Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh, Brother!

I have to say that having a little brother is making my life a little more interesting. This morning, he got in the rocking recliner. That was pretty funny. He looked like he was trying to ride a surf board. He didn't stay up long, but I think he's going to try it again. Jack sat in a recliner when we first got the RV. I guess it's something boys do.

Joey actually sits and watches the squirrels.

He likes to cool off by standing over the air vent.
Last night, he learned to chew. He does not know the rules yet. The rules are that we swap our chews. He is supposed to get up to get a drink and I steal it from him and then he waits for me to get a drink and then he steals it from me. We both have our own, but Jack and I found stealing from each other was more fun. Joey never got up to get a drink, so we couldn't swap.

This morning, he chased me for about 10 seconds in the yard. We decided that was enough for now. We may try it more tonight.

The Greyhound Whose Brother Is A Little Odd

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