Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sherpa House - A Restaurant

Sunday the folks ate at Sherpa House. It is a Himalayan cuisine restaurant in Golden, CO. Dad has been wanting to eat there since we arrived because it receives excellent reviews.

This is the restaurant.

They offer a lunch buffet every day.  Mom said that was perfect for them because they didn't really know what they would like.  The buffet was only $10.  It included a small salad bar.  The one thing that Dad wanted to try was yak and that was on the buffet.  They both said it was rather tough and dry.  Dad tried a lamb stew that was really spicy.  Mom really enjoyed the fried onions.  They were not like onion rings.  They were like lumps of onions that were fried.  The bread they make is flat like a tortilla, but it was thicker.  Why didn't Mom take pictures of the food?  She is not sure.  They both said the food was good, but they probably would not return as it didn't knock their socks off. 

The buffet

The outside is nicely landscaped.  They own a landscaping business too.

Mom said she was happy they tried this place.  They had driven past it many times and it is always busy.  We didn't get to sample any of the food.  Dad did grill some strip steaks for dinner and we had a few bites of that.  It was good!

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