Monday, May 18, 2009

Question For My Fur Friends

I need a jury of my peers to answer a question for me. Okay, here it is. Is it okay to pee on the deck? It's outside, right? It's wood. So, what's the big deal? I told Mama I had to go outside and she didn't take me. She opened the patio door and Jack ran into the screen door and bounced off. He thinks he is the smart one. LOL In his defense, we normally don't have the screen door closed, so he didn't expect it to be closed. I then went outside. Later, Jack and I came in and I heard Mama say "WHO PEED ON THE DECK?" I didn't say I did it, but she said I looked guilty. Do I look guilty to you?

No, I don't think I look guilty. I think I look bored. This place is boring! I'm ready to hit the road camping. So, do any of you pee on the deck? It's the first time I did it. Jack peed on the firewood on the screen porch once. That's a lot worst if you ask me.

Who feels if you are outside, let it flow.

End of March - More Condo Updates

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