Saturday, August 26, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Interrupts Our Vacation

We should be pulling into our campground in Houston about now, but we are not.  Hurricane Harvey changed our plans on Thursday.  Dad had to fly back to Houston to prepare for the hurricane at work, so Mom and I are still "on vacation".  As soon as we are back home, we will update you on what we did in Part 3 of our vacation.  Mom said it seems to be the never-ending vacation.  We are ready to go home, but that can't happen until Dad comes and gets us which sounds like it may not be until the end of next week.  He said we wouldn't want to be in Houston right now and he is right.  It is a stressful time for us, but we are safe and Dad is too.

The Greyhound Who Is Missing His Dad

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Bennett Springs - Part 2 Of Our Final Family Vacation In Our Motor Home

Bennett Springs is one of our favorite places to stay.  Dad loves it because he likes to trout fish.  Mom and I like it because we enjoy our long walks in the morning and evening.  The morning walks are the best.  It is very peaceful.  We just walk and walk and walk.  It is definitely one of my favorite places.  We probably won't be back though unless we rent an RV on our next trip home.  We may just have to wait until we buy another RV which won't be until Dad retires and I will be around 15 then.  Yikes!  So, we enjoyed this trip like it was our last and it was a fun time!

The Mama started approaching us, so we left.

This is the dining lodge.  The folks ate there a few times.  Mom brought me some chicken.

This is Mom's favorite spot.

More deer.  We saw them in the early evening near the campground.
I haven't mentioned it yet, but the folks are losing weight.  Dad has lost 30 pounds and Mom has lost 20.  This trip has been a real test for them, but they are maintaining pretty well.  They normally only eat out once or twice a weekend, but since we are on vacation, they have eaten out one meal each day.  They are very careful the rest of the day.  There are just a few places Mom wanted to be sure they ate at and one was Bandana's.  It is a BBQ place that we don't have in Texas.

Shredded pork with beef brisket. 
 Mom said Bandana's was really good.  The garlic bread is 239 calories a slice, so she basically just ate one.  Well, maybe a little of the second one. The coleslaw is 209 and the green beans are 30.  The meat really wasn't bad.  They only eat 1,200 calories a day.  I think Mom figured this meal was about 800, but I could be wrong on that.   I think they are trying to stay below 2,000 calories a day while on this trip and will have to be sure to get back on their 1,200 calories a day when we get back to Houston.

Here are the final pictures from Little Rock of the bridge that was lit up.  Mom forgot to edit them and they are all crooked.


Oh, in case you are wondering....we did rent a condo at the beach in Galveston for the winter.  After we get back to Houston, we will start moving our things into a storage facility until we either buy a condo or rent an apartment.  We have the condo rented until February.  Mom said she thinks I will like the condo, but there is an elevator.  😮  Dad said it is very quiet and doesn't move fast, so maybe I will like it.  I didn't like the one in the hotel at all.  If I don't like it, I only have four flights of stairs to go up and down every time I have to go outside.  I figure it will be good exercise for Mom. 😂

The Greyhound Who Is Really Enjoying His Vacation

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Billy Bass Adoption Center

Do you have a Billy Bass that needs a new home?  Flying Fish Restaurant in Little Rock has a solution. They have an adoption center.

There are two rooms full of fish.  The folks didn't try the food, but they enjoyed viewing the adoption center.

The Greyhound Who Thinks Billy Bass Is Odd

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Gone With The Wind in Little Rock?

The mill that is shown in the opening of Gone With The Wind is located here in Little Rock.  The mill is a replica of a grist mill.  It was built in 1933.  It was made to look abandoned.

All the "wood" bridges, benches and structures throughout the park are not actually wood.  No one really knows how Senor Dionicio Rodriguez did it, but it is thought to be concrete.

Steps in the mill.

The folks said the area was beautiful.  It is a free place to visit.

The Greyhound Who Fell Asleep Watching Gone With The Wind

Monday, August 14, 2017

Guess What I Did On Bill's Lawn?

We are enjoying our time in Little Rock.  Last night, Mom took some photos of the lights that are on the bridge.  It was raining, so she took them from inside the RV.   

We may be able to get a picture from outside tonight.

Here I am outside this morning.

Mom took a panoramic view.
 The folks walked to President Clinton's Library this morning.

Another panoramic view.  it is not bowed as it looks in the photo.
Bill's apartment is on the top floor.  He and Hillary visit about once a month.

The entrance fee for the library/museum is $10 a person.  They give guided tours every two hours, so the folks decided to do that.  The guided tour definitely gave more information than just a self-guided tour.  However, it was not an in depth tour, so the folks went through it again.  There is also a movie and the folks enjoyed it.

The folks have been to 12 Presidential libraries now.  Mom ranks this one as the 2nd worse.  Why?  It just didn't have that much in it.  The design of it is extremely modern.  It has two aisles on all the floors and that is about it.  There was very, very little about his impeachment.  Mom did not see any mention of Monica, but Dad thought he read a snippet.  He was in office for eight years and it definitely didn't look like it by what is on display.

Which Presidential library does Mom say is the worst?  Jimmy Carter's.  He was in office for four years and there really isn't much in his library.  It actually focused more on his life and accomplishments after the White House.

This is what it looked like.

Table set for a dinner at the White House.

Saxophones that Bill was given.

Another one that he received.

Easter eggs with Presidents' faces from Easter Egg Roll.

More Easter Eggs.

Glass Christmas tree that was in the White House.

Bike which was given to the President along with a seat from Wrigley.

Presidential seal on the bike.

Mom didn't take any photos of the Oval Office because they aren't allowed. They will take your photo and charge you for it.  The folks walked right through mainly because the young girl taking the photos was very rude to the tour guide. She told her that only five people were allowed in the room at a time.  The tour guide asked, "Since when?"  The young girl replied rudely "Since the beginning of time."  Mom said she thinks the tour guide has been there a lot longer than the young girl.

After the tour, the folks decided to eat at the restaurant in the library.  It gets glowing reviews and it is definitely the nicest looking one.  Most of the restaurants in the Presidential libraries serve cold cuts and you order at the counter.

The food was reasonably priced.  There seemed to be several locals eating.  Mom said it was good, but she probably wouldn't eat there again if she was a local.
Dad had Mac & Cheese with Buffalo Chicken.

Mom had a cheeseburger and fries.  She didn't like the fries, so she brought me some.
 It was raining when the folk left the library.  They didn't bring an umbrella, so they were pretty wet when they returned home.

 I really wanted to walk on the bridge again. I kept asking to go so after dinner, I got my wish.

This time, we walked all the way to the library.  I peed on Bill's lawn.  Mom thought it would be really cool if Bill was there and appeared on his balcony.  Dad said he would probably say "Is that a whippet or a greyhound?"  Mom said she could definitely imagine him saying that. She tried to impersonate him, but she couldn't.  BOL!   So, I peed again and we walked home. 

Our RV is in the front this time as our neighbor left.
Here is our RV from the library window.  Do you think Bill ever looks over and wishes he lived in an RV?
The Greyhound Who Walked Where A President Has Walked

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