Monday, March 2, 2015

Learning About LBJ

As you may remember, the folks are trying to visit all of the Presidential Libraries.  Lyndon B. Johnson's library is in Austin, so they visited it last week.  Mom said it was interesting.  He actually accomplished quite a bit while in office.  One accomplishment was Medicare.  He was very intimidating to people.  He would stand over them and poke at them. He was 6'3.  The folks also visited his ranch and were shown a room where he shut all the doors and wouldn't let the person he was speaking to out until they agreed with him. (We will tell you about the ranch in our next post.)  He loved dogs and his known for his beagles.  They were named Him and Her.  He once lifted one of them by their ears for photographers.  That was not nice, Mr. President.

Here are some photos from the museum:

Life like statue of LBJ that told stories.

Replica of LBJ's Oval Office

Him and Her

LBJ and one of his daughters.  The name was not listed under the photo.

Lady Bird's Office.  Her real name was Claudia Alta Taylor.  She was given the name Lady Bird as an infant by her nurse maid and it stuck.

Lady Bird went on her own campaign trail when LBJ ran for re-election.

Life-sized statue of LBJ.
Mom said she finds visiting the museums interesting because you learn about the Presidents as people and not just as politicians.  They become more human.

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