Monday, September 27, 2021

Bryce Canyon

 We arrived at our campground, Ruby's Inn Campground and RV Resort on Friday.  Basically, Ruby owns a good section of this town.  He has restaurants, motels, tours, stores and a very large campground. The general store is quite pricey.  A can of Spam was over $8!  Canned tuna and chicken were just as high.  We did not buy anything there. There is a town nearby called Tropic. They have a very small grocery store and we were able to pick up some essentials there for not a lot more than at home.

The campground is somewhat nice.  We ended up with a decent site.  We pulled into our site instead of backing in because it was harder backing in with all the pine trees and when we backed in, it was so unlevel that we didn't think we could sleep with our heads going downhill.  Our spot is right off the paved street, so it is perfect for me.  There is a huge lawn in front of our site but it says "NO DOGS ON GRASS". So, we found another nice patch of grass around the pool that doesn't have signs. There are several nice areas around the park, so I am happy here.  While were are quire happy with our spot, we can definitely see why other campers would not be happy at all with theirs.  I think we have one of the best spots in the place. 

Mom has been very excited to visit Bryce Canyon. She wanted to see the HooDoos and they did not disappoint.  We all felt this national park is the best that we have seen.  We really like all the paved overlooks and I am even allowed on those.  They have a paved trail from Sunrise Point to Sunset Point that dogs are allowed on and I loved it.  I wish more national parks allowed dogs to walk around like this one does.

Here are some photos:


The weather has been really nice.  The highs are in the 70's and at nice, it is quite cool.  It was 37 when we woke up this morning.


The Greyhound Who Is Losing Weight From All The Hiking

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Capitol Reef National Park

 Today, we visited Capitol Reef National Park.  We arrived last night and we stayed at Wonderland RV Park. This is my favorite campground.  It has grass!  It also has a dog park. There are cows, horses and a buffalot in the pasture behind us.  Mom said the showers are clean and they are heated.  It was 40 degrees this morning and Mom appreciated having heat in the shower room. She said the restrooms are clean. We had TV channels which was really the first time in probably three weeks. The wifi is really good too!  We wish we could stay longer than two nights.

Capitol Reef National Park is small and different. There are orchards where you can pick the fruit.  We only saw apples and they were too high on the tree for us to reach.  There is also a store that sells pies and other items. The folks bought a cinnamon roll and pecan syrup.

Here are some photos:

Me leaving the grass and walking on gravel. Hate the gravel.

The brown guy is a buffalo.

This burger and fries is from a food truck called Capitol Burger.  It was delicious!

Our site.  We have a little fence.

Here are photos from Capitol Reef:

Deer in the orchards.

More deer.

We took a drive down a gravel road that was beautiful but scary because the road was so narrow. It was two way traffic.

The folks took a hike to see the pioneer register which was where some of the pioneers in the area carved their names into the rocks.

More Pioneer Register

More Pioneer Register

This is the one room school house that the Morman children that lived in Fruita attended.  It is now part of the park.

As you can see the park is beautiful.  We had a nice time here. The next stop is Bryce Canyon.

The Greyhound Who Is Recharged With Grass Under His Feet

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