Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stuffies Get Repaired

Daddy was able to fix our air conditioning Wednesday evening, so we only camped for about three hours. We didn't even get any special treats like we do when we camp. :-(

The only thing exciting that has happened was yesterday. The kitchen faucet broke. What is up with this house? Mama and Daddy built it 5 1/2 years ago and everything seems to be breaking now. Mama and Daddy were cleaning the stove which takes a while if you really clean it. It's a Viking cook top and they took it all apart to clean up all the grease. Mama hates doing it. Mama loves the cook top because it has a griddle and a grill, but it is a pain to clean. They then took down the exhaust fan and cleaned it. Anyway, Mama was busy washing everything and didn't notice the water coming out of the kitchen cabinet underneath the sink. It was a mess. Daddy is going to replace the hose on the faucet. It's one of the faucets where the sprayer is built into the faucet itself. We can use it, but can't pull it out for the sprayer.

Today, Mama decided to do surgery on our stuffies that have been on the injured list. Some of the stuffies used to grunt, but now they squeak because she couldn't fix the grunters. We have one that received a new grunter that sounds really funny. She had a few spare squeakers and she used those and then took squeakers out of the stuffies that we never play with. We were not as impressed as she had hoped.

Here Scout is waiting for the repairs to be made.

These are the stuffies that we haven't seen for months because they were waiting for repairs.

It's getting ready to storm. Scout and I both have our Storm Buster shirts on. We are ready!

The Storm Busting Greyhound

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