Monday, February 1, 2016

Finally Climbed The Hill

I finally convinced Mom we needed to climb this huge hill.  Why?  Well, I wanted to see what was up there. 

Climbing the hill.

Most of the way up.
A view of the store from the hill.
We can see our RV from here.  See the spot that is marked "US" in red?  That is our RV.
There really wasn't much to see up there.  Just RVs and the view.  While we were up there, we heard the faint sound of an RV alarm going off.  Mom wondered if it could be ours.  We started making our way down the hill. The alarm kept getting louder. the closer we got to home.  Mom started getting more worried.  She kept telling me to hurry, but I figured it's my walk and I will sniff and pee as much as I want.  We got pretty close to home and the alarm stopped.  Mom was relieved.  It turns out that it was the RV next to us. The guy told us that he doesn't know what happened.  He didn't even know he had an alarm.  He unhooked the battery to make it stop.  He said he woke up the whole neighborhood.  I am glad it wasn't ours.

The Greyhound Who Conquered The Hill

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