Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm Tired!

We had a busy weekend. Saturday, we got up early and I went to see my friends at the vet hospital.  I stayed for about five hours.  I got my cast taken off and my bandage put on.  Then we came home and I started my physical therapy.  I have to walk on my foot for five minutes, twice a day.  I can do it, if I walk slow.  I prefer three-legging it. I can walk much faster that way.  I bet I could run fast that way, too. 

Sunday, we went to the park to do my physical therapy. We drove like 20 minutes each way for me to walk five minutes.  Humans are silly, but I did enjoy seeing all the squirrels and meeting the campers at the park.  We came home and watched the Rams loose and then the Cardinals also lost.  It was a sad day in our sports world.

Walking on my leg is tiring, but Mama says I'm building up my muscles.  I can't wait to get out of this bandage.  Do you know that they put tape on my fur?  I think that's going to hurt when they pull it off.  I only have two toe nails poking out of the bandage, nothing else.  It's strange looking.

The Greyhound Who Is No Longer The Casted One, He's Now The Bandaged One

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