Friday, September 17, 2021

Rocky Mountains National Park

 The folks have been trying to get to Rocky Mountains National Park since 2003.  In 2003, they got to the gate and were told the park was closed due to snow.  This was in October of 2003.  Did you see the movie Vacation?  John Candy was in it and played the park ranger who told them the park was closed.  The park ranger who spoke to my folks looked just like John Candy and said the same thing " Sorry, folks, the park is closed."  Mom and Dad still laugh when they tell that story. They tried again in April of 2015 to go to the park and once again, it was closed due to snow.  Finally, we made it into the park.  The folks were a little disappointed. We saw elk, chimpmunks and a female moose.  She was way out in a field and Mom didn't get a a picture.  They really wanted to see a bull moose.

One recommendation that Mom has is using an app called GyPSy Guide.  You download the tour that you want on your phone and then it will play on your car speakers.  The guide follows you like a GPS and when you approach certain areas, it automatically plays. The guide tells you interesting tidbits but he also helps you know where to turn and which lane to be in.  Dad didn't think he would like it, but he really liked it and they are going to purchase tours for the Utah parks that we are going to see.

We purchased the America The Beautiful pass for $80. This gets us into all the parks for the next year.  It was $25 a day to get into Rocky Mountain National Park and we went three days, so we almost paid for it just here. We have several more parks to visit on this trip.

Okay, are you read to see some photos? There was a lot of smoke due to fires so the views were not as good as they could have been. The last day we were there, it was cloudy.

This is at Bear Lake.

This is Huffer's Hill. It is 1/2 mile up the hill. It is 2 miles above sea level. The folks made is halfway.

An elk

Me and Dad


Fall colors

A chipmunk

That is it from Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Greyhound Who Isn't Fond Of The Mountains

Monday, September 13, 2021

We Made It To Colorado!

 We are finally in Colorado!

We stopped at a Love's gas station that had a McDonald's.  Mom and I were just walking around and the employees at the McDonald's wanted to meet me at the drive-thru.  They gave me a cup of whipped cream!  Wow!  I couldn't believe it.  

I am not sure I like the mountains.  It is slow driving and I can tell that Mom is nervous.  

We are staying in Estes Park. Mom thought we would be staying in the woods.  She was a little disappointed in our campsite, but it isn't so bad. I don't like the gravel, but it is not all gravel, some of it is sandy. There isn't any grass though. Last night, we went into town and walked along the river.  There are restaurants and shops on one side and the river on the other.  It is a really fun walk. Mom didn't take very many photos. She was tired and hungry.

Our site.

Along the river walk.

I am tired of posing for photos.

One more on the river walk.

Okay, I will pose one more time.

Tomorrow, we are headed into Rocky Mountain National Park.  


The Greyhound Who Is Enjoying Van Life

Friday, September 10, 2021

Exploring Kansas - Part 3

 We are slowly making our way to Colorado. We could have easily have driven to Colorado in one day, but we are taking our time and just enjoying the journey.

We stopped at a place called Monument Rocks.  It is about 20 miles from town. The last six miles are on a pretty rough gravel road.  It is actually located in some farming fields.  It was quite hot when we were there and I was not happy about it. 

We think these are birds' nests. 

We then drove to Goodland, KS where we saw this Van Gogh painting.

This dog park is located right next to the Van Gogh painting.  It was more interesting to me than the painting.

We spent the night at a Walmart. Can you believe that?  The folks went shopping and again their free camping night was not free at all. They bought food and a memory foam mattress topper for our beds.  It feels better than before.

Next stop is Colordao!


The Greyhound Who Is Marking His Way Across The Country

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Exploring Kansas - Part 2

 We stayed in Concordia for two nights.  The campground is in a city park.  The camping fee is by donation. It has water and electric sites and then a dump station.  The dog park was really nice.  

This is the dog park.

We did some exploring and found the center of the U.S.  If you watched the Super Bowl last year, Bruce Springsteen was in a commercial that was filmed here.

We then saw a historic jail.  This jail was used to house prisons that were getting on and off trains.

Our last stop of the day was seeing the largest ball of twine.

As you may have guessed, my folks like to see unusual things on their trips.  There are a lot of fun things on


The Greyhound Who Is Already Tired From Traveling.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Exploring Kansas

 According to Mom, the flower garden across from our campround in Abilene is beautiful.  We walked through it every morning while attending the greyhound event.  Mom said to remind everyone that it is September and the flowers have had a long hot summer, so they are not looking their best right now. Here are a few photos:

Abilene is a sweet town.  Mom said she would love to live there, but they don't even have a Walmart, so I don't believe her.  We left Abilene and made a stop at Mushroom State Park.  It has rocks that look like mushrooms, not the mushrooms you can eat.

We stayed two nights in Concordia, KS.  In 1943-1945, there was a German POW camp here.  The museum was closed due to the holiday weekend, but we drove by the tower that is still standing.

The National Orphan Train Museum is also here. Mom would have liked to have seen it, but it was closed for the weekend.  Mom didn't know about either museum before we arrived, but she would have liked to have seen both.  We may have to make another trip here.  

Concordia is a very small town. They do have a Walmart but they do not offer grocery pick-up.  We enjoyed our stay at their city park. They have RV camping sites as well as a dog park.  The fee for camping is whatever you wish.   The weather has been very nice. We slept without our AC last night.  It was in the 60's. It barely gets below 90 at home at night.


The Greyhound Who Needs A Day To Relax

Rocky Mountains National Park

 The folks have been trying to get to Rocky Mountains National Park since 2003.  In 2003, they got to the gate and were told the park was cl...