Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Joey Stinks!

My brother stinks and I mean he literally stinks. The antibiotics are giving him the worse gas ever! He can be three rooms away and we still smell him. I woke Mama up at 3 a.m. to check on him because he was zipped up in his crate and I was scared he couldn't breathe with that smell. I actually thought maybe he had an accident in his crate. Yes, it was that bad. Mama unzipped him and he was fine. Mama turned the fan on and that helped clear the room. Can you imagine being trapped in the RV with him next week? I wonder if I should warn Grandma about it. She is spending a few days with us. She may want to cancel her reservations. LOL

Mama made us some pumpkin frosty treats hoping that would help since they have yogurt in them, but he still stinks. Daddy doesn't seem to smell him and Joey doesn't seem to care. Boys are just different from us girls, I guess.

Good news! Joey's sores are getting better! Mama was quite pleased when she checked them this morning. Thank you for all your suggestions. It appears we are on the right track.

Joey is definitely feeling good. He wanted to play with me this morning and we got a quick zoom in and then Joey made a mistake and zoomed into his crate and ZIP, he got zipped inside. Two and half more weeks and we should be able to play!

The Greyhound Who Has a Stinky Brother

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