Monday, July 27, 2009

It's been a whole week ....

since I updated my blog!

Daddy made it back from his camping trip. He had a nice time. He brought back some fish, so we had a fish fry. It was so good! I LOVE FISH!!!!

Remember the beds that Mama ordered for us? Well, one bed is lost. We don't think it will be found, so Mama tried to order us another one and they are sold out. Doesn't that just figure? We are just sharing the new one for now.

Mama hurt her back yesterday, so Scout and I are trying to make her feel better. We got a bunch of our toys out last night and started squeaking them and tossing them in the air. Mama said it was like being at a parade with all the noise and things being thrown into the air. The living room looks like a parade has gone through it too because our toys are scattered all over. We know how to have a good time. LOL

We are supposed to go camping this weekend, so hopefully I will be able to update you on that. We haven't been camping since the beginning of June. We thought we were missing the hottest time of the year, but we have had very cool temperatures this summer. It will probably be hot just when we start camping again.

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