Monday, January 28, 2013

Dad's In Dallas

Dad left this morning for a business trip to Dallas.  We are not missing him yet because he is normally gone at this time.  We will miss him tonight.  He will come home Thursday night. 

Mama has the car this week, so she has already been out running around.  She went shopping in Missouri City which is ten miles away.  She brought home hot wings, nacho fixings and yes, chips.  She said it is a junk food feast this week.

The folks were really business this weekend.  Dad was off on Friday. They made an offer on the motor home they like, but the guy turned them down.  We will keep looking.

Saturday, the folks when to a ranch with real cowboys!  We will tell you more about that later in the week.

Yesterday, we went on a hike!  We went to the Houston Arboretum which is about ten miles from here.  They have some really nice hiking trails.  We liked them because they are only for walkers and not cyclist or joggers.  The last place we went had a lot of joggers and cyclist and it was a pain getting out of their way the entire time.  The arboretum was not very pretty, but we still had fun.

 There are a lot of boardwalks.

I hear something.

I hear it, too!
 The trails are very well marked.  Dad announced that we could go on the outer trail, but that could be long.  Scout refused to go when she heard that, so Mama had to walk her instead of me.  Mama makes it seem more fun than Dad does, so Scout walks better with Mama.

 Here comes another dog!  We met a few nice dogs yesterday.  There was a man with five dachshunds and they were not nice.  They even started fighting with each other as we passed by them.   It was a little scary.

 There were a lot of trees in pots.  We are not sure if they are digging things up or planting them.

It definitely looks like winter here.  In our resort, we have trees that don't drop their leaves, so it looks very green.  It was kind of depressing to see this.

There is a whole other section of trails we didn't get to yesterday including a boardwalk over a swamp.  We plan on going back soon and completing the rest of the trails.

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