Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Coming Out Of My Shell

Mama says I am coming out of my shell.  I didn't know I was in a shell.  She said my personality is really coming out now.  I've been here three months, but I spent ten days in the hospital and I still think it's my other home because I visit there so often.  It's a nice place, but I like living here better.

When Mama gets her keys out, I bark.  Apparently, that's a no-no.  I also like to nip her in the butt when she has her keys out.  That is also a no-no.  Jack used to goose her, so I need my own style, but nipping in the butt apparently is not good.  I thinks it's funny because she squeaks when I do it.

I no longer whine when I squeak my toys.  I just squeak them.  It's fun!

Mama was worried about me yesterday because all I wanted to do was sleep. She was concerned that I was sick.  I wasn't sick, I was tired.  This physical therapy stuff is hard work!   I'm doing really well with it though.  Yesterday, Mama and I walked in the backyard and I saw a squirrel. She told me to keep my foot on the ground and I did.  I walked fast, but I walked with all four feet.  She was proud of me.  Then, when Daddy took me out, I walked on all four feet without him even telling me to do so.  However, I messed up when Mama said "Wow!".  I got excited and forgot to keep all four on the ground.  I'm not really how Mama and Daddy taught me to do it.  They just realized that if I walked really slow, I would walk with all four on the ground and when I would start three-legging it, they would tell me to put my foot down and I did.  I guess I'm not only good looking, but I'm smart, too.  LOL

The Greyhound Who Loves His Life 

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