Friday, July 8, 2011

Daddy's Coming Home Tonight

It's been a long week, but Daddy is finally coming home tonight. He's leaving again on Sunday for a fishing trip. :-(

We were asked where we buy my treats. We buy them from Best Bully Sticks. Their prices are good and their shipping is fast.

Mama gave me pumpkin today because my stomach is acting up. I loved it! She said she will put it in my frosty treats. Yummy! I can't wait.

We haven't heard anymore on a possible eta for Bubba aka Joey. His ID tag arrived yesterday and his ID collar will be here on Monday. Mama bought material to make us new collars. She found some that she thinks will look really nice on Joey and she may have enough to make me one, too. I hope so.

Do you think Joey is as excited as we are?

The Greyhound Who Hopes Joey Arrives Soon

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