Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Reports Of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated by Mark Twain and ....

...Bob, the Beta.

Mama called us into the kitchen and told us that Bob, the Beta, had died. She was sad because she has had him for 3.5 years. That's longer than she has had me. She adopted him after Sami died because she was very lonely. I'm not sure what she thought Bob was going to do for her, but she said he was nice to look at.

Anyway, back to tonight. Mama asked if we wanted to see Bob once last time and we really didn't care, but decided to act interested because she might give us a treat if we shared her sympathy. She moved the tank and then screamed because she saw Bob move. I thought it was because she moved the tank, but no, he was actually swimming. I have to say that Bob doesn't look very good. He's pretty old after all and probably doesn't have much time left, but he is still alive. Mama put his tank back and now we are back to laying on the couch. Life is normal once again.

The Greyhound Who Really Doesn't Care About Bob

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