Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm on V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!

We are on our way to St. Joe, MO. We left this morning at 7:53 a.m. Daddy said that anyone who was not on the "bus" at 8 a.m. would be left behind. Scout and I loaded the "bus" at 7:45 a.m. He can't get of us that easily. LOL

A bird crashed into us on I-270. He left some feathers on our side mirror and a little more evidence that he didn't make it on the glass. I won't go into details, but Mama is not happy that she has to look out that window for 6 hours today.

We've stopped at one rest area so far and I think we get to stop at another in another 1.5 hour. Scout and I think rest areas are super fun.

That's it for now. We are rolling down I-70 towards our destination.

The Vacationing Greyhound

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our Frosty Treats - Recipe

Here is the recipe for Jack & Scout's frozen treats. it is very easy. I use a blender.

I purchased small plastic containers that are freezer safe for the treats. The containers are reusable, so they are perfect.


1 large container of Vanilla Yogurt - fat free is fine (2 lb)

2 Tablespoons of peanut butter

If your dogs like fruit such as bananas, throw that in. Scout likes it, but Jack will not eat bananas. I have tried apple sauce, but peanut butter is the favorite here.


Place half of the yogurt in blender, add peanut butter and then add remaining yogurt. Blend well. Pour into containers and freeze.

That's it. This makes between 12-14 treats depending on how full I fill the cups. I buy a generic yogurt which is $1.67 currently at Walmart. So, this is a very economical treat for my dogs and they love it.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Mama made us 24 frosty treats last night!!! That's the most she has ever made at one time. PARTY, PARTY, PARTY!!!! We are taking some on our vacation. It's not a camping trip without our frosty treats.

Have to go, Mama says she is supposed to be working. Oops!

The greyhound who loves his frosty treats!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday ....already?

It's hard to believe it is already Thursday. We are getting very excited about our vacation. We leave on Sunday. We are going to a greyhound event in Kansas. Mama & Daddy will meet my "real" Daddy at the Greyhound Hall of Fame. He's a greeter there. I know, I've mentioned it before but I think it's really cool that he found a job at his age (almost 10).

Scout is being silly today. She forgot to eat again and is freaking out. Her stomach is making noises and it scares her. I've told her to eat, but she said she is scared. Mama gave her a little cheese and peanut butter and she is better now.

Daddy fixed the washing machine last night. Mama is washing everything in sight. I bet if I get in her way, she will try and wash me too.

The greyhound who remembers to eat.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

We are back home. We came a little earlier than planned because it's supposed to rain most of the day. The weather man said no rain until Sunday night. This is what we woke up to Saturday morning. I really don't know why we believe the weatherman. He lies all the time. He will even say that it happened just like he predicted.

The people next to us were in tents and they came out soaked. They had a dog with them and he came out soaked, too. It didn't look like fun and they left early Saturday morning.

The park had a lot of standing water and a lot of the kids were mud wrestling in it. Scout said it looked fun to her. I liked watching the kids play in the water, but I didn't want to get near it. Scout did get in the river twice. She just wants lie in the river.

We had lots of celebrations this weekend. Friday was Aunt Pam's birthday. We had cake and ice cream. Sunday was Mama and Daddy's wedding anniversary. They have been married 23 years. Yikes! That's a long time. They went out for a steak dinner last night and brought me and Scout back a little of it. It was really good.

Here is a photo of me and Grandpa. He didn't give me any treats this weekend. I don't know why. I was very good.

Everyone in the family but Grandma, Grandpa and us left yesterday. They were scared of the rain. It got muddy, but it wasn't bad. We left early today since rain was predicted for most of the day.

We are only home for a few days and then we are headed out for vacation.

Mama is headed to the laundromat. Our washing machine and our refrigerator both died last week. She has not been happy about it.

Have a nice day!

The Camping Greyhound

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Memorial Weekend

We are busy getting ready for our family camping trip. When I say family, I mean F-A-M-I-L-Y. There will be 16 of us. Grandma & Grandpa, aunts, uncles and 7 skin cousins. We get a lot of attention from the cousins. The only problem is that they have trouble telling us apart. Mama says there is an easy way to tell Scout and I apart. No, it's not the way you think. You would think they would figure out the way you are thinking, but they haven't and we really don't want them checking underneath us all weekend and talking about it. It would get out of hand and the youngest cousins are not quiet. They like to yell. Can you imagine how embarrassing that would be for us?

The way you can tell us apart is that Scout has a white tip on her tail. I'm starting to get a gray tip, but it's not as noticeable as Scout.

Grandpa always gives special treats while camping. I'm licking my lips just thinking about it.

I probably will not be able to update you while we are camping. There is very limited cell phone service there. The teenage cousins say that if you lay in the middle of one of the roads, you get a connection. We haven't tried that and we don't plan to. The teenage cousins go through a texting withdrawal when we camp. LOL

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happiness is....

...sharing a laugh with Mama.

Relaxing In The Sun

We have had some really nice sunny days recently. I have been enjoying laying on the deck. Yes, the deck that Scout peed on. Mama had a long talk with both of us yesterday about that. I don't know why I had to listen to it, but I had to.

The Sun Loving Greyhound

Monday, May 18, 2009

Question For My Fur Friends

I need a jury of my peers to answer a question for me. Okay, here it is. Is it okay to pee on the deck? It's outside, right? It's wood. So, what's the big deal? I told Mama I had to go outside and she didn't take me. She opened the patio door and Jack ran into the screen door and bounced off. He thinks he is the smart one. LOL In his defense, we normally don't have the screen door closed, so he didn't expect it to be closed. I then went outside. Later, Jack and I came in and I heard Mama say "WHO PEED ON THE DECK?" I didn't say I did it, but she said I looked guilty. Do I look guilty to you?

No, I don't think I look guilty. I think I look bored. This place is boring! I'm ready to hit the road camping. So, do any of you pee on the deck? It's the first time I did it. Jack peed on the firewood on the screen porch once. That's a lot worst if you ask me.

Who feels if you are outside, let it flow.

Friday, May 15, 2009

R.I.P. Milton

We learned this morning that Milton died yesterday in his sleep. Milton was Mama's best friend's cat. His date of birth is unknown, but he was at least 8 years old.

His death came as a shock to his Mom & Dad and they are very sad today. Our Mama and his Mama talked this morning and are now smiling thinking of Milton being in heaven with his human Grandpa. His Grandpa's birthday is tomorrow and we are sure that they are having a party and Milton is right there to share it with him.

R.I.P. Milton, you will be missed and never forgotten.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mama Stinks!

Mama said she was going to town today to get her hair "fixed". We didn't know it was broke. LOL Mama came home smelling as bad as a skunk. She said she got a new perm. Humans are high maintenance if you ask us. We would take a photo of Mama's new hair but then she would probably take away our Frosty Paws for a month. It's not worth loosing our Frosty Paws.

Jack & Scout
The greyhounds with a stinky Mama

Scary Storms

We had very scary storms last night. Scout and I got up on Mama and Daddy's bed and that is where we stayed. It's our safe place. We were both shaking and panting during the storms. Mama said there wasn't room for all of us, so she moved to the couch. We were worried about her not being in our safe place, but we knew better than to leave it. She was on her own.

Mama asked why we were so scared of storms since we grew up in Kansas and Oklahoma and they have lots of storms and tornadoes. Duh! That is why we are scared.

Everything is calm today, but the weather man said we could have a repeat performance tomorrow night. Yikes!

The greyhound who is very scared of storms.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

We are home again, but only for about ten days or so and then we are headed out again. This camping stuff is exhausting.

Here Scout and I are very tired. We are at Sonic waiting for lunch.

We visited Stockton Lake. The campground was hit really hard by the storms. They had to close down one of the campgrounds because trees were all over the road.

We saw a lot of damage while we were driving around. We are so glad we waited until the storms passed to travel on Friday.

Here is the pet walk area in front of our motor home. See, it was really nice. There were bunnies running all over.

Here is the fenced play area. We visited it four times. We really liked being able to be off leash. Mama tried to get Scout to do some agility stuff, but she didn't want to at all.

We saw this onion truck at a rest area. We've never seen onions transported like that. Mama said she would have liked to have had a bag of them. We saw this truck two more times, but we didn't any more photos.

I'm really tired, so I'm going to take a nap and write more tomorrow.

The Tuckered Out Greyhound

Friday, May 8, 2009

We made it to the campground!

After a 5 hour delay due to storms, we finally left the house. It's a good thing that we waited because there were tornadoes or what appear to be tornadoes here. It's all over the news. We saw some damage along the highway such as knocked down road signs and billboards. Our campground appears to be fine, but we are so glad we were not driving into the bad weather. They received over 4" of rain here. We noticed that the rivers were quite swollen.

Since we arrived here so late, we haven't really been able to do much. We went to the dog park area. It's pretty small. It's probably fine for the ankle biters, but we need a little more room to play. Mama said they will take us back to it in a little while and let us off leash if no one else is around. We have a really nice place to walk in front of our camper. It's a dog walk area and it's really big. The campsites are not spacious and we have the ones that are supposed to be luxurious. LOL We are really on top of each other here. We have never been impressed with the private campgrounds because of that, but we thought we would give it another try. We are waiting to see how many times the trains wake us up tonight. Mama read a review last night that said it was pretty bad at night and also that the airport is close by. LOL

Have to go... Daddy just said it's time to go to the playground!

The tired camper.

Stormy Morning

We are supposed to be on the road right now, but it's very stormy here. If we left now, we would be driving right into the storms. Daddy decided we should let them pass even if we loose time on our camping trip. There is a tornado warning right now in the area that we are camping out, so we don't want to mess with this storm. The weather guy said that the wind gusts are 70 mph. Yep, we will let this pass. After the storms pass, we should have great weather the rest of the weekend.

We had storms last night and Scout and I were so scared. We hate storms!

Mama just realized that we do not have two weekends before our next camping trip. We only have one week off. That's what she calls it... off time from camping. LOL

Talk to you from the campground!

The greyhound who is scared of storms.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another Camping Trip

We are busy getting ready for our next trip. We head out tomorrow for Springfield, MO. We are staying in a private campground. We normally stay in state parks, but KOA is having a stay a night get one free this weekend. The campground has an off leash play area for dogs. Mama said we will have to see if it is okay for us. We don't want to be in there with ankle bitters. The campground is close to Bass Pro Shop, so after Scout and I get tired from visiting a civil war battlefield, Mama and Daddy will go shopping. It should be a fun weekend, but a short one. We normally go for four days, but this weekend is only three days. After this trip, we will be home for two weekends and then we go away for Memorial weekend and then the next week we head to Kansas to meet my "real" Daddy and other greyhounds. This camping stuff is tiring!

The Camping Greyhound

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Coupon for FREE KFC Grilled Chicken

If you have been wanting to try the new KFC grilled chicken, you can try it for free with this coupon. You must print it out today, May 6th. This was on the Oprah Winfrey Show yesterday.

Mama had a friend send it to her and then Grandma also sent it to her. She decided to pass it on to all of you. I love chicken, so I hope Mama saves me some.

The greyhound who loves chicken!

Monday, May 4, 2009

New Stuffing For Beds

Yesterday, Mama put new stuffing in our beds. She would like to buy us new beds, but said in these tough economic times we need to make do with what we have. Mama is normally pretty frugal, but when it comes to us, she likes to spoil us.

Scout cried when Mama took her bed and started putting stuffing it in. I didn't see the big deal until Mama took my bed. It's like an invasion of our privacy or something.

Scout didn't like her bed at first because it was so fluffed up. I thought it was great and jumped right on it. Last night, Scout seemed very happy with her fluffy bed. What do you think?

Mama said she needs to wash our beds, but she didn't want to freak us out too much in one day.

Oh, the vet said that Mama can give us both another dose of our heart worm preventive. She said there is no danger in overdosing.

The happy to not be overdosing greyhound

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Daddy's Home!

Daddy came home earlier than we expected last night. Scoutie walked into the bedroom and there he was. She came in the living room with him smiling as big as she could. I guess she thought she found him or something. Today, she wanted Daddy to walk her instead of Mama.

Daddy fixed our refrigerator. He's the man! He had to put a new part on it.

We are playing a game with Mama. She gave us our heart worm medicine on yesterday. She thought she saw both of us chew it up, but one of us spit it out on the carpet. She found the pill today. She thinks that it was Scout who didn't take it, but she can't be sure. Scout is usually really good about taking pills. I normally am more difficult, but she she is pretty sure that she saw me chew it up, but she also thought Scout chewed up hers. She said she will call the vet on Monday and find out if she can give us both another pill or what he recommends. She said she will make sure this does not happen again. I'm not sure what she plans to do, but I'll keep you posted.

The Fun Greyhound

Friday, May 1, 2009

Daddy's Coming Home Tonight

Daddy comes home tonight, but it will be late. Scoutie and I are just hanging around waiting for him. As you can see, she has taken over MY couch. We usually share it in the evening and Mama has to find some place else to sit.

Not much has happened except for the refrigerator dying. It's funny to watch Mama open it up only to realize that there is nothing in it. Daddy said he hopes the parts place is open tomorrow, otherwise we are not sure when he will be able to fix it. We are camping again next weekend.

We haven't been down the road so we do not know if the raccoon is still there. He may have drowned with all the rain we have been having. We saw a bunny hop across our driveway yesterday. We also saw a turtle cross the driveway and then this morning, there was a mole that ran across it. The driveway seems to be the place to be, doesn't it?

It's supposed to be a rainy weekend. Actually, it's supposed to rain all next week. The weather man said we are STUCK.

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