the day. It's a good thing that I checked on the bunnies because you know what they did?  They multiplied.  Yep, there are now four.  Daddy said that's what they do.  Mama said she expects to see some baby ones running around soon. The two new ones that are running around are big ones.

The folks started loading up the motor home.  We still don't know if we are leaving this Saturday.  Daddy de-winterized it and made sure everything was working.  Mama took out her sewing machine and other things that she didn't need this week.  She is not taking her clothes, kitchen items and food to the motor home until we know for sure we are going.

(Watching Daddy work on the motor home.)

Mama and Daddy are both over their colds, thank goodness. Scout said they normally don't get sick this often.  They've been sick three times in three months.  That's just crazy!

Hopefully, we will be able to update you soon as to what is going on with our HUGE adventure.  Next week at this time, we will either be living in the RV or taking Daddy to the airport.  We really hope it's not the latter.

The Greyhound Who Is Feeling Good

Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm Doing Good

I was going to have Scout update you on things today, but I woke up with energy.  Yesterday, all I did was sleep.  Mama said it was due to my drugs, but I took the same drugs today and I don't feel as tired as I did yesterday. 

Scout is glad that I'm home, but she is disappointed that I don't feel like doing much. I did eat a Frosty Treat with her.
Mama took the bandage off Wednesday night.  She was nervous because it was hard to get off.  My leg doesn't look nasty though.   It's just has stitches and it's shaved.  Mama said she was going to sleep on the couch so she could keep an eye on me.  I didn't like that idea, so I slept in my bed in the kitchen.  I think she only slept a few hours that night.  Last night, she moved that bed to the living room, so she won that battle.  She puts a sock on my foot at night and she is worried that I will take it off and lick my stitches.  The first night, the sock didn't work because it was too big even with Velcro.  She switched to a smaller sock yesterday and things are going better.

I was so tired yesterday that I even let Mama cover me for a little while. 

Dr. Mike said that I have to stay quiet for a month.  I guess with the holes in my bone now, it is a little weaker.  The holes will fill in though and then I will be fine. Mama decided it was easier to take me down the ramp instead of walking me in the front yard.  She has to duck to get under the banister, but she says it's better for me to not do the steps out front and since I'm really not supposed to walk much, it's the best solution.

We are still waiting to hear if we are leaving on our HUGE adventure next Saturday.  Mama has a bad feeling that Daddy will be sent to Hawaii this trip, and since the RV can't go there, we will stay behind.  We knew we would all stay behind in the winter, but it didn't dawn on us that we might have to stay behind on the first trip. Mama is trying to come to terms with all of this, but we haven't heard the final word yet, so there is still hope. If we stay behind, Mama is going to paint the bedroom.  It's purple and gold and driving Mama crazy.  Mama has never painted, so it could be an adventure too.

The Greyhound Who Has Stitches That Itches (LOL)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm Home!

I'm really tired, but I wanted to let you all know that I am home.  It's good to be home.  Scout ran up to me and sniffed me all over.  Mama said Scout really missed me.  She stuck by Mama most of the time I was gone and didn't even pay much attention to the bunnies.  I guess it's not as much fun when I'm not around.

Mama says I look really good.  They didn't shave me much, so I look pretty normal.  I didn't get the epidural.  I'm walking pretty good which surprised Mama and Daddy.

Okay, so do you want to see my x-rays?  We forgot to ask Dr. Mike for the before the plate x-rays.  Here is the picture of my foot with the plate and screws in it.

Here are the after photos.

He fused my bone together.

Mama is supposed to take my bandage off tonight, so I guess we will see what I look like with the stitches soon.  Mama is nervous about that.

Thanks for all your good thoughts and wishes. I'm glad to be back home!!!

The Greyhound Who Is Now Plate-less

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Surgery Is Over

The hospital just called and said the surgery is over and Joey is awake and doing fine.  The assistant said the vet may call me in a little while.  I've been up since 2 a.m., but Joey slept soundly while I worried.

Scout has been walking through the house whining since he left this morning.  She misses her "Bubba".

My husband and I will pick him up at 4 p.m. tomorrow.  I'm really anxious to see for myself that he is okay.

Thank you for all your good thoughts.  They are very much appreciated.

Mama to Joey, The Greyhound, Who Is Bandaged Again

Monday, March 12, 2012

Tomorrow Is My Surgery

Tomorrow is my surgery.  Mama doesn't want to think about it.  I can tell she is nervous.  My foot has been hurting me this weekend, so we all feel the surgery is the right thing to do.  It's still a little scary though. 

Saturday, the weather was beautiful.  We went to Route 66 State Park and walked there.  It's very easy walking there because it's flat.  We saw lots of people walking, rollerblading and bike riding.  It was fun!  On the way home, we picked up the satellite system for the RV.  We used to have a different satellite dish, but it wasn't automatic like this one.  Sometimes it took Daddy a really long time to get it to work and sometimes it didn't work, but this one should do it on it's own.  We will see.  They have a package where you don't have to sign a contract so it's month to month thing, so if we get somewhere where we have cable, we will just not use it.

We still don't know our destination, but Mama is concerned that Daddy will will be sent somewhere where the RV can't go, like Hawaii or St. Thomas.  We really thought we were being sent to Houston, so she was very excited.  Houston is no longer an option.  We hope they tell us today or tomorrow so that we can prepare one way or another.  Mama may be worried for no reason.  She's pretty down today between my surgery and the possibility of us not going with Daddy in two weeks.  She also has another cold, so that is not helping things. 

I've been playing with my football a lot the past few days.  I even hiked it like a real football player the other day.  Mama really laughed about that.

 I took my football outside to play with it.

Wait, what is that?
It's that darn rabbit! That rabbit better watch it because I'm going to be all better soon and I'm going to give him a real chase.

Scout and Mama will update you all tomorrow afternoon after my surgery.  I should be home Wednesday night in time for Survivor.

The Greyhound Who Is Preparing For A Busy Day Tomorrow

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hey, Towel Lady!

It's raining today and we've been running in and out.  Mama asked if we thought she was our personal towel lady.  Yes, yes, we do.  LOL  She wouldn't want us to be all wet now, would she?

Mama has been very busy checking things off items on her to do list, but there is still more to do.  Tuesday, she made us six more collars.  Our new collars are for Halloween, flag holidays, every day wear and I have a cool Rams' collar.  I had been wearing big brother, Jack's Ram's collar, but it was looking worn and Mama made me a new one with that chain hardware that we like.  Our collars are packed and ready to go into the RV.  We are bringing ten each.  Do you think that is enough?  The sewing machine along with the necessary accessories are ready to be put in the RV.

Yesterday, Mama took the car in to have a new breaking system installed that keeps it from running into the RV.  This is a place that Mama and Daddy shop all the time, but never had service work done.  Mama said they were completely unprofessional.  She was sitting there waiting and they were openly complaining about other employees while she read her Kindle. They were yelling back and forth.  She was getting very nervous because all their complaints were about what sales told customers their bills would be.  Mama called Daddy and double checked what the bill should be.  She wanted to be prepared in case their bill came out wrong.  Sure enough, they wanted to charge her $100 more.  She was able to get them to reduce the bill.  It wasn't as much as she wanted, but it ended up being $10 more than the worse that Daddy expected.  Daddy thought it might be less because we are just replacing our old system.   If they ever have work done again and there is a sign saying how much labor will be on a special, Mama is taking a picture so she has proof.  Apparently, the service department says these signs go up and down without their knowledge.  After that fun appointment,  Mama met with our regular vet and made sure she had everything she needed records wise.  We both have three year rabies vaccines, but Joey will need to get a distemper around July/August.  We will have to do that on the road.  The vet said he was almost tempted to do it before we left, but Mama said she didn't want to do that because of my surgery.  The vet agreed.  He told her what we need if we go to Canada. He said we need a health certificate dated not ten days before we cross the border and if we stay more than ten days, we need another one coming back.  Mama's a little nervous about having to find a vet there, but maybe we won't even end up in Canada. Does anyone have any experience with that?  She bought enough heartworm medicine to get us through the year.  She then got her haircut and did the last of the big shopping. 

Today, Mama is going to have lunch with an old friend.  She thought that was the only thing on her list, but Daddy wants her to go to the RV shop and pay for the repairs on the RV so that we can pick it up after hours tonight. She probably will stop and get the license for it on her way home.

Mama is getting nervous about my surgery now.  I keep telling her that I will be fine.  She can't say too much to Daddy because he gets aggravated with her when she goes on and on and on.  She keeps saying that she needs to get earplugs so she can't hear my whining in the RV, but I think Daddy and I are the ones that need the earplugs so we don't have to hear her.  LOL

The Greyhound Who Is Still Getting Ready For A HUGE Adventure

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thanks For The Good Wishes

Thank you to everyone for the good wishes about our upcoming adventure.   We are very excited! 

 (This is what we will be living in.)

Mama has been busy shopping. She bought a weather radio, a new printer, and a tablet so that she can surf the Internet while we are going down the road. She will take her laptop.  They bought a MiFi, which is a hotspot so we have Internet. Our bully sticks are ordered.  Mama still has a few more things on her list to buy.  She wants to get everything bought this week so that she can be home with me after my surgery.

The RV is in the shop getting new tires.  The generator needed some work.  We need the generator so that we can have the AC going in our section of the RV while we are driving down the road.  It can get quite hot otherwise. 

The car is getting some work done tomorrow. 

Daddy built us a divider to put in the middle of the bed that we use in the motor home. Mama sewed a cover for it.  He did that because Scout doesn't like me to touch her when she sleeps.  I will take a picture of it when the motor home gets back home.   We are not going to take any of our beds with us.  :-O   I know, it sounds terrible doesn't it?  However, the bed that we have with the divider is very comfy.  Mama says we need to have as much floor space as possible so that she can walk without tripping over things. 

(This is the bed that now has a divider in it. The divider is not in this photo though.  It's a twin sized bed.  The divider can be removed if it doesn't work for us.)

I have to decide the toys I want to take.  I know that I am taking two of my hedgehogs.  I love them the most.  I think I am allowed five toys, but I am not sure.  We haven't asked Daddy and if we don't ask we can't be doing anything wrong, right?

Mama is going to work on more collars for us today.  She has at least three more that she wants to make.  She is going to take her sewing machine with her, but doesn't know if she will really use it.  She will need to use it on a picnic table.  I guess it depends on how much we wants to sew.

Daddy is in Kansas City this week.  He will be home on Friday, so it's just two nights without him.  He's my best buddy though and I really miss him when he's gone.

Mama set out our houseplants this morning with a free sign hoping someone would take them.  A lady just stopped and put them in her truck.  They were way too big to take them with us and Mama didn't know anyone who wanted them.  They both had sentimental meaning to Mama, so she is glad they are going to a new home.

We still don't know where we are going, but when we find out, we will give you clues.

The Greyhound Who Is Preparing For A Life On The Road

Monday, March 5, 2012

BIG Announcement!!!!

Joey and I are both at the keyboard today because we have a BIG announcement.
Joey: Actually, it's a HUGE announcement!

Scout:  I'm not sure if it's HUGE, but it is pretty BIG!

Joey:  So, what do you think it is?  Did Mama find a job?

Scout:  LOL, No, but it's bigger than that.

Joey:  Is Mama pregnant?

Scout: LOL, No, thank goodness!  I wouldn't want a baby crawling all over me.

Joey:  A baby would probably drop a lot of food.

Scout:  That's true, but a baby drools worse than you.  It would steal all your toys. I think we would be told "No!" a lot if a baby lived here.

Joey:  That is true.  A baby sounds like trouble. Good thing it's not a baby.   Is it a new greyhound?

Scout:  No, we definitely don't need another greyhound.  You are more than enough for me to handle, Joey.

Joey:  I don't know, I think another greyhound might be fun.

Scout:  ::::sigh::::  Trust me, Joey, another dog would not be good. Can you imagine how cramped the Jeep would be?

Joey:  Okay, so should we tell them?

Scout:  Okay, ready?


Joey:  Yep, Daddy got a new job and it involves traveling 99% of the time, so they are allowing us to come along and live in the RV.

Scout:  The longest we will stay in any location is three months. 

Joey: We plan on doing a lot of sightseeing on weekends.  We will visit a lot of state parks and maybe national parks.  There will be lots of things to explore around the RV parks, I'm sure.

Scout:  The worst thing, we think, is that we will come home for the winter months and Daddy will have to keep traveling without us.  He may only come home once a month, so that's going to be hard.  We don't want to be driving the RV on nasty winter roads and the RV is not really equipped to be warm in bitter temperatures, so that's why we have to come home.  Daddy said we may need to save money over the winter months because living this type of lifestyle is not going to be cheap (gas prices, pad rent, etc.)  If we happen to luck out and get a warm location for the winter, we may not come home. I wouldn't mind living in a warm location for the winter.  Mama and I are dreaming of a sandy beach instead of snow.

Joey:  Daddy put us on a pretty strict budget.

Scout:  Yep, Mama needs to order bully sticks before we leave because I don't think they are in the new budget.  Plus, it's hard getting mail when you don't have an address.  We can use the RV park's address, but it sounds like a lot of trouble.
Joey: We leave on March 24th!  That's in just three weeks!

Scout:  Joey has his surgery on March 13th and the vet said he will be ready for travel on the 24th.  Mama wishes we had another week for Joey's recovery, but we don't have a choice.

Joey: Mama has been busy getting things ready to go.  She canceled our cable and trash service.  She has been doing a lot of shopping.  This week, she will take the car in for some work. The RV goes in for repairs today.  It's a good thing she is not working because she wouldn't have time for it.  LOL   She is hoping to find a job that can be done on the road, but if not, it will be okay.  She may try to make a little money with a new blog while we are traveling.  We will just have to see what happens.

Scout:  There is a lot to do when you are leaving home for 9 months, but so far, everything has gone smoothly. Daddy's dream is to retire and travel in the RV, so this is almost as good.  We just can't choose our locations, but we still have a steady income, so he is VERY happy.

Joey: We will take all of you along on our journey, of course!  Our blog was getting a little boring, so this will give us new content.  LOL   Mama says our lives will never be the same once we begin our journey.  It's so exciting!!!!

Joey and Scout
The Greyhounds Who Are Preparing For A BIG HUGE Adventure!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Paper Shredding - Part 2

Watching Mama shred all those papers got me wanting to try some of my own shredding.  Last night, Daddy was reading the paper and I ran up to it and tore out the middle.  I know, pretty funny, right?  LOL

Daddy said "NO!", but then he started laughing so hard that I don't think it was really a NO.  Mama about fell off the couch laughing at me.

Mama tried to re-create the incident and I was more than happy to help her with that, but Daddy (the fun police) said it was not a good idea.  So, we took these photos instead.  I look a little vicious in this one.  I'm chewing a bully stick while Mama looks through the damaged paper.

Here's another one, but you really can't see the paper.

It doesn't sound like we are going to the park today.  Mama and Daddy are busy with doing chores around the house and it's a little chilly today anyway.

The Greyhound Who Knows How To Have A Good Time

Friday, March 2, 2012

Paper Shredding

I've been very busy helping Mama this week.  What have we been doing? We've been shredding papers.  I don't mean just a few papers.  I mean we shredded a year's worth of credit card applications and other papers that Mama said she didn't want to get in the wrong hands. You really don't realize how much of that stuff comes in until you stack it up and shred it.   After we shredded all the old mail, we moved onto an old filing cabinet that had things dating back 25 years.  Apparently, Mama used to be quite organized with her paperwork.  Her shredder broke a year ago and chaos set in.  The filing cabinet now has recent paperwork and the old, unneeded items are shredded.  We worked on this shredding/office cleaning for three days.  I bet when you saw the blog title for today you thought that I had been shredding paper on my own.  LOL  Nope, I just watched it all happen and then barked at the vacuum when it had to pick up the stray shreds of paper.  It really was exhausting.

The Greyhound Who Is Mama's Little Helper

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