Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm Getting A Bubba!

I'm getting a Bubba! What's a Bubba? It's my new brother! His name is UCME Bubbasparks. His Daddy's name is Be My Bubba, so it's a family name. We are changing his name though even though I think saying Bubba is fun and easy. Bubba, Bubba, Bubba! His name will be Joey. Awwww! Daddy will probably call him Joe. You should have heard all the names they mentioned. Sparky would have been good, but Daddy said no. Joey is the only name that they could agree on, so that's his name. I hope he likes it. They tried to name me Katie and I refused to accept it. I'm a Scout and that is that.

His birthday is November 1st. Mine is November 19th. He will be four this year and I will be six, so I'm the big sister now. He is 90% white with a brindle patch over one eye and we think he has brindle on both ears, but it's hard to tell in his photo. His last race was in August and he's been waiting for a home since January. He's still living in a kennel. Isn't that sad? Can you imagine how much his world is going to change? He's going to love living in a house, riding in the car, going camping, eating Frosty Treats, etc.

(He has a huge tongue. It was 104 when this photo was taken. We don't think he normally looks like this. LOL)

He is cat safe and he even tried to lick the cat. He is interested in the TV that's in the kennel. Could he be another Judge Judy fan? He travels well which is really good since we camp so much. He sounds like a nice guy. I hope he likes me.

Mama ordered his name tags yesterday as well as an ID collar. I got new ones, too! She said she might make him a new collar this week. She has some material that she bought for Jack that she never used. She's sad by that, but it's silly not to use it for Joey. Mama said that Joey needs some colorful collars because with his white hair, they will really show up on him.

We are not sure when he will be arriving. He is having his medical this week or at least that is the plan. There is a lot of planning and scheduling to get him here, so we are being very patient. We know he is in good hands and pretty soon he will be here and he will take over the blog for me because blog writing is really not my thing.

The Greyhound Who Thinks Everyone Needs A Bubba

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