Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back From The Vet

Joey and I went to the vet yesterday. My weight was basically the same. Mama almost took my photo on the scale! I reminded her that she goes to the doctor on Tuesday and she will also be on the scale. That got her to put the camera away.

Here we are waiting for the vet. Why do they make patients wait so long?

I cried when the vet gave me my shots. I've never done that before. It hurt!

Mama had the vet look at Joey's foot because she noticed that he favors one of them. He also ran in the yard this morning and only ran on three legs. It's the first time we have really seen him run and it was just for a few seconds. He runs really good on three legs, so he must be experienced with it. The vet doesn't know for sure what the problem is. It could be an old injury that didn't heal correctly or wasn't set correctly or it could be something worse.

See the red bump in the photo, that is the area that appears to be the problem. It has a knot there and the vet said he could be bone swelling. The foot just looks funny and Mama and Daddy both think it's an old injury. The vet was leaning towards that too.

Mama contacted our adoption group as soon as we got home and Joey has another appointment with their vet on Monday. They will probably take x-rays. Mama is worried, but she is 80% sure it is an old injury, but it's the other 20% that has her worried. Please keep your paws crossed that he is okay. I'm starting to like him a little, but Mama is already attached to the little guy.

UPDATE: Mama was told that Joey was injured in his last race and that ended his career. She checked out his last race online and could see where he was injured. He was able to continue the race, but it does look like his foot was injured. We are really hoping that is all that is wrong with him.

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