Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dad Comes Home Tonight!

We have been pretty busy here with Dad being gone. Tuesday, Mama stayed home with us all day except for doing laundry. Tuesday night, the pizza man came by with a pizza and cheese bread sticks. Mmmmm! Yesterday, Mama looked at two new motor homes that came in. She liked one, but we would have less storage space than we have now, so it doesn't make sense to buy that one. The price is really good and it is in really nice condition. It's too bad that the storage is so bad. It has a whole wall of windows which would be fun to lay by and watch people go by.  We will keep looking.  She then got her haircut and did some shopping.

Dad didn't call us last night. Mama said it must be too busy for us. :-( We know he was scheduled to go to a rodeo last night.

It has been so windy here. Yesterday, Mama said she was our anchor and we were hers and together we managed to stay on our feet during our walk.  Scout and I thought it was like riding in the car with our heads hanging out.   A man yelled out to us "I'M FROM KANSAS. I COULD HAVE STAYED HOME FOR THIS."  BOL

Yesterday, we had comments on Scout's beauty.  It doesn't bother me when people say Scout is beautiful. I hear it on a daily basis on our walks. Everyone thinks Scout is beautiful. They love her "stripes".  I guess they don't notice my brindle face.  Mama says I am cute and that is enough for me.

Scout has taken some beautiful photos.

I am just a fun guy.
Sometimes we take fun photos together.
Today, on our walk, Scout started limping.  Mama checked her foot and found a leaf.  She then found a piece of mulch.  Scout must have a lot of storage space between her pads.  BOL

The Greyhound Who Is Glad That Dad Will Be Home Tonight

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

George Ranch Historical Park

I am not happy that Dad is in Dallas.  Last night, we went for a walk and a Jeep passed us.  I thought for sure the Jeep was ours.  I insisted we head home.  When we got in the motor home, I checked the recliner because that is where Dad usually is, but he wasn't there.  I kept one ear up until bedtime.  Mama gave us bully sticks, but it didn't help.  A few more big sleeps and he will be home.

The folks visited George Ranch Historical Park on Saturday.  This is a place that follows four generations of the same family  There are four houses. The workers are all dressed in period clothing.  The first house was a log cabin that was built in 1830.

Worker at the 1830 in cabin.
1830's house
The next generation lived in the 1860's house.
1860's house
Demonstration on the six layers of clothing that women wore.
The next house was the 1890's home.

Inside the 1890's home.  This guy is dressed in wool. 

1890's home
Family Cemetery near the 1890's home.
The final house was the 1930's house.  Mama didn't take any photos of the outside of the house.  Here is a tree that was supposedly planted when the house was built.  There is a tree house around it now.

The kitchen of the 1930's house.  It had a dishwasher, electric stove and huge refrigerator. 
When the folks arrived, the first thing they did was eat.  They stopped at the Dinner Bell Cafe.  Mama thought it would be fun. It looked cute.

The food was not very good.  The cook said all they had was a microwave to cook with, so they ate a microwaved hamburger. 
Mama was really sorry she chose eating here instead of eating at the chuck wagon.  The chuck wagon meal would have taken a lot longer and with all there was to see and do here, they were here five hours anyway.   It would have been an experience having their meal prepared at the chuck wagon though.

The chuck wagon.
 After lunch, the folks went to a demonstration by cowboys.  They showed how they round up long horn. 

 They round them up very carefully and they said they suggest where they should go.  Those horns are big and sharp.
They saw a roping demonstration and another cattle demonstration.

This guy's horns are 6 feet across.

There were alligators.
There were chickens.

This is the blacksmith.  He gave a demonstration.
It was about a mile walk to go around the property.  There is a tram that comes by about every half hour.  House tours are every half hour.  The cost is $10 per adult.  No pets are allowed.

Mama said it was a fun place to visit.  She wanted to do it last year, but we were on the opposite side of town and it would have probably taken them 1.5 hours to get there.  She said she always didn't want to visit when it was hot out, so she was glad she was able to visit in cooler weather.

Mama took over 130 photos.  She took a lot of the interior of the homes, but I thought it would be boring to post them all here.  Sorry, Mama.

The Greyhound Who Still Needs A Cowboy Hat

Monday, January 28, 2013

Dad's In Dallas

Dad left this morning for a business trip to Dallas.  We are not missing him yet because he is normally gone at this time.  We will miss him tonight.  He will come home Thursday night. 

Mama has the car this week, so she has already been out running around.  She went shopping in Missouri City which is ten miles away.  She brought home hot wings, nacho fixings and yes, chips.  She said it is a junk food feast this week.

The folks were really business this weekend.  Dad was off on Friday. They made an offer on the motor home they like, but the guy turned them down.  We will keep looking.

Saturday, the folks when to a ranch with real cowboys!  We will tell you more about that later in the week.

Yesterday, we went on a hike!  We went to the Houston Arboretum which is about ten miles from here.  They have some really nice hiking trails.  We liked them because they are only for walkers and not cyclist or joggers.  The last place we went had a lot of joggers and cyclist and it was a pain getting out of their way the entire time.  The arboretum was not very pretty, but we still had fun.

 There are a lot of boardwalks.

I hear something.

I hear it, too!
 The trails are very well marked.  Dad announced that we could go on the outer trail, but that could be long.  Scout refused to go when she heard that, so Mama had to walk her instead of me.  Mama makes it seem more fun than Dad does, so Scout walks better with Mama.

 Here comes another dog!  We met a few nice dogs yesterday.  There was a man with five dachshunds and they were not nice.  They even started fighting with each other as we passed by them.   It was a little scary.

 There were a lot of trees in pots.  We are not sure if they are digging things up or planting them.

It definitely looks like winter here.  In our resort, we have trees that don't drop their leaves, so it looks very green.  It was kind of depressing to see this.

There is a whole other section of trails we didn't get to yesterday including a boardwalk over a swamp.  We plan on going back soon and completing the rest of the trails.

The Greyhound Who Is Still Tired From His Hike

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Hat Is Finished!

Mama finished her hat.  It only took her a day.  She didn't work on it constantly, of course.  She decided to let Scout take a shot at modeling.

Scout doesn't look as upset as we expected her to be.

I let Mama put the hat on me like I was really wearing it.  I look like a cool dude.
Our pay was nothing this time.  We were just happy she let us go back to sleep and she didn't make us wear it for long.  It's silly wearing a hat like this when the air conditioning is running.

The Greyhound Who Is Not Sure He Wants To Be A Model

Thursday, January 24, 2013

It Is Over!

We are officially house-less! It was such a smooth and easy sale. When Mama saw their first offer, she said there is no way this is going to happen. When the buyers found out they could have the furniture, it just came together. The inspection was a breeze and the appraisal went well. The only stress causer was our agent. Mama is not happy with him, but it's over and all the stress will soon be forgotten. We really hope the new buyers are very happy in their home. We are happy for them.

Well, Mama is at it again. She is crocheting a hat. Yes, a hat and yes, I am the model.

It was a very quick photo session because Mama didn't want me to take off with the hat since it is still in production. I was paid one Milk Bone for my modeling. Mama said I need to look a little happier to get better pay.

The Greyhound Who Hopes Mama Stops Crocheting Soon

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mostly Wordless Wednesday 1/23/2013

Mama finished her scarf. I am her reluctant model.

The Greyhound Who Wonders What The Rate For Modeling Is These Days

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

....And They Are Off!

Mama and Daddy did something on Sunday that some of our readers may not like.  We have debated rather or not to talk about it.  What did they do?  They went to a greyhound race track.  We know that not everyone approves of racing. We understand that.  We know that not all greyhounds are treated well and, of course, we do not like that at all.   Mama also knows that some owners treat their dogs very well and they make sure they have homes when they retire. We don't want to start a debate on racing here. They wanted to see firsthand what it was like for me on race day since racing is MY history. 

 The first thing they noticed was that the parking lot was nearly empty.  It was a HUGE parking lot and it was empty.  They were able to park right up front.

The inside was empty.  Mama was surprised.  Dad told her that it shows greyhound racing is definitely dying.  They were surprised this place was even open.  There was like five people sitting outside. 

Mama had hoped to see the greyhounds that were up for adoption, but she only saw one and he was in a locked office.  She also thought they might have greyhound items to purchase, but there wasn't anything like that.

They sat outside to watch the races.  If you sit inside, you can watch the dogs being weighed via TV screens before they come outside.  Mama said there was one that reminded her of me because he wasn't paying attention and he was looking all around.  Yep, that is me!

The track.

The dogs being brought out.

And, they are off!
Mama said it was bittersweet to see the dogs racing.  She knows we love to run, but after the race, we are sent back to the kennel and we just wait for the next race. She was also sad thinking that some of these dogs may not be adopted.  She was glad she experienced it, but probably will not go again. 

On a happier note, the folks ate a fun place before they went to the track.  They ate Armadillo Eggs!  Check out Mama's blog to see her review.

The Greyhound Who Is Happy To Be Retired

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