Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

 We had a very quiet new year's eve.  Dad had to work.  They had a huge party at his hotel and it was mandatory that he was there.  He didn't get home until 2:30 a.m.  He left here at noon, so it was a long day for him.  Mama had a migraine, so she didn't want to do anything fun.  We did take our normal walks, but other than that, we just laid around and chewed on bully sticks.  We did listen to the police scanner over the Internet for our hometown area.  It was pretty active because they had snow. Mama had hoped to work on our blog and her blogs and her scarf, but it just didn't happen.  Mama now has a cold.  What is up with that?  She is tired of being sick.  It started out with a cough on Sunday night and having a cough and a migraine is not a good mix.  It kind of scared me.

An old Texas picture of me.
 Fireworks were crazy here last night.  It got really wild at midnight.  Scout got scared, so she went into the bedroom and Mama turned on the air conditioning blower so that it would hide the firework booming noise.

Today, has been pretty quiet.  We slept in since we went out at 2:45 a.m.  Oh, that was interesting. It was sprinkling here and we didn't know the sprinklers were on and we walked right into them. Scout got drenched. We have had two long walks even though Mama said they would be short.  The folks went out for a late lunch and Mama brought back some chicken tenders for us.  They stopped at the store so Mama could stock up on cold items even though Dad keeps telling her she isn't sick.   We think he is just trying to use psychology on her.  It doesn't work.
An even older photo of Scout.
The folks had a nice weekend.  Mama will update her restaurant blog this week.

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