Monday, October 16, 2017

Awww......Life At The Beach!

It looks great, doesn't it?  Unfortunately, this is my view:

Yep, we are still at the RV park.  We were all prepared to move on Saturday, but we received an email stating that the owner of the condo that we are renting decided to do a renovation.  It is taking longer than they expected.  When doesn't it take longer than expected?  Grrrr!!!!  So, we have to wait until they are finished before we can move in.  We have most of our things in storage, the things we planned to take are in bins in the basement of the RV and the things that we use on a daily basis are still in the RV.  Mom had to go back to the storage unit and to get the coffee maker and our lawn chairs so that we could use those while we wait for our move.  When will we move?  Well, we just received an update from the agent and I mean just now.  It looks like this Saturday is a strong possibility.  They are painting, putting in new cabinets, floors and also new furniture. The agent said that it will basically be a new place!  It looks like our inconvenience will actually be well worth it.  Paws crossed that nothing goes wrong.

We have been extremely busy packing, cleaning and making repairs.  Mom is scared to touch anything in the RV because she doesn't want to break anything.  She actually broke the knob on the window and had to order a new one. That was an ordeal.  She ordered one from an RV store which took four people to place the order  Yeah, they were not too swift taking an order from their own catalog.  She came home and ordered a second one from Amazon when they told her it would take two weeks to get it.  She received the knob from Amazon in two days.  She had to repair a couch cushion that a mouse ate.  Apparently, he lived right under me.  It was a shocking discovery.  She also had to fix the bedspread.  We never used it because it was too "fancy".  She decided to try and relax it because it was so stiff. She put it in the dryer and it burned it. It was too big for the dryer and I guess it was shoved next to the heating element or whatever and it got burned in the satin area.  She thought it was ruined but she rubbed a Bounce dry sheet on it.and the burn mark came off.  That was a close one.

Here I am watching Dad vacuum out the cabinets.  It has been scary here.
 Well, it sounds like Mom is going to have to get back to cleaning now that it looks like we may be moving this weekend. 
I am catching up on my sleep when I can.
Hopefully, the next update will be from our condo!!!

The Greyhound Who Is Looking Forward To Being A Beach Bum

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

September Was A Rough Month For Me

I am so glad September is over.  It was rough!  I had not one, but two dentals.  Yikes!  Mom was really nervous when I went in for my dental on September 12th.  She was relieved when the vet called and said I was fine.  She was shocked when he told her that I needed to have a second dental though.  Why?  He was not able to complete it all in the first one.  I was under for 3.5 hours and he said that was as long as he felt safe keeping me under.  I lost nine teeth during that dental.  The second dental was on September 28th.  I lost seven more teeth.  I mainly lost minor teeth, but I did lose some of my big ones in the back.  I took my last pain medication this morning, so I guess we will see how I feel tomorrow.  I felt fine after I went off my pain meds the last time.

There is a vet tech that lives here and he said that he agreed with the vet in not keeping me under longer.  He said that three hours is his limit.  Mom said it was nice to get a second opinion on things for free.  He suggested we try Oral Vet on my teeth.  It is like a wax that helps prevent plaque.  Mom is going to order it today from Amazon.

I had the most problem with where they shaved my leg and put my IV in.  I guess the first time they had trouble with it because it was pretty raw.  Mom had to wrap it at night because I wouldn't leave it alone.  It didn't bother me after the second dental.

There was an issue with my second dental.  A root tip went into my sinuses.  It caused a nosebleed.  The vet said that it may cause me to have sinus issues or it may not cause me any problems.  I have been fine so far.

In other news, we are getting ready for our big move to the beach.  I am going to live on an island!  Can you believe that?!   I am going to be a beach boy!  BOL!  Last weekend, we rented a storage unit to store things that we don't want to take to the condo.  We are not for sure we are going to move there permanently and we don't want to move everything there just to have to move it all back.  Dad cleaned out the basement of the RV.  They also starting packing up some of the inside things.  Mom has been purging and packing.  It makes me a little nervous.

Cleaning the basement.  

As you can see, I am really stressed.
We move on the 14th.  After we move, we will take our RV to Dallas to sell it.  We are somewhat sad but excited about our new adventure too.

We had a double rainbow last night.

The rainbow over the lake.

The sunrise over the lake yesterday.

Mom and I took a few selfies a few weeks ago.  We are still figuring out how to do it.  BOL!

Houston is still recovering from Harvey.  Our area is fine, but there are many areas that are not.  The neighborhood where my vet is located is still covered in debris from flooded homes.  The city has not picked it up yet.  It is really sad to see all the belongings on the streets.

The Greyhound Who Is Happy That It Is October!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Part 3 Of Our Last Vacation In Our Motor Home

Part 3 of our vacation lasted longer than we expected due to Hurricane Harvey.  We stayed at a park near our old hometown.  We went there to see the eclipse.  We had a total eclipse which was really cool.

Waiting for the eclipse.

There it is!

It went dark!

This is right when it ended.  It got bright fast!
 The folks visited family and friends.  Then Wednesday came and Harvey caused our plans to change.  Dad had to make arrangements to get back to Houston.  They needed him to fight Harvey.  He left on Thursday morning.  Mom and I had to stay behind.

Mom tried to keep me entertained.  She took me to the park and to Petsmart.

 She said I needed some beachwear for our rental condo.  She made me new collars.

She says this is my "country collar".

Dad told her she stepped on a snake on the night before he left.

She didn't step on this one.

I took several naps.

Here we are waiting for takeout.

I whined a lot waiting for the food.

I had to go to the E-vet and then to my old vet due to more butt issues.  I screamed this time.  I really let Dad know that bad things seem to happen to me when he is gone.

Waiting for the vet.

Due to the holiday, the campground was sold out.  That meant we didn't have a site after Thursday of last week.  Mom was really stressed over that.  They told us we could stay, but we may not have full hook ups.  Mom has never driven the RV, so she was nervous about it.  She asked our neighbor if he would drive it and he said he would.  The site they planned on giving us was too small.  On the day we had to move, they came up with a site that was reserved but the person was out of town since he is an insurance adjuster.  We ended up having full hook ups.  I was really nervous when I realized we were moving without Dad around.  I thought Mom might try to drive the RV.  Scary!!!!   The neighbor did a great job moving us and it all turned out.  I guess all of Mom's worrying worked again.

Relaxing after our move and another vet visit.

Mom ate a lot of food while on vacation.  She was happy that she still ended up losing three pounds. She is halfway to her goal weight now!

She was bad and ate at White Castle.
 Dad flew back to us on Friday.  We left on Saturday to head back home.  We had a little bit of trouble finding a campground for Saturday.  The campground we stayed at had buffalo.  They sell the buffalo meat.

I guess they have had a theft problem with their picnic tables.

Sunday, we finally were back in Texas.  We finally arrived in our campground around 4 pm.  It took two long days of driving.

Our park never went under water.  It is one of the few places that did not.  A campground near us that we strongly considered moving to did flood.  The dock here did go under, but that is all.

Traveling really wears me out.  I spent yesterday recovering.

Yesterday, Mom went shopping.  The stores near us are up and running.  There are some gas stations that are closed, but the folks were able to fill up both cars and they did not have to wait in lines.  They will not need gas for a few weeks, so it will probably be totally back to normal by then.

The folks went out to eat last night.  As you can see, the flooding has receded from this area.  There are other areas that are still flooded. Some roads are still flooded.  The apartment that Mom really wanted to rent flooded.  It looks like we will not be renting an apartment if we don't like Galvestion after all.

Our campground is booked up and it will be for a very long time.  There are contractors, insurance adjusters, displaced people and those of us who have been living here.  It is hard to find a place to stay due to all the people who lost their homes.  We are thankful that we continued to pay our rent even while on vacation.  We would be struggling to find a place if we had not.  I really don't know what we would do, but thankfully, we don't have to worry about it.

Our last vacation in our motor home will be one that we will not forget anytime soon.  BOL!

The Greyhound Who Is Happy To Be Home

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Interrupts Our Vacation

We should be pulling into our campground in Houston about now, but we are not.  Hurricane Harvey changed our plans on Thursday.  Dad had to fly back to Houston to prepare for the hurricane at work, so Mom and I are still "on vacation".  As soon as we are back home, we will update you on what we did in Part 3 of our vacation.  Mom said it seems to be the never-ending vacation.  We are ready to go home, but that can't happen until Dad comes and gets us which sounds like it may not be until the end of next week.  He said we wouldn't want to be in Houston right now and he is right.  It is a stressful time for us, but we are safe and Dad is too.

The Greyhound Who Is Missing His Dad

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Bennett Springs - Part 2 Of Our Final Family Vacation In Our Motor Home

Bennett Springs is one of our favorite places to stay.  Dad loves it because he likes to trout fish.  Mom and I like it because we enjoy our long walks in the morning and evening.  The morning walks are the best.  It is very peaceful.  We just walk and walk and walk.  It is definitely one of my favorite places.  We probably won't be back though unless we rent an RV on our next trip home.  We may just have to wait until we buy another RV which won't be until Dad retires and I will be around 15 then.  Yikes!  So, we enjoyed this trip like it was our last and it was a fun time!

The Mama started approaching us, so we left.

This is the dining lodge.  The folks ate there a few times.  Mom brought me some chicken.

This is Mom's favorite spot.

More deer.  We saw them in the early evening near the campground.
I haven't mentioned it yet, but the folks are losing weight.  Dad has lost 30 pounds and Mom has lost 20.  This trip has been a real test for them, but they are maintaining pretty well.  They normally only eat out once or twice a weekend, but since we are on vacation, they have eaten out one meal each day.  They are very careful the rest of the day.  There are just a few places Mom wanted to be sure they ate at and one was Bandana's.  It is a BBQ place that we don't have in Texas.

Shredded pork with beef brisket. 
 Mom said Bandana's was really good.  The garlic bread is 239 calories a slice, so she basically just ate one.  Well, maybe a little of the second one. The coleslaw is 209 and the green beans are 30.  The meat really wasn't bad.  They only eat 1,200 calories a day.  I think Mom figured this meal was about 800, but I could be wrong on that.   I think they are trying to stay below 2,000 calories a day while on this trip and will have to be sure to get back on their 1,200 calories a day when we get back to Houston.

Here are the final pictures from Little Rock of the bridge that was lit up.  Mom forgot to edit them and they are all crooked.


Oh, in case you are wondering....we did rent a condo at the beach in Galveston for the winter.  After we get back to Houston, we will start moving our things into a storage facility until we either buy a condo or rent an apartment.  We have the condo rented until February.  Mom said she thinks I will like the condo, but there is an elevator.  😮  Dad said it is very quiet and doesn't move fast, so maybe I will like it.  I didn't like the one in the hotel at all.  If I don't like it, I only have four flights of stairs to go up and down every time I have to go outside.  I figure it will be good exercise for Mom. 😂

The Greyhound Who Is Really Enjoying His Vacation

Awww......Life At The Beach!

It looks great, doesn't it?  Unfortunately, this is my view: Yep, we are still at the RV park.  We were all prepared to mov...