Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We just got back home and I wanted wish everyone a Happy Halloween!   I think I had the best weekend of my life.  It was so much fun!

We were surprised that we had TV reception at the campground, so we were able to watch the Cardinals win the World Series!  It was so exciting!

Saturday, we walked around the campground and looked at everyone's decorations. They really go all out with the decorating.  Daddy decorated our camper with a few lights. There are pumpkins and ghosts. 

He carved us a pumpkin.  I had never seen a pumpkin before.  I was very curious about it when it was inside the camper.  I sniffed it every way I could.

This is it after Daddy carved it for us.  Our fire is in the background.

As soon as it started getting dark, the kids starting coming around in their costumes.  Scout and I got dressed up too.  You can see the boot I wear over my leg.  It was my pegleg for my costume.

We loved it!  We stood at the end of our driveway and greeted everyone who came by.  We did a lot of kissing and got a lot of loving right back.  We were disappointed when we ran out of candy and had to go back in the camper.  It was the first Halloween that I have celebrated and it was so much fun. 

One person said that I looked liked George Washington because I was wearing a coat.  The coat wasn't really meant to be part of my outfit, but it was cold out.  Mama said pirates get cold too, so I wore it. Mama tried to help me find a good picture of George Washington to compare, but we can't find a good one.

Do you think I look like George Washington?

I have a lot more to say, but I have to get ready for my visit to the vet to get my bandage changed.   Tomorrow is another big day here.  I'll give you a hint.   Today is my last day being three. 

The Greyhound Who Looks Like George Washington?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Wow, Oh Wow!

Did you see the Cardinals game last night?  Wow!  Okay, we have to come clean.  Mama turned the TV off when it was two outs and the bottom of the ninth.  She said she couldn't bare to see the Cardinals loose and be sad.  She woke up several times during the night and remembered the Cardinals lost, but kept thinking wouldn't it be something if they won.  This morning she got up and told me that the Cardinals lost. She turned on the TV and couldn't believe her eyes when she saw they WON!  I know we are bad Cardinal fans.  Mama gets very upset during the games and yells and squeals a lot.  Daddy told her to calm down last night because she was scaring us.  Can you imagine how she would have acted if she had seen them win?  LOL

We are going camping tonight, so we will have to listen to the game on the radio.  There will probably be people watching the game via satellite and we may be able to watch on their outdoor sets.  I bet it's a fun and noisy night at the campground.

Last night something else exciting happened.  We all went outside for a quick walk before the game.  Mama had Scout and Daddy had me.  Mama and Scout saw something on the ground.  She just saw two eyes and before it registered what it was, Scout saw it.  It was a bunny.  The bunny was almost flat to the ground. The bunny took off and Scout took off, but Mama had her on the leash.  Scout went so fast that she jerked Mama around fast.  Mama held on and Scout didn't escape.  Daddy said it was a good thing it wasn't me that did that because I could have gotten hurt.  It sure was exciting though. 

I will be away from the computer for a few days while we camp.  I will update you on my camping adventures when we return. 

Go Cards!

The Greyhound Who Is So Excited About Camping

Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's A Gloomy Morning

It's a gloomy morning.  I just feel like laying around and napping. 

The world series was postponed due to the rain last night.  They are playing tonight.  Paws are crossed that the Cards win tonight.  If there is a game seven, we won't be able to watch it because we are going camping.  There is not TV reception there, but we can listen to it on the radio.

Mama has been really busy with work this week and she is stressing.  She said next week will be even worse.  YIKES!   I'm being a good boy though and not giving her any problems.

I wish Mama could retire like me, so that we could snuggle all day.

I'm a good snuggler.

Go Cards!!!!

The Greyhound Who Is Resting Up For A Camping Weekend

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Coming Out Of My Shell

Mama says I am coming out of my shell.  I didn't know I was in a shell.  She said my personality is really coming out now.  I've been here three months, but I spent ten days in the hospital and I still think it's my other home because I visit there so often.  It's a nice place, but I like living here better.

When Mama gets her keys out, I bark.  Apparently, that's a no-no.  I also like to nip her in the butt when she has her keys out.  That is also a no-no.  Jack used to goose her, so I need my own style, but nipping in the butt apparently is not good.  I thinks it's funny because she squeaks when I do it.

I no longer whine when I squeak my toys.  I just squeak them.  It's fun!

Mama was worried about me yesterday because all I wanted to do was sleep. She was concerned that I was sick.  I wasn't sick, I was tired.  This physical therapy stuff is hard work!   I'm doing really well with it though.  Yesterday, Mama and I walked in the backyard and I saw a squirrel. She told me to keep my foot on the ground and I did.  I walked fast, but I walked with all four feet.  She was proud of me.  Then, when Daddy took me out, I walked on all four feet without him even telling me to do so.  However, I messed up when Mama said "Wow!".  I got excited and forgot to keep all four on the ground.  I'm not really how Mama and Daddy taught me to do it.  They just realized that if I walked really slow, I would walk with all four on the ground and when I would start three-legging it, they would tell me to put my foot down and I did.  I guess I'm not only good looking, but I'm smart, too.  LOL

The Greyhound Who Loves His Life 

Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm Tired!

We had a busy weekend. Saturday, we got up early and I went to see my friends at the vet hospital.  I stayed for about five hours.  I got my cast taken off and my bandage put on.  Then we came home and I started my physical therapy.  I have to walk on my foot for five minutes, twice a day.  I can do it, if I walk slow.  I prefer three-legging it. I can walk much faster that way.  I bet I could run fast that way, too. 

Sunday, we went to the park to do my physical therapy. We drove like 20 minutes each way for me to walk five minutes.  Humans are silly, but I did enjoy seeing all the squirrels and meeting the campers at the park.  We came home and watched the Rams loose and then the Cardinals also lost.  It was a sad day in our sports world.

Walking on my leg is tiring, but Mama says I'm building up my muscles.  I can't wait to get out of this bandage.  Do you know that they put tape on my fur?  I think that's going to hurt when they pull it off.  I only have two toe nails poking out of the bandage, nothing else.  It's strange looking.

The Greyhound Who Is No Longer The Casted One, He's Now The Bandaged One

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Traded In My Cast....

for a bandage.   Bummer!  I have to wear it for probably three weeks.  I go in to get it changed on Halloween evening.  I think I will wear my pirate hat and see if they will give me some treats. 

I'm supposed to walk five minutes a day, twice a day as my physical therapy.   My leg is all healed.  The doc said that he doesn't take a dog from a hard cast to nothing.  He said I need to build my muscles up again.  I didn't think I would be allowed to start running, but I hoped I would come home with a naked leg.  The good thing is that I'm healed and my sores are healed.

The Greyhound Who Exchanged His Cast For A Bandage

The View From Our House

Hi Everyone,

It's me, Scout.  I know it's been a long time since I've been at the keyboard.  Joey is busy getting ready for his vet visit, so I thought I would share a few photos with you.

We have beautiful sunsets here.  We couldn't see the sunsets at our old house because we had woods all around us.   We have a big field across the road from us and a pretty good view for the sunsets.  Here are photos from last night.

Joey did a little posing last night.  Hopefully these are the last photos of him wearing his cast.

The Greyhound Who Is Ready To Play With Joey!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Tomorrow Is The Big Day!

I hope today is the last full day that I have to wear my cast. Mama and I are excited and nervous about tomorrow. The x-ray looked really good last time, so we can't imagine that I will have to have another cast, but you never know.

Scout and I are ready to play, but Mama said I may still have restrictions. She said she will be nervous when I'm finally allowed to run. I don't know why. I'm an excellent runner.

The Greyhound Who Hopes He Looses His Cast Tomorrow

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Go Cards!

Hi everyone! It's me, Joey. I said it right today. LOL The world series starts tonight and the St. Louis Cardinals are playing. That's my team! I didn't even know about baseball until recently. I've been wearing my ID tag with the Cardinal logo on it and I think it's bringing them good luck.

I wasn't really interested in baseball until I saw that squirrel run across home base in that one game. Did you see that? People around here have gone squirrel crazy.

Mama ordered me the Cardinal ID tag because she said when she sees the Cardinal logo, it reminds her of her Dad. I never met him because he died suddenly in 1987. Mama said she has a lot of memories of the Cardinals and her Dad. She said that she remembers when they signed Ozzie Smith and her Dad said that he heard he was a good player. Yep, he was. She also remembers him saying that they sent Kenny Reitz to running school. She never knew if that was really true, but she remembers him saying that and there is not a season that goes by that she doesn't think about it.

Mama said to say that her nose is fine today, but it hurt for a few hours yesterday. She told Daddy about it and he laughed. He's away on business this week.

Mama turned on her Wii Fit last night. I had not seen that thing before and it's wild. Mama was flapping like a bird and Scout and I thought she was wanting to pet us. Mama does some silly things, that is for sure.

Three more days and my cast comes off ..... I hope. I'm ready. I'm able to do steps now without the sling. I'm no longer on any medication. I've been on medication since August, so that's quite a change in our routine. Scout really tried to get me to play yesterday, but I didn't. She was barking at me, but I was a good boy. I need to wait until my cast comes off and I may need to wait even longer after that. I don't know what my restrictions will be, but I will know soon.

The Greyhound Who Is Excited About The Cardinals

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


It's me, Jooeey! It's not me saying OUCH, even though I look bad in the above picture, it's Mama. I kicked Mama in the nose. Why? I kicked her because she was sniffing my foot. I know, she is nuts! I didn't kick her with my cast, so she lucked out there, but it still hurt her nose. I have a good kick. She said she was sniffing my foot because she thought she smelled something and wanted to be sure it wasn't my cast. Apparently, if my cast smells, that is bad. I'm glad that I only have a few more days of this silly cast because it sure causes a lot of trouble.

The Greyhound Who Is A Good Kicker

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Vacations Are FUN!

Hi Everyone,

It's me Jooeey! I'm back from my first vacation. It was fun! We went trout fishing, but I never saw any trout. Daddy fished and Scout and I stayed behind with Mama. I spent the mornings looking out the windows of the RV and whining every time I saw a dog. Yep, it was fun. Scout and I laid outside for a while, but there were bees and flies. I don't like bees or flies.

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit us Monday - Wednesday. Daddy and Grandpa fished. Grandpa caught two rocks, two dead fish and I think one or two live fish. It's a good thing we brought other food along for dinner. LOL Daddy did much better, but he didn't keep any of the fish.

We stayed at this place called Bennett Springs. Scout has been there several times and there were two people who remembered her and Jack from last year.

On Thursday, we took a car trip to Ha Ha Tonka. It's a place that Mama loves. I got to walk on a trail, but not very far because of my leg. Next year, we are going back and I'm going to walk the whole trail because I found that trail walking is FUN! There is a beautiful lake there and we walked along it. We have no pictures because our camera battery went dead. :::sigh:::

Here are some pictures from our trip.

We brought our bully sticks along.

Me, looking cute.
Scout doing what Scout does. She had a fun trip because the weather was cool and we didn't walk a lot.
Scout and I napping.

Me and Daddy talking to two men about greyhounds and racing.Two turkey vultures. They are all over waiting to catch their own trout. Me and Daddy walking.

Thursday night, Mama and Daddy decided to go to the lodge to eat dinner. I didn't want to go in my crate. Mama said I had to go in my crate. Well, you should have seen Mama's face when Scout and I greeted her at the door when she returned. Yep, I escaped from my crate and to even protest more, I took my sock off. Mama and Daddy were both shocked. LOL Guess what? I haven't been zipped in my crate since. I think my crate days are over! Mama says we will see since I still have a cast on my leg, but the past two nights, I have slept in my crate, but I haven't been zipped in. I'm being a good boy.

We were sad to have our vacation come to an end, but we are excited about next week. Do you know why? Next Saturday, I'm getting my cast off! I think Mama is even more excited than I am.

The Greyhound Who Thinks Vacations Are Fun!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

One More Sleep

Well, it's one more sleep and then I'm on my first vacation! Mama went to Petsmart this morning and bought us some treats and some hats to wear on Halloween. Well, not on Halloween, but on the weekend before since we will be camping and we will decorate our camper and carve a pumpkin and all that stuff that people do. I've never had a Halloween before, so I'm not really sure what goes on. I do know that I have a hat to wear and Scout thinks it's a stuffie and she tried to take it off my head. Do you want to see it? I probably should wait to show you on Halloween, but...okay.

I'm a pirate!

Here's Scout wearing it:

She said "But, I don't want to be a pirate!" LOL It's funny if you watch Seinfeld.

Scout has a pumpkin hat.

It came with the skull bandana which doesn't make sense, but it works good for my outfit. Mama has a pumpkin bandana for Scout to wear, so it all works out. Mama almost bought her a witch hat, but decided that would be mean.

Mama saw our greyhound friends, Blue and Dave at the Petsmart along with their Mom. Dave tried on our hats to make sure they would fit us. We couldn't go since I have a cast on my leg. Mama can't lift me in and out of the Jeep.

This afternoon has been spent packing up the RV for our trip. I don't know why it takes them so long to do it. My frog it packed along with my meds and I'm ready to go.

We won't have Internet service, so I won't be able to tell you about our trip until we get back home.

See ya!

The Greyhound Who Is Going On Vacation!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Almost Time For Vacation

We are getting ready for vacation! I have never been on vacation before. I don't know what to take for sure since this is my first long trip. Mama said I should take my favorite stuffie which is a frog that says "ribbit, ribbit". I cry when I hear him but that's because I'm so excited. I sat on him the other night and he kept ribbiting and I didn't know where he was. Mama pulled him out from under my butt and that solved the problem. I'm also bringing my bully sticks, frosty treats, soft-crate and an extra bed, just in case. Scout is bringing her favorite stuffie which is a green dog. Scout is not thrilled about going camping. She would rather stay home.

I don't know why she doesn't want to see new things, but she doesn't.

Mama is going grocery shopping today for our trip. She has decided to take her E-mealz plan camping with us for three of the meals. She thinks that will be easier than planning the meals which end up being the same thing when we camp. She is still loving this E-mealz plan. She loves not having to plan the meals and the food is different all the time. My food is the same, but apparently, she and Daddy get new things every night.

I think I'm going to like camping food this time. I ate a hot dog the other day and I liked it!

The Greyhound Who Is Going On Vacation Soon!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Is Nothing Private?

Hi Everyone,

It's me, Joey. I cannot believe that Scout told you about my gas problem. It's not my fault. It's that medicine. :::sigh::: Scout even emailed Grandma about it yesterday. Well, I have good news. My problem has improved and it's not nearly as bad as it was previously. Mama even said it's not that bad any more.

I have other good news. My sores are looking much better. Mama is very happy about that. She still thinks I will need to stay quiet next week, but at least my foot is healing.

Yesterday, the big brown truck pulled in our driveway and left us a surprise. It was a box from Best Bully's Sticks. Yummy! Mama ordered us some big bully sticks along with some curly bully sticks. Scout and I chewed and chewed and chewed last night. It's a fun way to spend the evening. We are already chewing again this morning. The bully sticks were big when we started on them. Mama said she might order us elk antlers the next time. That sounds interesting.

The Greyhound Who Thinks Some Things Should Be Left Private, Scout

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Joey Stinks!

My brother stinks and I mean he literally stinks. The antibiotics are giving him the worse gas ever! He can be three rooms away and we still smell him. I woke Mama up at 3 a.m. to check on him because he was zipped up in his crate and I was scared he couldn't breathe with that smell. I actually thought maybe he had an accident in his crate. Yes, it was that bad. Mama unzipped him and he was fine. Mama turned the fan on and that helped clear the room. Can you imagine being trapped in the RV with him next week? I wonder if I should warn Grandma about it. She is spending a few days with us. She may want to cancel her reservations. LOL

Mama made us some pumpkin frosty treats hoping that would help since they have yogurt in them, but he still stinks. Daddy doesn't seem to smell him and Joey doesn't seem to care. Boys are just different from us girls, I guess.

Good news! Joey's sores are getting better! Mama was quite pleased when she checked them this morning. Thank you for all your suggestions. It appears we are on the right track.

Joey is definitely feeling good. He wanted to play with me this morning and we got a quick zoom in and then Joey made a mistake and zoomed into his crate and ZIP, he got zipped inside. Two and half more weeks and we should be able to play!

The Greyhound Who Has a Stinky Brother

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Well, I am not happy with keeping quiet. I did fine during the day, but once 5 p.m. rolls around, this fun guy is ready to PARTY! I want to run through the house and I want to play with toys. Mama zipped me in my crate last night Can you believe that? You would think Daddy would help me, but no, he is even worse. I really gave Mama the stink eye last night.

Mama is really concerned about my cast sores. She stayed up last night researching them on the Internet and basically found out that they can take a long time to heal. Our vet is off today, but she may call him tomorrow to ask more questions. Has anyone had experience with them? Our vet said to put Neosporin on them. We are doing that three times a day and after we do that, we but a little gauze on them so that my cast does not get damp from the Neosporin. The sores are under the cast, but the vet left a space so that they could be treated. Mama then puts a sock on me so that I don't lick the area. Yesterday afternoon, Mama took the sock off so that my sores could get some air, but overnight, I have to wear the sock. This morning, the sores do look a little better. Mama just doesn't know if they will actually heal while the cast is still on because the cast does seem to rub them a little when I walk even though she tries to keep gauze on the sores. The gauze falls out. So, that's the reason I need to stay quiet, so that my sores can heal. I'm on antibiotics.

Mama is having computer problems. We can't get the pictures on the blog to move around the way we want. :::sigh::: We can no longer use our favorite browser, Firefox. She tried to download other browsers and they will not open. We are not sure what has happened, but something changed on our computer on Friday. Our computer is old. We have a Windows XP. We have to use Internet Explorer now and it is so slow. Mama is a frustrated Mama these days. We have a laptop, but the space bar sticks so typing on it is a real pain. She has tried to fix it, but it still sticks. It's a good thing we are going on vacation soon.

The Greyhound Who Hates Cast Sores

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