Friday, October 28, 2011

Wow, Oh Wow!

Did you see the Cardinals game last night?  Wow!  Okay, we have to come clean.  Mama turned the TV off when it was two outs and the bottom of the ninth.  She said she couldn't bare to see the Cardinals loose and be sad.  She woke up several times during the night and remembered the Cardinals lost, but kept thinking wouldn't it be something if they won.  This morning she got up and told me that the Cardinals lost. She turned on the TV and couldn't believe her eyes when she saw they WON!  I know we are bad Cardinal fans.  Mama gets very upset during the games and yells and squeals a lot.  Daddy told her to calm down last night because she was scaring us.  Can you imagine how she would have acted if she had seen them win?  LOL

We are going camping tonight, so we will have to listen to the game on the radio.  There will probably be people watching the game via satellite and we may be able to watch on their outdoor sets.  I bet it's a fun and noisy night at the campground.

Last night something else exciting happened.  We all went outside for a quick walk before the game.  Mama had Scout and Daddy had me.  Mama and Scout saw something on the ground.  She just saw two eyes and before it registered what it was, Scout saw it.  It was a bunny.  The bunny was almost flat to the ground. The bunny took off and Scout took off, but Mama had her on the leash.  Scout went so fast that she jerked Mama around fast.  Mama held on and Scout didn't escape.  Daddy said it was a good thing it wasn't me that did that because I could have gotten hurt.  It sure was exciting though. 

I will be away from the computer for a few days while we camp.  I will update you on my camping adventures when we return. 

Go Cards!

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