Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm Back On Restrictions

Mama and Daddy both said I need to stay quiet. Nothing bad has happened, but Mama figured out why the vet gave her instructions for taking care of my sores. She thought he was talking about the sore she saw on my foot. Well, I have others. She was telling Daddy that the vet didn't have a lot of padding around my foot area and she started looking at my foot by bending it down and looking inside the cast and discovered that I have sores on my foot that are covered by the cast. His instructions now make sense. He told her to use a Q-tip to apply the Neosporin but to be careful to keep the cast dry. She thought she would have to be pretty messy with the Neosporin to get the cast wet on the sore she saw, but she didn't question the vet because Daddy gets tired when she asks question after question. That also explains why I have to take antibiotics again. Mama said my sores are looking a little better today though, so that's good.

I heard Mama tell Daddy that the vet said I can get on the couch, but she doesn't want to encourage me. She is scared I will get hurt. I took matters into my own paws though and climbed on the couch yesterday. It was easy and so nice. I do still like my crate though and that's where I like to stay if I'm not zipped in there. I like to have the option to come and go as a I please.

We are going camping next week, so Daddy says I need to stay quiet this week so that my sores heal up. It doesn't sound like we will do much walking on this trip. I'm going to just hang around the campsite. We are going trout fishing. Grandpa and Grandma are going to join us for a few days. I think it will be fun even though I will just be laying around.

The Greyhound Who Has To Be Quiet This Week :::sigh:::

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