Tuesday, October 18, 2011


It's me, Jooeey! It's not me saying OUCH, even though I look bad in the above picture, it's Mama. I kicked Mama in the nose. Why? I kicked her because she was sniffing my foot. I know, she is nuts! I didn't kick her with my cast, so she lucked out there, but it still hurt her nose. I have a good kick. She said she was sniffing my foot because she thought she smelled something and wanted to be sure it wasn't my cast. Apparently, if my cast smells, that is bad. I'm glad that I only have a few more days of this silly cast because it sure causes a lot of trouble.

The Greyhound Who Is A Good Kicker

End of March - More Condo Updates

 March has been very nice here weatherwise.  We have had many beautiful days!  We survived spring break.  It wasn't crazy with college...