Sunday, June 21, 2015

Cliff Divers In A Restaurant?

Yesterday, the folks went to a restaurant that Dad heard about at work.  It was strange because he told Mom about it and the next night is was on a show on HGTV.  This restaurant has cliff divers that perform while you eat your meal.

The place is called Casa Bonita

It looks pretty impressive on the outside.

When you enter the building, it smells old and musky.  It is dark.  You enter a line where you order your food.  They have an all you can eat meal that includes your choice of beef or chicken tacos, enchiladas and a cheese enchilada plus refried beans and rice and homemade sopapilla .

Mom didn't like that each person had to carry their tray to their table.  The walk to the tables is long and you have to go up a long ramp.  She thought for sure she would drop her tray.  When you arrive at your table, there is a flag on it that you raise when you want more food.  You have full service after you carry your food to your table.

The line for food.
All the tables face this area which is where the cliff diving takes place and other shows. Every 15 minutes something is going on whether it be a diver, pirate show or gunfight.

This is one of the divers who is juggling fire.  It is hard to see in the photo.

Here are two sopaipillas which Mom said were delicious.  Honey is on the table as a topping for them.

The waterfall and pool that the divers use.

The diver is to the right of the photo.  Not a good shot.
 The diving show consisted of one guy doing three dives.  Mom expected more.  LOL

Kids are invited to hit the piñata.  Candy is given out after the piñata breaks.

They have a store for shopping.
Another dining area.

The treasure room

Candy for kids 12 and under.

It is a colorful restaurant.
 Mom said it was fun to eat there.  She joked that Dad took her to a dinner and show.  The food, as expected, was not that good.  The pirate show and gunfight were not good either.  It was hard to understand the teens that put on the show.  Mom did really enjoy the sopaipillas.  They came to the table hot.  They were glad they ate there because they do enjoy eating at unusual places. 

We didn't get any leftovers from there, but they went out later for dinner and we got steak....again.

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