Friday, June 12, 2015

A Post About This And That

There is not a whole lot going on here.  It is still raining.  We had two days in May that it did not rain.  So far in June, it has not rained just one day.  It has been raining pretty heavy since last night.  Mom says we have walked five times since last night in the rain, but I don't pay much attention to those things. Scout and I don't mind the rain.

Yesterday, Mom says that Jack sent us a rainbow.  Now, it is not unusual for us to see 2-3 rainbows a day, but for some reason she thinks Jack sent this one.  Wacko!  She said it is because it was the 4th anniversary of his death and the first thing we saw when we walked out the door was a full rainbow.  Unfortunately, we couldn't get the entire rainbow in one photo.

 We tried to put them together here, but couldn't.  ::shrugs shoulders:::

Last weekend, we were supposed to move sites.  We had extended another three weeks here and they said someone else had reserved our site.  We tried to get them to move those people since we have been here since the beginning of April, but they wouldn't budge.  We got all ready to move and Scout and I were quite excited even though we were just moving over one street and down two sites.  Dad went to the office to pay and the manager happened to be there.  He thought it was silly that we were moving, so he moved the other people.  Scout and I were disappointed.

Mom has been wanting to replace our old ottoman. It was really cheap and the topper was made out of canvas. Dad wanted it to be taller so he added a pillow to it.  Mom hated it.  She decided Saturday was the day to replace it.


It also serves as a toy box.  I am not thrilled with that.  Dad thinks it is a GREAT idea.

The top also serves as a tray.  I doubt we will ever use that function.
Mom loves the new ottoman even though she has cracked her toe on it twice.  It has wooden feet.  The first time she thought she broke her toe.  The second time, she just said a bunch of things that I can't repeat.

Back in January, Mom bought some measuring cups that she loved.
Unfortunately, the numbers rubbed off.  We don't have a dishwasher, so they were washed by hand.  She emailed the company, Progressive, and told them she was very disappointed in their product.  They told her they were aware of the problem and a solution has not been found yet.   They offered Mom another product from their line.   Mom was excited because she saw some other measuring cups that they have that have the size embossed on the bottom so it will not wear off.  She ordered the cups and the lady said she was including the spoons too.  Mom really likes her new cups, but thinks they should take the "defective ones" off the market since they know there is a problem.

The cups collapse for easy storage.

Scout and I have been relaxing outside as much as possible.  We have to do it in between the rain drops.  Last Sunday, Dad spent some time organizing our basement, so we supervised.

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