Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Billy Bass Adoption Center

Do you have a Billy Bass that needs a new home?  Flying Fish Restaurant in Little Rock has a solution. They have an adoption center.

There are two rooms full of fish.  The folks didn't try the food, but they enjoyed viewing the adoption center.

The Greyhound Who Thinks Billy Bass Is Odd

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Gone With The Wind in Little Rock?

The mill that is shown in the opening of Gone With The Wind is located here in Little Rock.  The mill is a replica of a grist mill.  It was built in 1933.  It was made to look abandoned.

All the "wood" bridges, benches and structures throughout the park are not actually wood.  No one really knows how Senor Dionicio Rodriguez did it, but it is thought to be concrete.

Steps in the mill.

The folks said the area was beautiful.  It is a free place to visit.

The Greyhound Who Fell Asleep Watching Gone With The Wind

Monday, August 14, 2017

Guess What I Did On Bill's Lawn?

We are enjoying our time in Little Rock.  Last night, Mom took some photos of the lights that are on the bridge.  It was raining, so she took them from inside the RV.   

We may be able to get a picture from outside tonight.

Here I am outside this morning.

Mom took a panoramic view.
 The folks walked to President Clinton's Library this morning.

Another panoramic view.  it is not bowed as it looks in the photo.
Bill's apartment is on the top floor.  He and Hillary visit about once a month.

The entrance fee for the library/museum is $10 a person.  They give guided tours every two hours, so the folks decided to do that.  The guided tour definitely gave more information than just a self-guided tour.  However, it was not an in depth tour, so the folks went through it again.  There is also a movie and the folks enjoyed it.

The folks have been to 12 Presidential libraries now.  Mom ranks this one as the 2nd worse.  Why?  It just didn't have that much in it.  The design of it is extremely modern.  It has two aisles on all the floors and that is about it.  There was very, very little about his impeachment.  Mom did not see any mention of Monica, but Dad thought he read a snippet.  He was in office for eight years and it definitely didn't look like it by what is on display.

Which Presidential library does Mom say is the worst?  Jimmy Carter's.  He was in office for four years and there really isn't much in his library.  It actually focused more on his life and accomplishments after the White House.

This is what it looked like.

Table set for a dinner at the White House.

Saxophones that Bill was given.

Another one that he received.

Easter eggs with Presidents' faces from Easter Egg Roll.

More Easter Eggs.

Glass Christmas tree that was in the White House.

Bike which was given to the President along with a seat from Wrigley.

Presidential seal on the bike.

Mom didn't take any photos of the Oval Office because they aren't allowed. They will take your photo and charge you for it.  The folks walked right through mainly because the young girl taking the photos was very rude to the tour guide. She told her that only five people were allowed in the room at a time.  The tour guide asked, "Since when?"  The young girl replied rudely "Since the beginning of time."  Mom said she thinks the tour guide has been there a lot longer than the young girl.

After the tour, the folks decided to eat at the restaurant in the library.  It gets glowing reviews and it is definitely the nicest looking one.  Most of the restaurants in the Presidential libraries serve cold cuts and you order at the counter.

The food was reasonably priced.  There seemed to be several locals eating.  Mom said it was good, but she probably wouldn't eat there again if she was a local.
Dad had Mac & Cheese with Buffalo Chicken.

Mom had a cheeseburger and fries.  She didn't like the fries, so she brought me some.
 It was raining when the folk left the library.  They didn't bring an umbrella, so they were pretty wet when they returned home.

 I really wanted to walk on the bridge again. I kept asking to go so after dinner, I got my wish.

This time, we walked all the way to the library.  I peed on Bill's lawn.  Mom thought it would be really cool if Bill was there and appeared on his balcony.  Dad said he would probably say "Is that a whippet or a greyhound?"  Mom said she could definitely imagine him saying that. She tried to impersonate him, but she couldn't.  BOL!   So, I peed again and we walked home. 

Our RV is in the front this time as our neighbor left.
Here is our RV from the library window.  Do you think Bill ever looks over and wishes he lived in an RV?
The Greyhound Who Walked Where A President Has Walked

Sunday, August 13, 2017

We Are On Vacation!

Today is our first day of vacation. You know what?  Not one single person has said, "Hey, Joey where ya goin' on vacation?"  So, I guess we will just leave you guessing.  Yep, that is what we are going to do.  BOL!

We left our campground in Houston at 7 a.m.  We arrived here around 4:20 p.m.  It was a long day of driving. We have had longer driving days, but today seemed really long.  We wanted to save some time, so we took a "short-cut" which meant we were not on the big interstate.  This is good and bad.  There is less traffic, so that is good.  The bad is that there are fewer places to stop.  We had one stretch that was about three hours between stops and that is too long.  We went through some rain, but nothing severe.

This guy greeted us at our first gas station stop about 30 minutes from Houston.

We crossed the state line at 1:30 p.m.

We finally arrived at our campground.  We are in North Little Rock.  We have been excited about camping here.  Why?  Look at our view!  Okay, don't look at the rain, but just look!

We are right on the river!
We stayed at the river a few other times in West Memphis.  We really enjoyed it there, so decided to try it here.  We are near downtown.  It is so cool!

Mom fixed lasagna roll-ups for dinner.  Actually, she fixed it last night in the Instant Pot and made enough for tonight.  All she had to do was reheat it.

After dinner, we walked over this bridge.
I loved walking across the bridge!  I had to climb steps to get to it, but it was easy.

Can you see our RV?  It is the 2nd one nearest the river.
See us now?  2nd one.

The bridge leads to President Clinton's Library.
 The main reason we stayed here is because it is near President Clinton's library.  This will make 12 out of the 13 presidential libraries that the folks have visited. They really regret not going to Ford's when we were near Michigan last year.

Flowers on the bridge.

Here comes a barge!

Another view from our window.

The library is the building behind the bridge.  
The bridges light up at night, so we will try and take photos if the weather clears up.

The Greyhound Who Is Going To Bed Now

Friday, August 11, 2017

Grocery Shopping

I am still hanging out in Houston.  BOL!
Mom loves grocery shopping now that she has a car.  She goes through the ads on Tuesdays and plans her route.  She loves Randalls which is a grocery store here.  They always have something good to get you in the door like eggs for $.29 or chicken breasts for $.99 a pound.  She buys what is on sale and then she moves on.  We also have Kroger and H-E-B.  Kroger is good, but she prefers Randalls.  She has turned into an Aldi's nut.  She likes their produce but also buys canned goods and other items there.  She doesn't like their cheese and has found that meat is usually better priced elsewhere.  Aldi's has turned into quite a popular place to shop these days because they have organic items and also they carry low-calorie items.  There are tons of YouTube videos of people showing what they have bought.  BOL! The folks discovered Sprouts about a month ago.  Sprouts is kind of like a farmers market, but they also sell frozen items as well as meat.  Mom thought it would be high priced, but they have good sales.  Today, she bought fresh pork chops and chicken breasts at $1.99 a pound.  Finally, she goes to Wal-mart to finish off her shopping.  

Aldi and Sprouts are pretty opposite in looks.  Our Aldi's is being remodeled and expanded!  They will be closed for a month to complete the remodel.  Thank goodness we will be gone for two weeks of that time.  BOL! 

Last night, we had a really pretty rainbow here.

Mom gave her potted flowers to a neighbor today.  Mom had planned on taking them with us but then decided that would be a real pain.  Basically, she figured that if the flowers had bugs on them, we would have bugs in the RV. She didn't want to toss them in the trash or ask anyone to take care of them, so she offered them to a neighbor. The neighbor offered to take care of them, but Mom told her if we move to a condo, we can't have them.  The condo doesn't allow plants on the balcony because they could blow off. The lady was happy to take them. She said she has been thinking of getting a plant.  Her husband is here for chemotherapy.  We think they brightened up their place.  

They have been full-timing in this little Airstream for a few months now.

Mom heard back from the condo in Galveston yesterday.  They do allow big dogs after all.  We still haven't booked a place to rent though.  We are seeing if the place that is for sale will allow us to rent it before buying. They are currently renting it to someone else.  If that doesn't work out, we have a few more options.

If you are wondering, Mom still loves her Instant Pot.  She uses it several times a week.  She is planning on making lasagna rolls tomorrow and reheating them on our first night of travel. She hasn't tried reheating food in it yet, but she has been told that it does a great job.  

Tomorrow is the last day for the Dog Days of Summer auction.  Dog Days of Summer Auction

I will be posting from the road.  WooHoo!

The Greyhound Who Hopes The Weather Is Cooler On The Road

Billy Bass Adoption Center

Do you have a Billy Bass that needs a new home?  Flying Fish Restaurant in Little Rock has a solution. They have an adoption center. ...