Saturday, June 27, 2015

We Are In Salina, KS

We left Golden, CO around 7 a.m.   The sites are tight at the campground there and Dad ran over the neighbor's trash bag as he was leaving.  LOL  Mom was following in the car and said it looked like they had milk in their trash because it exploded.   We only made one gas stop and that was a long one because we had to fill up with propane too.  The propane was $100.  We have a big tank, I guess.

We arrived at the KOA in Salina around 5 p.m.  We lost an hour due to leaving Mountain time.  Scout did really good on the trip.  Mom had been worried about how she would do and she did just fine.  Do you want to know what is strange?  Scout's tumor appears to be shrinking.  What is up with that?  People kept telling us that she was looking better and Mom and Dad both thought she looked different and today they decided it looks smaller. :::shrugs shoulders::: We don't know what that means.  It probably means nothing, but it may feel better not being so large.  Scout doesn't say much to me about it, so I don't know.

The campground has the biggest sign we have ever seen about cleaning up poop.

See, it's huge!

It is like a billboard.

They have big turtles here.

I checked him out.

Yeah, I think I will leave him alone.

Some people wanted to pet me, so I decided it was just easier to lay down.

This is the dog run.  We barely fit.  Actually, we found out there is a really big one, but the grass was tall and it smelled like SKUNKS.  Mom decided we should just move on.

They have buffalo here.  Scout was scared of them.

...and another poop sign.  There are several around the park.
This campground has a lot of great smells.  Tomorrow is another travel day!

The Greyhound Who Had Fun Sniffing His Temporary Backyard

Friday, June 26, 2015

Leaving Golden

Tomorrow we will be leaving Golden, CO.  We have really enjoyed our stay here an will miss seeing the mountains.  Lookout Mountain can be seen from our rig.

Lookout Mountain
We have pretty views from our campground.

The storage areas are not pretty, but the hills are nice and green.

This was our view from our dining room when a rig didn't block it.  We used to walk up there until Mom saw a snake.

 We have a reason to celebrate leaving.  You see, we didn't think Scout would be with us when we left.  She was taken to the ER the day after Mother's Day.  She has cancer.  It is by her eye and it cannot be operated on. The doctor told us that she probably had about eight weeks. It has been seven.  She has been taking pain medication.  Mom told her she could have whatever she wanted and boy, has she taken advantage of that.  There are times that she drives Mom crazy asking for treats.  The only time Mom gets rest is when Scout is sleeping. She is still happy with walks, treats and eating.  She chased a bunny tonight.  She chatters for Mom.  She hasn't given up yet. Mom wasn't going to say anything here because she didn't want to re-live Scout being sick when we look back at our blog, but we decided that this isn't a sad post for us.  It is a celebration that she is still with us. Please do not question the treatment of Scout's illness.  She has been seen by more than one doctor and the answers we received were the same.  Pain management is what they all recommended due to the advancement of the cancer.  It has been an extremely difficult time for us.  Many tears have been shed even though we wanted to live in the moment for her.  We are taking it a day at a time and enjoying the good days with her.

We really hope that Scout does okay on the trip. I know Mom is nervous about it.   I am supposed to be careful and not bump her.  I tend to get excited when we travel.  We are going home for a visit.  Scout is excited to see Grandma.  We then we head to Baltimore.

Scout this past Sunday showing she is still happy.  She looks pretty normal from the front, but the side view is where you can tell something is wrong.  Mom said there will be no pictures posted of her from the side. 
The Greyhound Who Is Excited To Hit The Road Again

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Cliff Divers In A Restaurant?

Yesterday, the folks went to a restaurant that Dad heard about at work.  It was strange because he told Mom about it and the next night is was on a show on HGTV.  This restaurant has cliff divers that perform while you eat your meal.

The place is called Casa Bonita

It looks pretty impressive on the outside.

When you enter the building, it smells old and musky.  It is dark.  You enter a line where you order your food.  They have an all you can eat meal that includes your choice of beef or chicken tacos, enchiladas and a cheese enchilada plus refried beans and rice and homemade sopapilla .

Mom didn't like that each person had to carry their tray to their table.  The walk to the tables is long and you have to go up a long ramp.  She thought for sure she would drop her tray.  When you arrive at your table, there is a flag on it that you raise when you want more food.  You have full service after you carry your food to your table.

The line for food.
All the tables face this area which is where the cliff diving takes place and other shows. Every 15 minutes something is going on whether it be a diver, pirate show or gunfight.

This is one of the divers who is juggling fire.  It is hard to see in the photo.

Here are two sopaipillas which Mom said were delicious.  Honey is on the table as a topping for them.

The waterfall and pool that the divers use.

The diver is to the right of the photo.  Not a good shot.
 The diving show consisted of one guy doing three dives.  Mom expected more.  LOL

Kids are invited to hit the piñata.  Candy is given out after the piñata breaks.

They have a store for shopping.
Another dining area.

The treasure room

Candy for kids 12 and under.

It is a colorful restaurant.
 Mom said it was fun to eat there.  She joked that Dad took her to a dinner and show.  The food, as expected, was not that good.  The pirate show and gunfight were not good either.  It was hard to understand the teens that put on the show.  Mom did really enjoy the sopaipillas.  They came to the table hot.  They were glad they ate there because they do enjoy eating at unusual places. 

We didn't get any leftovers from there, but they went out later for dinner and we got steak....again.

The Greyhound Who Thinks It Is Strange To Have People Diving While You Eat

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sherpa House - A Restaurant

Sunday the folks ate at Sherpa House. It is a Himalayan cuisine restaurant in Golden, CO. Dad has been wanting to eat there since we arrived because it receives excellent reviews.

This is the restaurant.

They offer a lunch buffet every day.  Mom said that was perfect for them because they didn't really know what they would like.  The buffet was only $10.  It included a small salad bar.  The one thing that Dad wanted to try was yak and that was on the buffet.  They both said it was rather tough and dry.  Dad tried a lamb stew that was really spicy.  Mom really enjoyed the fried onions.  They were not like onion rings.  They were like lumps of onions that were fried.  The bread they make is flat like a tortilla, but it was thicker.  Why didn't Mom take pictures of the food?  She is not sure.  They both said the food was good, but they probably would not return as it didn't knock their socks off. 

The buffet

The outside is nicely landscaped.  They own a landscaping business too.

Mom said she was happy they tried this place.  They had driven past it many times and it is always busy.  We didn't get to sample any of the food.  Dad did grill some strip steaks for dinner and we had a few bites of that.  It was good!

The Greyhound Who Has Enjoyed His Stay In Colorado

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Scout's Day Out

Hi everyone!  It's me, Scout. I don't write very often, but I wanted to tell you about my own adventure.  The other night Dad asked me if I would like to go somewhere without Joey.  WHAT?  The only place I have gone without him is the vet.  Dad said, no, I am talking about some place fun.  I said, "Okay, I guess." 

Yesterday morning, we all went for a walk but instead of going inside with Joey, I jumped in the Jeep.  Mom went in with Joey and told him I was going to the vet and he needed to stay behind.  I am sure he wasn't happy about that.  Mom brought me one of my frosty treats and I enjoyed it while we drove.  We didn't have to drive too far though.  We arrived at Red Rocks in just a few minutes. 


We got out and walked on a trail.  I kissed another dog.  ;-)

The sign said not to walk here, but we did anyway.

This is where they hold concerts.  Dad saw Brit Floyd here last week.

We were going to stop for a hamburger on our way home, but it was only 9:30 a.m.  Mom said she would get me one today to make up for it.  She did bring me home some rib-eye last night, so I can't complain.

I really enjoyed my solo day out.  It wore me out and I slept good last night.  ;-)  I told Joey that I didn't really go to the vet.  BOL!

Joey being cute, I guess.
The Greyhound Who Had Her Own Fun Adventure

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