Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back From The Vet

Joey and I went to the vet yesterday. My weight was basically the same. Mama almost took my photo on the scale! I reminded her that she goes to the doctor on Tuesday and she will also be on the scale. That got her to put the camera away.

Here we are waiting for the vet. Why do they make patients wait so long?

I cried when the vet gave me my shots. I've never done that before. It hurt!

Mama had the vet look at Joey's foot because she noticed that he favors one of them. He also ran in the yard this morning and only ran on three legs. It's the first time we have really seen him run and it was just for a few seconds. He runs really good on three legs, so he must be experienced with it. The vet doesn't know for sure what the problem is. It could be an old injury that didn't heal correctly or wasn't set correctly or it could be something worse.

See the red bump in the photo, that is the area that appears to be the problem. It has a knot there and the vet said he could be bone swelling. The foot just looks funny and Mama and Daddy both think it's an old injury. The vet was leaning towards that too.

Mama contacted our adoption group as soon as we got home and Joey has another appointment with their vet on Monday. They will probably take x-rays. Mama is worried, but she is 80% sure it is an old injury, but it's the other 20% that has her worried. Please keep your paws crossed that he is okay. I'm starting to like him a little, but Mama is already attached to the little guy.

UPDATE: Mama was told that Joey was injured in his last race and that ended his career. She checked out his last race online and could see where he was injured. He was able to continue the race, but it does look like his foot was injured. We are really hoping that is all that is wrong with him.

The Greyhound Who Has Her Paws Crossed For Joey

Friday, July 29, 2011

Going To The Vet Tomorrow For Check-Ups

Hi everyone!

Joey and I go to the doctor tomorrow for check-ups. I don't mind going, but they will put me on the scale. I don't think it's going to be good. I haven't been walking as much as I should because it's just so hot. Joey is still not playing with me, so it's hard to burn calories.

Joey is doing fine. He loves to collect things. He moves the toys from his room to the living room. The other day he even moved a suitcase from the closet to the living room. He also carried in Mama's winter boots and a blanket. Mama said he doesn't realize he's staying here and he's packing his favorite things to take to the next place. He's silly. Mama says it's funny to hear thump, thump, thump and there's Joey with a new treasure in his mouth.

Joey loves to stand over the vent to cool off. He also lays on or near the vent. He is the king of roaching on the couch.

He doing well in his training. He hasn't had to use a belly band. He hasn't had an accident since Sunday, but Mama says we can't let our guard down.

We are still not friends, but we are not enemies either.

I told Joey that he needs to start writing the posts. He said he may in a day or two.

The Greyhound Who Gets Weighed Tomorrow....yikes!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh, Brother!

I have to say that having a little brother is making my life a little more interesting. This morning, he got in the rocking recliner. That was pretty funny. He looked like he was trying to ride a surf board. He didn't stay up long, but I think he's going to try it again. Jack sat in a recliner when we first got the RV. I guess it's something boys do.

Joey actually sits and watches the squirrels.

He likes to cool off by standing over the air vent.
Last night, he learned to chew. He does not know the rules yet. The rules are that we swap our chews. He is supposed to get up to get a drink and I steal it from him and then he waits for me to get a drink and then he steals it from me. We both have our own, but Jack and I found stealing from each other was more fun. Joey never got up to get a drink, so we couldn't swap.

This morning, he chased me for about 10 seconds in the yard. We decided that was enough for now. We may try it more tonight.

The Greyhound Whose Brother Is A Little Odd

Monday, July 25, 2011

Look What He's Doing Now!

He jumped up on the couch last night with Mama and cuddled with her. :::sigh::: I thought I would have a few more days on the couch without him.

This morning, instead of helping us in the office, he is doing this:

The Greyhound Who Is Jealous Of Her New Brother

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Think I Got A Dud

I've had a new brother for about 24 hours and I think he's a dud. This morning, we went out to the backyard and he wouldn't play with me. He was too concerned about getting his muzzle off. Sheesh.... I don't like wearing the muzzle either, but we have to wear it to play, at least for now.

He didn't know how to lay down to eat a treat at first.

Joey doesn't know how to play with toys. He has been moving them from the bedroom to his bed and then he tries to play, but can't find the squeaker. Yep, he's a dud for sure.

He really likes to look out the windows.

Grandma and Grandpa came over and they brought Joey a card and inside was money for treats. Grandma said that I could pick them out. YES!!!! I know the good stuff and I already know what we are getting.

Joey is starting to relax some, but he's still walking from room to room. Daddy said he's probably just enjoying his freedom because he's been living in a kennel all of his life. I don't know, but it's very tiring watching him walk around all the time.

I guess he's kind of cute, but he's just a dud right now.

The Greyhound Whose New Brother Has Turned Out To Be A Dud

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Joey Is Here - Part 2 - Pictures

Well, Joey doesn't seem to stand still long enough for photos.

Here I am on the way to meet him.

Here's Joey!

He looked out the window like this the entire ride.

Mama got a little carried away marking the window. Joey still hit it with his muzzle when he first came in.

We will get some better photos tomorrow after he calms down. He's always lived in a kennel, so he doesn't know what living in a home is like. I bet he gets used to the comfy feeling really fast.

The Greyhound Who Is Very Tired Tonight

Joey Is Here!

We just wanted to let you know that Joey is here. We are not posting pictures yet because Mama would have to move from the couch and that would wake up the prince. No, he's not on the couch, but on the floor. He finally laid down after pacing from room to room for about 3.5 hours. He did take a quick cat nap in his crate, but then he was back to going from room to room. Mama had to follow him to make sure he wasn't getting into anything. I just watched the action from the couch.

I'm not sure I like him yet. I think once he settles down, he will be better.

Mama says he seems to be pretty smart. I'm not sure about that. I mean, he didn't know how to lay on the floor. He does know how to go down steps, but not up them. He is not scared of vinyl floors at all. Mama thinks he is smart because Daddy asked him if he wanted to go in his crate and he kissed Daddy. He then went in his crate and took a quick nap. Well, Mama took him to his crate and he went right in and took a nap.

He has been outside several times, but he hasn't been let loose in the yard yet. He is very curious. The whole way home, he just looked out the window. He wants to check out what's behind every single door. He really needs to relax. He's retired after all.

The Greyhound Who Has A Little Brother Who Seems To Be A Pest

Friday, July 22, 2011

One More Day!

It's just one more day of me being an only dog. It's been so lonely without Jack. I hope Joey likes me.

I wish it wasn't so hot here. We aren't going to be able to play in the yard until it cools off.

Mama has her camera in her purse so that she doesn't forget it tomorrow. Joey should be at the drop off point around 1:30 or so. I don't know how we are going to sleep tonight. We are so excited!

Mama is excited, but a little sad too. She still really misses Jack. She said she will never ever forget him even with Joey here. He will always be in our heart and our memories. We have a ton of memories of Jack.

I will update you with photos of Joey as soon as I can. I have to show him around and be the big sister first.

The Greyhound Who Is Waiting For Joey To Arrive

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Drilling Machines Are Annoying

Well, that machine started drilling yesterday and it was so loud. They started at 7 a.m. and stopped around 2:30 p.m. They only did one hole. We thought they were drilling to China! Mama had wanted to go to the store, but decided to stay home with me. She was concerned that they might hit a gas line accidentally. It happens, you know. We live next to a petroleum plant and there are lines all over. They are marked, but mistakes happen. She said if there was a gas leak, we would probably be evacuated and she wanted to make sure I was safe with her.

Today, they are drilling further down the hill, but we can still hear it. We will be glad when they are done with this project

Two more days until Joey arrives!!!!

The Greyhound Who Doesn't Like Big Drilling Machines

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Got Stuck!

If Jack was here, he would be telling you a very funny story about me. I don't see where it's that funny, but Mama says I should share my adventure.

A few weeks ago, Mama showed Daddy some photos of a greyhound that got stuck under a human's bed. Mama couldn't figure out how a greyhound could get stuck under a bed. Well....I'm sure you know where I'm going with this.... let me just say that it happens.

Last night, Mama heard a thump, thump, thump in the bedroom. She came to check on me and there I was stuck under the bed. It was so embarrassing! It's really her fault. She turned my bed a different way and the bolster part wasn't up against the bed. I somehow slid around on the floor and got my butt and back legs stuck under the bed. She almost got her arm stuck trying to slide me out. She only laughed a little bit when she was getting me out, but she really laughed when she told Daddy about it. I'm really sensitive about my weight and this didn't help me.

Do you know that Joey actually weighs less than me? We are going to look like the odd couple walking around. I bet he's short and I'm a tall, big-boned girl. If Jack chose Joey for us, I bet he did it as a joke on me. He just wants people to notice how big I am. It's not my fault that I'M BIG BONED! :::sigh:::

The Greyhound Who Found A Lot Of Dust Bunnies Under The Bed

It's Never Boring Here

When we lived at the other house, we only saw two cars a day if we were lucky. We would see the mail person and the neighbor that lived down the road from us when they came home from work. Sometimes, the brown truck would come and bring us bones and beds. It was pretty boring there. There is always something going on around here. There are big trucks with equipment that zoom by. They start early in the morning and can be loud when they hit bumps. Then, there are the farmers on their tractors that drive past. There is a feed store just down the road from our house. We see bike riders pedal past several times a day. They sometimes wave if we are outside. We have the cows to watch. Mama feeds the birds, so we always have activity just right outside our window. At night, we see skunks and raccoon. Yep, it's not boring here.

Last Friday, this big piece of equipment arrived and parked in the field where the cows live.

Yesterday, they came by and marked the water, gas and electric lines. This morning, someone else was here checking on things. We are waiting for the big event to happen. We are not exactly sure what the big event is, but we definitely have a front row seat to it. We think they are going to dig holes for new electric poles because there are big poles in the field. They have been there since we moved in. We don't know what will happen after that. We hope they don't put a big barn in the field that will block our nice view. We will just have to wait and see.

The Greyhound Who Likes Seeing Activity From Her Couch

Monday, July 18, 2011

Just Hanging Out

It was a hot weekend, so I just hung out on the couch. Mama said that next weekend won't be so quiet because my BUBBA JOE WILL BE HERE!!!!

The Greyhound Who Likes To Relax As Much As Possible

Friday, July 15, 2011

One More Week!

Joey is scheduled to arrive on July 23rd. That is just one week and one day away!

I think we are ready for him. Mama still needs to bring the crate up from the basement and set it up in the spare bedroom. She said she will place it in the doorway and he will be able to see us in the bedroom at night. He will probably only stay in it a few nights unless he wants to stay longer. He's coming from a kennel, so he probably doesn't know anything different right now. I stayed in the crate for a few weeks and Jack loved it. He would get very excited when they shut the door and I was locked inside. He would prance around and tease me. I don't think I will do that to Joey.

Mama says that I need to show Joey around the house and the yard. I'm going to be his role model. Daddy said that I CAN'T teach him how to get in the RV because they don't want him to learn that from me. I still refuse to go up the steps to the RV. I stand there until they boost me up the first step. Daddy said he is not boosting two greyhounds up the steps and they hope Joey will teach me how to do it. I don't think so. Jack tried to teach me, but he would just jump up all five steps. That's crazy!

The Greyhound Who Is Counting The Days Until Her BubbaJoe Arrives

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Taking It Out Of My Treat Fund?

I have a new habit and that is putting my feet on the end table next to the couch.

It's very comfy.

Daddy said that I can do it, but if I scratch the table he will take money from my treat fund to fix it.

I'm not happy about that. I gave him the stink eye.

I didn't even know I had a treat fund. I'm a little worried. I need my treats.

He really won't take it, will he?

The Greyhound Who Wonders How Much Money Is In The Treat Fund And Will It Double When Joey Arrives?

Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm fun!

Some people think that I'm not that much fun. It's true! My opinion is that you have to be a fun girl if you wear a lobster stuffie on your head.

The Greyhound Who Prefers Wearing A Lobster On Her Head To A Lamp Shade

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Carpet Cleaning

If all goes well, Joey will be arriving either next Saturday or the Saturday after that. There are a lot of people involved in getting him here so it all has to be coordinated. He's coming from Tulsa. He will be brought to Missouri and picked up by members of our group. I think they meet at like a halfway point. The same thing happened when I was adopted.

Mama and Daddy have been talking about cleaning our carpets and decided today would be a good day to do it. Mama said it might keep Joey from trying to mark if we could get Jack's smell out of the carpet and furniture. I don't know if it really matters, but Mama said the carpet needed to be cleaned anyway. We would have cleaned it before we moved in, but we were all anxious to get out of the hotel.

I didn't think we needed to clean the carpet as you can tell from the photos.

I finally gave up trying to save the carpet from the cleaning and retreated to the bedroom. They even cleaned my couch, so now it's wet. ::::sigh::::

The Greyhound Who Hopes Joey Is Worth All The Work That He Is Causing

Friday, July 8, 2011

Daddy's Coming Home Tonight

It's been a long week, but Daddy is finally coming home tonight. He's leaving again on Sunday for a fishing trip. :-(

We were asked where we buy my treats. We buy them from Best Bully Sticks. Their prices are good and their shipping is fast.

Mama gave me pumpkin today because my stomach is acting up. I loved it! She said she will put it in my frosty treats. Yummy! I can't wait.

We haven't heard anymore on a possible eta for Bubba aka Joey. His ID tag arrived yesterday and his ID collar will be here on Monday. Mama bought material to make us new collars. She found some that she thinks will look really nice on Joey and she may have enough to make me one, too. I hope so.

Do you think Joey is as excited as we are?

The Greyhound Who Hopes Joey Arrives Soon

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Surprise Arrived!

It has been a very lonely week because Daddy is out of town. It's just been Mama and me. My surprise finally arrived yesterday and just in time because I've been really blue.

Beef trachea and green tripe sticks......yummy!

Last night, Mama surprised me with a trip to Dairy Queen. I didn't get anything. I had to wait until we got home and then I had a homemade Frosty Treat. It was nice to get out of the house though. It's supposed to storm this evening, so I guess Mama and I will be stuck in the house.

Daddy is coming home tomorrow night, but then he is leaving on a fishing trip for a few days. :::sigh::: I really hope Bubba aka Joey arrives soon. I don't like being an only dog. Life just isn't as much fun when there is no one to share sniffs, bones and toys.

The Greyhound Who Is Lonely This Week

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm Getting A Bubba!

I'm getting a Bubba! What's a Bubba? It's my new brother! His name is UCME Bubbasparks. His Daddy's name is Be My Bubba, so it's a family name. We are changing his name though even though I think saying Bubba is fun and easy. Bubba, Bubba, Bubba! His name will be Joey. Awwww! Daddy will probably call him Joe. You should have heard all the names they mentioned. Sparky would have been good, but Daddy said no. Joey is the only name that they could agree on, so that's his name. I hope he likes it. They tried to name me Katie and I refused to accept it. I'm a Scout and that is that.

His birthday is November 1st. Mine is November 19th. He will be four this year and I will be six, so I'm the big sister now. He is 90% white with a brindle patch over one eye and we think he has brindle on both ears, but it's hard to tell in his photo. His last race was in August and he's been waiting for a home since January. He's still living in a kennel. Isn't that sad? Can you imagine how much his world is going to change? He's going to love living in a house, riding in the car, going camping, eating Frosty Treats, etc.

(He has a huge tongue. It was 104 when this photo was taken. We don't think he normally looks like this. LOL)

He is cat safe and he even tried to lick the cat. He is interested in the TV that's in the kennel. Could he be another Judge Judy fan? He travels well which is really good since we camp so much. He sounds like a nice guy. I hope he likes me.

Mama ordered his name tags yesterday as well as an ID collar. I got new ones, too! She said she might make him a new collar this week. She has some material that she bought for Jack that she never used. She's sad by that, but it's silly not to use it for Joey. Mama said that Joey needs some colorful collars because with his white hair, they will really show up on him.

We are not sure when he will be arriving. He is having his medical this week or at least that is the plan. There is a lot of planning and scheduling to get him here, so we are being very patient. We know he is in good hands and pretty soon he will be here and he will take over the blog for me because blog writing is really not my thing.

The Greyhound Who Thinks Everyone Needs A Bubba

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

It has been a very busy weekend here. On Saturday, Grandma called and asked if she could bring my skin cousin, Tyler, over to see me. He has been concerned about me since Jack died. He is almost 13. I was so excited waiting for him to arrive. I haven't seen him for almost a year, but I used to see him all the time when we had family camping trips.

Oops, Mama cut off Tyler's head, but I look good. I'm smiling at Grandma and Grandpa.

After they left, Mama took me outside because she and Daddy were getting ready to leave to meet my other grandparents for dinner. A bee got in Mama's sandal and she stepped on it. OUCH! She almost cried while she was getting the stinger out. Two days later, and her toes are still swollen. She thought it would be better by now. She has ice on it, but it doesn't seem to be helping.

Yesterday, Mama and I were hanging out watching the Casey Anthony closing arguments and we heard a loud POP. Our power went out. We thought the transformer blew up, but apparently a tree hit the lines and then it triggered a switch on a pole in our front yard. I started panting as soon as the fan went off. Mama said I reminded her of Tyler because one time we were camping and he scared Grandma by saying "I CAN'T BREATHE!" It was because he didn't have a fan in the camper. Mama says I am just like him. We decided to leave the house and drive around for a while because it was boring just sitting in the dark. We ended up getting Chinese food and bringing it back to the house. After we got home, the electric company came and fixed our power. We had three trucks in our driveway! The man got in one of those cherry picker things. I'm scared of those. Do you remember when we lived at the hotel and I saw one? I was so scared by it.

The Greyhound Who Is Happy That Her Fan Is Running Again

Friday, July 1, 2011

A Package Arrived

Today, the UPS man came by. He has never been here before. I know, we have been here almost three months and Mama doesn't know the UPS man yet. It is shocking!

What do you think is in the box?

That's right! It's the bed for my new brother. We don't even have him picked out yet and his bed is already here. Costco ships really fast. Mama just ordered it Wednesday and it's here already.

Mama said she will wash it and then I can use it to get it seasoned for him.

Thanks for all the responses about using items from your previous pets. Mama followed Camie's Kitties suggestion and placed Jack's name tag on her key ring. She had just bought the tag recently since we just moved here and she updated both our tags. She will now have Jack with her whenever she leaves the house. The tag says it all - a crown above his name, and lucky dog underneath. That was our Jack. BTW, our address is on the back of the tag in case you are wondering.

The Greyhound Who Heard The UPS Man Will Be Back On Tuesday With Something For Her

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