Sunday, November 29, 2009

Camping Season Is Over!

We are home from our Thanksgiving camping trip. We camped at Bennett Springs which is a trout fishing park. We arrived on Thursday and the weather was chilly. It got down to about 29 degrees overnight, but we were prepared with extra blankets, our jammies and hats. We didn't wear the hats in the camper though. Mama and Daddy went to Shoney's for dinner. Scout and I were left with Frosty Treats. Mama brought us back a little of her dinner. She had country fried steak instead of turkey. Why would a person choose country fried steak over turkey? We don't know either!

Friday, Mama and Daddy went to Camping World and bought their Christmas gifts for each other. They bought each other lounge chairs and The Little Red Campfire. Campfires cause Mama to have migraines, so this should allow them to have a campfire without a migraine developing. We had to stay at the campground because there was not enough room in the Jeep with their presents and us, plus it was too warm to stay in the Jeep. We had the air on in the motor home. Later in the day, we took several walks around the park and looked at the water and the deer. The park is full of deer.

On Saturday, we sat outside most of the day because it was very warm. It was in the 70's. Mama and Daddy used their lounge chairs and Scout and I used our beds. The Little Red Campfire is in the background, but we forgot to take photos of the new lounge chairs.

Mama says all our camping photos looks the same because this is what we do. We lay on our blanket and bed.

Here we are on another trail. Basically looks the same as last month's trail pictures.

Here we are with Daddy.

This is Scout watching a guy fish.

Here is a better photo of the guy. He's in the waterfall.

Mama said this tree looks like it decorated for the holidays. It is full of lures.

We had a very nice time, but we are sad that camping season is over for us. We will go again starting next March. Mama already made our reservations for Memorial Day weekend. We will be camping right on the lake. We stayed at the same place this past October and really liked it.

We will still visit the nearby state parks throughout the winter. We will go there to walk and give Daddy a little taste of camping so that he can make it through the winter months.

Hope you had as much fun as we did it over Thanksgiving weekend.

Jack and Scout
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