Monday, July 27, 2009

It's been a whole week ....

since I updated my blog!

Daddy made it back from his camping trip. He had a nice time. He brought back some fish, so we had a fish fry. It was so good! I LOVE FISH!!!!

Remember the beds that Mama ordered for us? Well, one bed is lost. We don't think it will be found, so Mama tried to order us another one and they are sold out. Doesn't that just figure? We are just sharing the new one for now.

Mama hurt her back yesterday, so Scout and I are trying to make her feel better. We got a bunch of our toys out last night and started squeaking them and tossing them in the air. Mama said it was like being at a parade with all the noise and things being thrown into the air. The living room looks like a parade has gone through it too because our toys are scattered all over. We know how to have a good time. LOL

We are supposed to go camping this weekend, so hopefully I will be able to update you on that. We haven't been camping since the beginning of June. We thought we were missing the hottest time of the year, but we have had very cool temperatures this summer. It will probably be hot just when we start camping again.

The Helpful Greyhound

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Nerve!

You are not going to believe this! My Daddy went camping without me! He left Scout and Mama behind, too, but I cannot believe he left me.

Mama said that he took Grandpa on a fishing trip. Why couldn't I go along?

I'm just too upset to write more right now.

The Greyhound Who Wants To Be Camping!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's One Mystery After Another

Last week, we saw this on our road during one of our walks. Mama wondered what it was. She saw it several times and just couldn't figure it out. No, she didn't pick it up like she should have the first time she saw it.

Imagine her surprise when she saw this in the washing machine.

It actually kind of freaked her out. What was it and how did it end up in the washing machine?

It was then that she remembered the last thing she washed were her tennis shoes. Sure enough, there was a spot on the bottom on the tennis shoe where the piece fits.

We then set out on a walk to find the other one that was left on the road. It took us a long time to find it. Scout actually found it. Mama gave her a lot of praise. Whatever!

Mama super glued the pieces back on. She super glued her fingers to her shoes, too, but maybe I'm not supposed to mention that. She said some bad words because she really didn't know if she could get her fingers off without leaving some skin behind. Ouch!

So, that mystery has been solved. You just never know what exciting thing will happen here. LOL

The Greyhound Who Is Earning His Keep As A Detective

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Our Surprise Was A Bigger Surprise For Mama

Mama was really excited yesterday because she said the UPS man was bringing us a big surprise. He finally arrived and left this box for us.

Oh, it's a new bed. Who gets it?

Mama is upset because there are supposed to be a bed for each of us. The packing slip is correct and the UPS site states there were two boxes, so we think one box was left on the truck. We hope the UPS man comes to visit us on Monday.

In the meantime, we don't know who should use the bed.

I'm using my old bed.

Scout is on the couch.

The new bed is empty.

Oh, okay, I'll try out the new bed. I don't think I can sleep on it though. What do you think?

The Greyhound Who Is Relaxing On This Cool Saturday

Thursday, July 16, 2009

We Have A Mystery On Our Paws

A few weeks ago, Mama made stepping stones for us and for Barney and Sami. Barney was her cat and Sami was her dog who died before I arrived. Here is Sami's stone while it was drying.

Here is the mystery. Look at this photo. Notice anything missing?

Yeah, see most of the starfish is missing. We looked all over and it's not in the garden. Do you think a raccoon took it? Maybe that nasty copperhead? LOL Nah, not the copperhead, but we are wondering if an animal took it. Is there an animal that eats starfish? The part that is remaining is really stuck in there and Mama thought she had the rest of the starfish in deep. You can tell that it left a deep impression.

We have a raccoon that has been causing Mama problems. If she doesn't take the hummingbird feeders in at night, he empties them or steals them. He even knocked her cactus plant off the deck. She hopes that the cactus stuck him for doing that. So, she thinks it might be him, but I'm not sure. What do you think?

The Greyhound Who Is Playing Detective Today

P.S. The UPS man is bringing us something tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My City Mommy: Couponizer Giveaway

My City Mommy: Couponizer Giveaway

Mama loves saving money and loves using coupons. This site has great tips and links to coupons. We are not getting paid to say this. We just like the site. :-)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stuffies Get Repaired

Daddy was able to fix our air conditioning Wednesday evening, so we only camped for about three hours. We didn't even get any special treats like we do when we camp. :-(

The only thing exciting that has happened was yesterday. The kitchen faucet broke. What is up with this house? Mama and Daddy built it 5 1/2 years ago and everything seems to be breaking now. Mama and Daddy were cleaning the stove which takes a while if you really clean it. It's a Viking cook top and they took it all apart to clean up all the grease. Mama hates doing it. Mama loves the cook top because it has a griddle and a grill, but it is a pain to clean. They then took down the exhaust fan and cleaned it. Anyway, Mama was busy washing everything and didn't notice the water coming out of the kitchen cabinet underneath the sink. It was a mess. Daddy is going to replace the hose on the faucet. It's one of the faucets where the sprayer is built into the faucet itself. We can use it, but can't pull it out for the sprayer.

Today, Mama decided to do surgery on our stuffies that have been on the injured list. Some of the stuffies used to grunt, but now they squeak because she couldn't fix the grunters. We have one that received a new grunter that sounds really funny. She had a few spare squeakers and she used those and then took squeakers out of the stuffies that we never play with. We were not as impressed as she had hoped.

Here Scout is waiting for the repairs to be made.

These are the stuffies that we haven't seen for months because they were waiting for repairs.

It's getting ready to storm. Scout and I both have our Storm Buster shirts on. We are ready!

The Storm Busting Greyhound

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Unexpected Camping Trip

I'm camping! Any guesses where? In our driveway!!! Our air conditioner quit working last night. We slept in the house last night because we opened all the windows and had all the ceiling fans going and it actually got chilly. This morning, Mama started work early so that she could be finished before it got hot in the house. We stayed in the house until 2:30 and decided to come on out here and camp. The air conditioning works here! LOL It's 89 degrees outside, so we are glad to have a place to cool off. Tomorrow, it's supposed to be 93. We hope Daddy can fix the air conditioning tonight.

Daddy knows how to fix air conditioners. He went to school for that. He can fix most anything. He bought the part today, but since the last part blew up, he doesn't know if other damage was done. We will know tonight.

It's definitely more fun camping some place other than the driveway even though I have never really seen our yard from this view. Scout and I are basically just hanging out. Mama just finished watching Guiding Light. She normally doesn't get off work as early as she did today, but she thought it would be hard to work out here. She may have to do it tomorrow though.

Last month, our refrigerator broke and the next day our washing machine broke. What is up with that? Daddy fixed the washing machine, but the refrigerator is still broke. We are using the old one that is in the laundry room and now we are living in the motor home. This has been a strange summer. LOL

The lucky greyhound who gets to camp during the work week!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dangerous Visitor

Last night seemed to be just like any other night. Daddy came into the bedroom at bedtime and said "WHO NEEDS TO GO OUTSIDE?" He always says it like that. Scout always hops right up and runs to him and says "Me, Me, Me". I usually wait for Mama to say "Jack, it's time to go outside. Jack, get up and go outside." So, I went outside and did my business. I always get done before Scout because Scout is busy looking at the sky. She does that every night. To reach our backyard, you walk through our garage and enter the backyard through the back door. After I did my business, I ran into the garage and headed for bed when I sniffed the air and thought "what was that smell?". I ran back outside and start sniffing under the stone bench that sits by the garage. Daddy said "Jack, what are you doing? Jack, get away from there and go to bed." Fine, if that is the way he wants it. Mama asked me if I did my business. She asks that every night. Then Mama's cell phone rang, which was very odd. Mama answers and it was Daddy. He tells her to stay calm and to bring Scout's leash outside, but to do it quietly. She asked if Scout had gotten out of the yard which is basically impossible to do. Daddy said "No, there is a copperhead under the bench and he is scared to walk Scout past it without a leash." Copperheads are poisonous snakes! Mama stayed calm and brought Daddy the leash and walked Scout in the house. She made sure we were both safe in the house and then went back outside to help Daddy. Daddy doesn't normally kill snakes, but since this one is poisonous he felt he should. The snake ended up getting away by crawling under the fence. Mama and Daddy then went to the other side of the fence and searched for the snake with a flashlight. Mama was scared. They ended up finding him on the side of the house. Mama said it took quite a while, but they killed him.

Mama is now scared for us to go in the backyard, but she knows we have lived here 6 summers and this is the first time a copperhead has been seen. We have seen other snakes, but not poisonous ones. She has given us strict instructions on what to do if we find another one. I hope I can remember everything she has told us. She also made new rules: 1) no leaving the back garage door open as a snake could get in the garage 2) if we need to go out in the middle of the night, we have to put our leashes on. Scout has a tendency to wander behind the butterfly garden and sniff around in the wee hours of the morning and Mama is scared she might encounter a snake or some other wildlife.

Daddy attended a seminar at a campground recently and he learned that copperheads are not aggressive. That seemed to be the case with this one. He also learned that no one in Missouri has died from a bite. Mama felt better after learning that, but she said it would have been really bad if one of us had been bitten. We are watching our step now and being as careful as possible. Mama said I was very lucky last night not getting bit since I had my nose next to the snake. I say that without me, they would have walked right past him and never seen him. He's gone now and we hope he doesn't have any siblings slithering around. Ewwww!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Scout's A Storm Buster, Too!

Scout has become a member of the Storm Buster Club. We had storms this morning, so Mama put my "Storm Buster" shirt on me and since Scout was scared, she asked her if she wanted to wear a shirt. Scout never wants to wear anything, so her willingness to wear a t-shirt surprised us. I think maybe she realized that she was the only one in the house not wearing a shirt and felt funny. Scout put the shirt on and she settled right down. The "Storm Buster" shirt works on her, too. Notice her tongue hanging out of the side of her mouth...yeah, she does that. Her real sister does that too. It must be a family thing.

Tonight, the fireworks are starting. Something shook our house. We don't know what it was for sure, but Scout and I both jumped on Mama and Daddy's bed. We are staying in the bedroom. It's safe in here. Mama turned the TV on, so we are settled in for a night of TV watching from bed. We may have to put our shirts on tonight. We will have to see if they work as firework busters, too. Mama said she is staying home tonight so that we won't be alone. I'm so glad.

Happy 4th everyone! Hope you have a quiet evening.

President of the Storm Buster Club

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stepping Stones

We made our stepping stones last night. We have to wait two days before we can take them out of the mold. The suspense is killing us.

Mama thinks that she didn't add enough water to the mixture. She had conflicting instructions and did not realize it until after she had completed the stones.

Scout and I put our paw prints on the stones, but they are not showing up very well. Mama pushed our feet into the mixture, but they didn't sink very well. That's when she figured out that she may have messed up. We think they still look pretty. Scout's is more girlie even though she is not a girlie girl. Mine is more manly. LOL

The greyhound who now has his own stepping stone!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Trash Day

Wednesday is trash day here. The trash truck does not come down our road, so we have to take it to the end of the road which is about a mile. Daddy usually does that on his way to work. He's out of town, so Mama has to do it. She decided that Scout and I could go with her this morning. We were all excited when she opened the tail gate of the Jeep Liberty and we jumped in. The backseat is kept down for us, so it is a nice size for us. We were shocked when she started putting trash bags in the back. We both jumped out. Mama said that if we wanted to go, we would have to ride with the trash. Can you believe that? I decided that I was not going to ride with the trash and walked right back in the house. Scout wanted to go with me, but she also wanted to go for a ride. Mama asked me one more time if I wanted to go and I really thought about it. Scout begged me to come along, so I decided to go, but I wasn't happy about it. We both jumped back in and Mama loaded up the back with the trash bags. It was just terrible riding with those trash bags. I had to hang my head out the window just to get some fresh air. After Mama dropped off the trash, she decided to take us for a longer ride to make up for terrible trip down the hill. I think she needs to do more than that to make up for me riding in a "trash truck" today.

Thank you for all the nice Gotcha Day wishes yesterday. I still can't believe it's been three years.

This could be a disaster.... Mama is going to try and make stepping stones today and she wants to use our paw prints. I'll keep you posted on how that turns out. LOL

The greyhound who does not like having his car turned into a trash truck.

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