Saturday, June 27, 2015

We Are In Salina, KS

We left Golden, CO around 7 a.m.   The sites are tight at the campground there and Dad ran over the neighbor's trash bag as he was leaving.  LOL  Mom was following in the car and said it looked like they had milk in their trash because it exploded.   We only made one gas stop and that was a long one because we had to fill up with propane too.  The propane was $100.  We have a big tank, I guess.

We arrived at the KOA in Salina around 5 p.m.  We lost an hour due to leaving Mountain time.  Scout did really good on the trip.  Mom had been worried about how she would do and she did just fine.  Do you want to know what is strange?  Scout's tumor appears to be shrinking.  What is up with that?  People kept telling us that she was looking better and Mom and Dad both thought she looked different and today they decided it looks smaller. :::shrugs shoulders::: We don't know what that means.  It probably means nothing, but it may feel better not being so large.  Scout doesn't say much to me about it, so I don't know.

The campground has the biggest sign we have ever seen about cleaning up poop.

See, it's huge!

It is like a billboard.

They have big turtles here.

I checked him out.

Yeah, I think I will leave him alone.

Some people wanted to pet me, so I decided it was just easier to lay down.

This is the dog run.  We barely fit.  Actually, we found out there is a really big one, but the grass was tall and it smelled like SKUNKS.  Mom decided we should just move on.

They have buffalo here.  Scout was scared of them.

...and another poop sign.  There are several around the park.
This campground has a lot of great smells.  Tomorrow is another travel day!

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