Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Since we are so close to Disneyland, we are able to see, feel and hear the fireworks each night. Dad says there is no point in trying to go to sleep before they start because you can't sleep through them.  Mom has a cheap little camera, but she was still able to take some interesting photos of the fireworks last night.  Saturday night, the fireworks were in pastel colors, but last night they seemed brighter.  We don't know about Sunday night because we tried to sleep through them. 

The Greyhound Who Gets To See New Things Wherever He Stays

Monday, March 30, 2015

Kids Have Strange Ears Here

We moved out of Prado County Park Saturday afternoon.  Mom told us we were moving into a campground near where a famous mouse lives.  She told us we might see some strange things and we have.  This kid with big black ears on the top of his head gave Scout a huge hug.  What is up with that?  I stayed away from the big-eared kid.  If he has a disease, I don't want it. 

Our campground is in the city.  The campground was built in 1956 and Dad is impressed that they have continued to update it so that it can accommodate big rigs like ours.  It is called a resort  We wouldn't call it that, but it suits our needs.  There are three green spaces for us and we are able to walk the campground without problem except for the kids with the big ears.  Every night at 9:25, we are able to see the fireworks from Disneyland.  They are loud!  We are not scared though.

See, here is one of the green spaces for us dogs.

A view of our neighbors.

That's us.  Mom cleaned up Buddy and took him for a ride today.
Me, watching the campground activity.
Last week, Dad received a call from the manufacturer of our new rig.  She was calling to see how we are liking it. She was at the Family Motor Coach rally and when she found out we were nearby, she invited us to a dinner for Entegra owners. The folks were not able to attend, but they decided to attend the rally on Sunday.  They had a great time. They were able to speak to the Entegra folks about some questions they had about our rig.  One of the problems we were having was with our alarm system. We haven't been able to use it because it would go off when we moved inside the rig.  They asked the dealership and basically we were told there was nothing that could be done except not to use it.  Well, Entegra had a solution.  The technician told them to turn the sensors off.  He explained where they were and how to do it.  He even gave Dad his cell phone number and told him to call him if he had any other questions.  The folks are very impressed with the Entegra people.  The folks were also able to get other questions answered by other people at the rally, so it was a successful trip.  They purchased a new outdoor mat ($25, great price) and Mom bought new spice holders.  They saw a new windshield cover that they are interested in, but the price is a little high.  It attaches to the windshield with magnets and a ladder is not required.  Mom likes it for that reason.  BTW, Dad turned off the sensors and we were allowed to bark to see if they were really turned off.  We jumped around and barked and the alarm didn't go off.  The folks can now use the automatic locks without fear of the alarm being set off by us.

After they left the rally they had lunch and then headed back to the Richard Nixon Library.  Yes, I said "back to".  You see, last Sunday, they visited the Richard Nixon Library but they had to leave early because Mom got sick.  She had not been feeling well when they went in, but then she felt faint and they left.  So, yesterday, they made their way back to the library because they both really wanted to see it.  They said it was probably the nicest one that they have seen so far. 

Crate used to ship one of the pandas that China sent as a gift to the U.S.

Piece of the Berlin Wall

Replica of the Lincoln Room from the White House when Nixon was there.

Replica of the Lincoln Room from the White House
The other museums that they visited have had a replica of the Oval Office, but this one has the Lincoln room.

Apollo 11 space suit

Moon rock from Apollo 15 mission

Phone used by Nixon to speak to the Apollo 11 astronauts while they were on the moon.

Family photos

Limo used by Richard Nixon as President

Elvis gave the President the gun.  It is from WW2.

Sammy Davis Jr. gave the President this necklace.

The house that President was born in is on the grounds of the library. The house was not moved there, it has always been on this site. The President is buried just yards away from the house he was born in.

President Nixon was born in this house.  His father built this home from a kit.

His parents room.

They were a musical family.

Back of the house.

See the graves are near the house.

The grounds are beautiful.  Some of the roses are named after former first ladies.

Weddings are held in the gardens almost every weekend.

The helicopter that President Nixon used is on display.  No photos are allowed inside.  The is the helicopter he waved from when he left the White House.

The folks really enjoyed this museum even if they did have to pay for admission twice due to Mom's illness. 

The Greyhound Who Hopes Ears Don't Grow On The Top Of His Head

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