Friday, May 8, 2009

Stormy Morning

We are supposed to be on the road right now, but it's very stormy here. If we left now, we would be driving right into the storms. Daddy decided we should let them pass even if we loose time on our camping trip. There is a tornado warning right now in the area that we are camping out, so we don't want to mess with this storm. The weather guy said that the wind gusts are 70 mph. Yep, we will let this pass. After the storms pass, we should have great weather the rest of the weekend.

We had storms last night and Scout and I were so scared. We hate storms!

Mama just realized that we do not have two weekends before our next camping trip. We only have one week off. That's what she calls it... off time from camping. LOL

Talk to you from the campground!

The greyhound who is scared of storms.

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