Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's One Mystery After Another

Last week, we saw this on our road during one of our walks. Mama wondered what it was. She saw it several times and just couldn't figure it out. No, she didn't pick it up like she should have the first time she saw it.

Imagine her surprise when she saw this in the washing machine.

It actually kind of freaked her out. What was it and how did it end up in the washing machine?

It was then that she remembered the last thing she washed were her tennis shoes. Sure enough, there was a spot on the bottom on the tennis shoe where the piece fits.

We then set out on a walk to find the other one that was left on the road. It took us a long time to find it. Scout actually found it. Mama gave her a lot of praise. Whatever!

Mama super glued the pieces back on. She super glued her fingers to her shoes, too, but maybe I'm not supposed to mention that. She said some bad words because she really didn't know if she could get her fingers off without leaving some skin behind. Ouch!

So, that mystery has been solved. You just never know what exciting thing will happen here. LOL

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