Monday, February 29, 2016

"Bubbles" and Eating Out

Last week, we had an unusual looking vehicle here. 

This is Bubbles.

This is their rig.
Bubbles belongs to a family of five from Australia. They are traveling across America raising money for animal rescues. They will be bathing dogs and raising money as they go.  You can check out their website here: Bathe To Save Tour

They left here yesterday and the folks passed them on the highway.  I thought I might get a bath, but I guess I lucked out. 

Bye Bubbles!
 The folks have been eating at their favorite restaurants while here.  They ate at a Brazilian steakhouse recently.  It was their first time because they can be pretty pricey.  Mom had a coupon for $20 off. 

There is a huge salad bar with pastas, cheeses, soups, etc.
This is the card that you use to tell the waiters if you want meat.

If you have it turned to this side, the meat keeps coming.  They bring it to your table and slice it.  They have 15 type of meat that they bring out. Steaks, chicken, ribs, lamb, etc.
The waiter is slicing meat for this couple.
They also bring fried bananas, mashed potatoes and rolls to the table.
Mom said it was good, but not as good as she was expecting.  She learned to turn her card over when she saw something she wanted to try so that the waiters didn't come over with everything.  I cannot confirm or deny if I sampled any of the meat.

The Greyhound Who Has The AC On Today

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Dallas Arboretum

Yesterday, the folks visited the Dallas Arboretum.  The normal admission price is $15 a person, but in February the price is only $5.  You know that Mom jumped on that.  Parking is $15, but if you pay for it online, it is $8.  However, paying for parking online does not guarantee you a space as you can use it any day and not just on the day that you pay for it.  Luckily, it was not a problem and they found a parking space.  Mom would have been upset if it hadn't worked out. You know what is funny?  The gate was up when they left so they never even had to show their parking ticket.

Mom said it is a really pretty place and she took lots of photos.  Dad said there were a lot of fat squirrels there.  I wish I could have gone, but dogs are not allowed.  People are allowed to picnic on the grassy areas.  There were a lot of people dressed up taking photos and one was a bride.


Mom said it would be fun to visit at different times of year because it would look different with each season.

The Greyhound Who Has Become Obsessed With Squirrels

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Gone With The Wind Museum

Yesterday, Dad was off from work, so he took Mom to the Gone With The Wind Museum in Cleburne, TX.   Mom has always liked the movie and thought it would be fun to visit this small museum.
The museum.
Outside Mural

Mural on side of building.

Another mural.

Close-up of Mural.
 When you enter the building, you are in a very small room where you sign the guest book and pay the $7 admission fee.  You then enter through double doors that were created to look like Tara, the house that Scarlett loved so much.

The museum is mainly made up of collectibles, but there are a few original costume pieces.  Mom was most interested in those.

Painting of Scarlett.

Hat worn by Vivien Leigh who played Scarlett.

Another hat that Vivien Leigh wore.

Yep, that is toilet paper and a toilet seat.

The famous dress worn by Scarlett.  It is not the original though.

This chair was in the movie.

Re-creation of Scarlett's wedding dress.

Worn by Vivien Leigh.

Worn by the actress who played Belle. She was Rhett's "friend".

Worn by the actress who played Melanie.

Worn by the actress who played Bonnie Blue.

Chair was in the movie.  It is in the last scene where Rhett tells Scarlett he doesn't give a damn.


Call sheet with the actors and actresses names.

The tree is decorated with ornaments in a Gone With The Wind theme.

The movie plays continuously in the theater room.
 Mom took a lot more pictures, but they didn't turn out.  They were blurry.

The folks liked the museum.  A person probably could spend hours looking at everything. 

Mom would like to visit the museum in Georgia some day.

The Greyhound Who Thought Gone With The Wind Was About Racing

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