Sunday, November 29, 2009

Camping Season Is Over!

We are home from our Thanksgiving camping trip. We camped at Bennett Springs which is a trout fishing park. We arrived on Thursday and the weather was chilly. It got down to about 29 degrees overnight, but we were prepared with extra blankets, our jammies and hats. We didn't wear the hats in the camper though. Mama and Daddy went to Shoney's for dinner. Scout and I were left with Frosty Treats. Mama brought us back a little of her dinner. She had country fried steak instead of turkey. Why would a person choose country fried steak over turkey? We don't know either!

Friday, Mama and Daddy went to Camping World and bought their Christmas gifts for each other. They bought each other lounge chairs and The Little Red Campfire. Campfires cause Mama to have migraines, so this should allow them to have a campfire without a migraine developing. We had to stay at the campground because there was not enough room in the Jeep with their presents and us, plus it was too warm to stay in the Jeep. We had the air on in the motor home. Later in the day, we took several walks around the park and looked at the water and the deer. The park is full of deer.

On Saturday, we sat outside most of the day because it was very warm. It was in the 70's. Mama and Daddy used their lounge chairs and Scout and I used our beds. The Little Red Campfire is in the background, but we forgot to take photos of the new lounge chairs.

Mama says all our camping photos looks the same because this is what we do. We lay on our blanket and bed.

Here we are on another trail. Basically looks the same as last month's trail pictures.

Here we are with Daddy.

This is Scout watching a guy fish.

Here is a better photo of the guy. He's in the waterfall.

Mama said this tree looks like it decorated for the holidays. It is full of lures.

We had a very nice time, but we are sad that camping season is over for us. We will go again starting next March. Mama already made our reservations for Memorial Day weekend. We will be camping right on the lake. We stayed at the same place this past October and really liked it.

We will still visit the nearby state parks throughout the winter. We will go there to walk and give Daddy a little taste of camping so that he can make it through the winter months.

Hope you had as much fun as we did it over Thanksgiving weekend.

Jack and Scout
The Greyhounds Who Are On A Camping Hiatus

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

We are going camping. Scout and I just finished packing. We have our camping lights. Since the weather dude says it's going to be cold tomorrow, we have our coats, hats and jammies. It's going to be sunny the rest of the time, so we have our sunglasses. I think we have everything we need. We are ready to go!

Hope you have a "greyt" Thanksgiving!

Jack and Scout
The Brindle Kids

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mama Made Me A Coat.....HELP!

Mama bought a sewing machine earlier this year. She took sewing in high school, but not since. She is not very good, but she tries. She has made us several collars and those turned out pretty good. She has now ventured into clothing for us. She made me a coat a few months ago, but it was so bad that she didn't even take a photo of it. This weekend she completed another coat for me.

I don't like it. The collar looks silly. Daddy says I don't have to wear it. He says it needs to more boyish, so I'm off the hook. Mama says she will try again. Yikes!

I heard Mama say something about making me a hat. Does anyone know an easy way to break Mama's sewing machine?

The Greyhound Who Hopes His Mama Gets A New Hobby!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Look What Mama Ordered!

It's me, Scout on a pendant. Isnt' it beautiful? Mama found this lady last week on Etsy and immediately fell in love with her work. She sent her a picture of me and this is the result.

Mama felt bad choosing between me and Jack, but Daddy said no one will be able to tell the difference, well, you can definitely tell this is me. LOL We cannot wait for it to arrive so Mama can show me off.

Mama said the lady was very nice and so easy to work with. Here is her information if you are interested. This is not a paid advertisement. Mama just thought you might be interested. Shopmollyd

The Beautiful Brindle

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's My Birthday!!!!

Today is my birthday! I'm four years old today. Mama says that I have to be a big girl now. Do you know what I did when she said that to me? I cried. I really did. I don't want to be a big girl.

Mama says I can do whatever I want to do today. So, this is what I'm doing....

I love the big bed!

The Birthday Girl

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We Got Presents!

Mama went shopping and brought us each home a gift.

I got this super cool flashlight that I will use when we walk at night while camping. Isn't it cool? I bet I will really be the talk of the campground if I wear this with my jammies!

Scout received this pink hat.

Who do you think is happier with their gift? LOL

Better luck next time, Scout! LOL

The Greyhound Who Can See At Night Now

Friday, November 13, 2009

Loosing Weight Is Hardwork!

Mama and I both need to loose weight. We started taking an extra walk at lunch time this week. We walk to the end of our road which includes going down the "mountain" as our mail lady calls it and then coming back up again. Going down is easy. Coming up is not as much fun. It usually ends up with Jack acting like he is pulling us both up. He takes the lead, then Mama and then me trailing behind. Mama says we look like a train and I'm the caboose.

After we come back from our walk, I collapse on the floor until Judge Judy comes on.

Jack just laughs at me. It's not fair that his metabolism is better than mine.

Mama weighed herself and she gained a half of a pound this week. I refuse to get on the scale. I'm not going to be humiliated like Mama.

The Greyhound Who Wishes She Had A Faster Metabolism

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our Last Camping Trip?

We camped this past weekend at Hawn State Park. The weather could not have been any better. It was in the upper 70's. This is November! It should be in the 50's. We made our reservations five months ago, so we really lucked out.

Hawn State Park is wonderful. Mama said next year, we should start doing a rating system on the parks we visit. We loved this one because there are so many places to walk. Mama and Daddy liked it for it's beauty. It's full of pine trees and has a creek to play it. I didn't play in it, but Scout did.

On Sunday, we were surprised when some friends showed up from our greyhound group. Blu and Roy were there with their folks. Scout and Blu know each other because they carpooled together all the way from Tulsa to St. Louis. I know Roy from before I was adopted. His Mama does a lot of meet and greets and he joins her from time to time. We walked around with Roy and Blu. Roy, Blu and Scout got in the creek, but I didn't. I don't like water. Mama got me to try it once and I fell in a hole. I thought I was going to die, so no more water for me.

This was the view from our camper. Isn't it pretty? Deer like to play on the rocks.

Here is the sandy area that Scout didn't want to leave. She really wants to have a sand pit at home. I hope we get one. It will be fun to run and play in.

Mama said this could be our last trip of the season. However, if the weather is nice for Thanksgiving weekend, we will camp. Can you imagine camping on Thanksgiving? It will be a first for us.

The Camping Greyhound

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Reports Of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated by Mark Twain and ....

...Bob, the Beta.

Mama called us into the kitchen and told us that Bob, the Beta, had died. She was sad because she has had him for 3.5 years. That's longer than she has had me. She adopted him after Sami died because she was very lonely. I'm not sure what she thought Bob was going to do for her, but she said he was nice to look at.

Anyway, back to tonight. Mama asked if we wanted to see Bob once last time and we really didn't care, but decided to act interested because she might give us a treat if we shared her sympathy. She moved the tank and then screamed because she saw Bob move. I thought it was because she moved the tank, but no, he was actually swimming. I have to say that Bob doesn't look very good. He's pretty old after all and probably doesn't have much time left, but he is still alive. Mama put his tank back and now we are back to laying on the couch. Life is normal once again.

The Greyhound Who Really Doesn't Care About Bob

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