Monday, June 1, 2015

A Visit To The Columbine Memorial

Yesterday, the folks visited the Columbine Memorial.  On April 20, 1999, two students opened fire in their high school.  They killed 12 students and one teacher.  24 were injured.  The gunmen killed themselves.  Mom said she remembers that sad day very well.  If you would like to read more about the shootings, here is a link that gives you a detailed description of what happened.  Columbine High School Massacre

The memorial is in a park that is very close to where the shootings occurred.

"Never Forgotten"

Each person that was killed has a section that is dedicated to them.  It tells what they were like and their hopes and dreams.

This section on the wall has quotes from people who were at the shootings or knew the victims.

Even after all these years, there was a nice crowd of people at the memorial.

Looking down on the memorial.

The view from the memorial.
Saturday, the folks drove back to Celestial Seasonings so that Mom could stock up on tea.  She says it is cheaper to buy it there than in the store or online. Also, there are some flavors that Mom has not seen in stores.  They did some other sightseeing in the area, so the trip was not just for tea.  They stopped at the Rib House for dinner.  It is a BBQ place that is located in a residential area. They ate their dinner outside since the weather was so nice.  Mom said the ribs and the chipotle corn bake were great. The coleslaw was not very good.  Dad brought us home some beef ribs.  We didn't get very much because Mom said it would make us sick.  It was so good. Yum!

BBQ Pork Ribs with Chipotle Corn Bake and Colesalw
On their way to the Columbine memorial, they stopped at Biker Jim's for lunch.  Biker Jim's Their food truck had come to Dad's work and he wanted Mom to try it.  They serve brats made from reindeer, rattlesnakes, elk, etc.  What did Mom choose?  She chose a beef frank wrapped in bacon.  Dad at the rattlesnake/pheasant and said it was good.  Mom said her frank was good.

Frank wrapped in bacon.  The side item is fried mac and cheese. Dad said it was the best he has ever had.
Scout and I have been enjoying our yard when the weather cooperates.  It is going to be too hot this week to sit out much.

Here we are eating frosty treats.
We have met some really nice people this week.  There was a couple here who are just starting out being full-timers.  It sounds like this was their first time camping.  They had a lot of questions to ask us and we were more than happy to answer them.  There is also a nice couple next to us who have been full-timing a year longer than us. They are from here and are here visiting family.  They have talked to us quite a bit.

There are two people leaving today that we are happy to see leave.  One guy doesn't like dogs.  We were warned about him from another person.  He told us the guy threatened to shoot his dogs if they stepped foot on his site.  The folks said "hi" to the dog hater and he just turns his back.  His wife said "hi" though.  Mom said she should have put some fake poop in his yard.  BOL!  Another guy has three little dogs on flexi-leashes and he lets them pee everywhere.  Mom couldn't believe when she saw him let his dogs mark another guy's RV. That is rude!  Unfortunately, he does it all the time.  Most people are nice, but there are always a few "jerks" around.

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