Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thank you to all our visitors!

Today on Entrecard, we are celebrating our top ten droppers on our blogs. I would like to say thank you to everyone who visits us!

Our top ten droppers for the past 30 days are:

Beaded Tail

This blog is about the antics of two cats and a dog, plus jewelry for animal lovers. Take a look! Very nice blog!

Greys and Things
A blog about two retired greyhounds living in the country.

Quick & Easy Cooking
Truly easy recipes and each week there is a new recipe tried with a hubby rating system.

Feathers, Fins and Fur
A blog about animals. Very nice!

Daisy the Curly Cat
Daisy is a cat who knows how to dress. Harvey is her roommate. Great photos every day. Very fun blog!

Great blog. Always has beautiful photos. Love this blog!

Skybar Farm Stuff

If you love horses, then check out this blog. Take a peek and see what is happening at the farm. Very interesting blog!

Art Joolree
This blog comes to us from Japan and is all about jewelry.

Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Eduardo is a puggle who shares his daily life with us. Fun blog.

Jean's Musings
Jean shares her daily life and writing talents with us. A very enjoyable blog.

Thank you for visiting us! (Sorry our eyes look strange. They were glowing and Mama tried to fix them. Now, we just look, well, odd.) LOL

Friday, January 30, 2009

Mama says I'm beautiful!

Mama says that "snow" is my color. She said she gets the prettiest photos of me when I'm in the snow.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weeeee.....Snow Day!

We have 8" of snow. Jack is not as happy about it as Scout, but he does look happy in this photo.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Visitors Today

Who is visiting us today?

If you look in the distance of the photo, you can see what Jack is looking at.

Still not sure? Here is a better photo.

I saw the turkey this morning across the road, so I ran out and put corn out for them. I think they appreciated it because there are still two feeding. They have been here for almost an hour. They normally only stay a few minutes and leave.

Monday, January 26, 2009

What is Jack looking at?

We had visitors this morning. Jack saw me taking photos at the window this morning and came to investigate.

What is he looking at?

A Mama and her babies!

I had been leaving corn out for them, but it was all gone this morning. I wish there would have been something for them to eat. It's not like I could open the door and say "Hang on Mama Deer, I'm bringing out some food for you and your babies." Hopefully they will stop by on their way home later today.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Finally Friday!

I don't know why I get so excited about Fridays. Mama and Daddy usually leave us at home alone for a while on weekends. I know they are going out to breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa tomorrow. I wish we could go.

Mama made a fire this morning and I've been keeping one eye on it. It's hard though because I'm lounging in the sun again today. I hope I don't mess up again today.

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

No Work Today

Thanks for making me feel better about my embarrassing moment. I do not have to watch the fire today because it's going to be in the 50's and maybe even the 60's, so we will not build a fire today. Mama says we will take a nice long walk later.

Do you ever watch Mythbusters? Mama was searching blogs this morning and found this one Christy's Coffee Break. It has a cool link to a segment from Mythbusters. It drew my interest. I stared at the computer screen when Mama played it.

I'm off to take a nap now. Talk to you later.

The Greyt Hound of the Midwest

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm not fired!

Mama said that I am not fired. She said she understands how hard it is to stay awake when the room is nice and warm and Mr. Sunbeam is shining down on me. I was really worried because I couldn't imagine what other job she might find for me. We all need to contribute to the household chores here.

I was fired from my previous job. Scout has that job now. Scout is in charge of helping Mama bring firewood in from the screened porch. You want to know why I got fired? You are not going to laugh are you? It's kind of embarrassing. Okay, here it is. I peed on the wood. Nature called and I was outside on the screened porch, well, it seems like the outside and anyway, I saw the wood and figured it was okay. It wasn't. Mama says wet wood doesn't burn well and she really didn't want to burn pee soaked wood, so I was fired right there and then. I TOLD YOU IT WAS EMBARRASSING!

I'm hiding my head in shame now.

The not so greyt hound,

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jack Fell Asleep on The Job

I was bad today. I fell asleep on the job. I was supposed to be watching the fire and letting Mama know when it needed more wood. My bed was in the sunshine and I fell asleep. She came in the living room and said "JACK, THE FIRE IS ALMOST OUT".
I hope I don't loose my job over this. Mama says jobs are hard to come by these days.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

We Left Two Greyhound Town Today!

We went to the meet and greet today. Here we are heading out of Two Greyhound Town.

We drove and drove and drove. It takes about 40 minutes to get there.
We finally arrived and Pinky was there along with Jayden. Pinky is already adopted. She is white with a brindle patch on her butt. She's pretty. Jayden is black with some white. He seems like a cool dog. He loves being petted and having his tummy rubbed. Mama says he will find a home soon, but unfortunately the economy is hurting adoptions right now. He is in a foster home right now, but he is wanting to find his forever home.

We stayed until the end of the promo. We were worn out at the end. We took a few naps when there were not any people petting us.

After we got home, we went straight to bed. What do you expect? We are retired, you know. We only work about one day out of the month at promos, if that.

Your friend,
A very tired Jack

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Night

We didn't do much today. Daddy split wood and Mama cleaned a little. Scoutie had an upset stomach. We are not sure what caused that, but she seems to be okay now.

If Scout is okay tomorrow, then we are going to a meet and greet at Petco. We LOVE meet and greets. We always know when we are going because Mama will wipe us down with doggy wipes so that we smell really good and then she will brush our teeth. She will also do our nails. We get all fancied up because we're goin' to town. LOL

Mama said she will try and remember to bring the camera so you can see us being charming at Petco.

Your friend,
Jack the "greyt" hound

Friday, January 16, 2009

Keeping Warm - Jack Style

Saving Money Online

Have you heard of Ebates? I heard about it through a friend who likes to shop online and who also likes to save money while shopping,just like me. I signed up today because they are offering a $10 gift card when you sign up. There are no fees involved in signing up. If you refer a friend, you receive $5 back.

The site is very easy to use. Click on the this link to sign up: computer rebates After you sign up, just click on the store or coupon of your choice and believe me, there are a lot to choose from. Then shop as normal. You can even earn more savings through additional coupons that are exclusive to this site.

Personally, I need to stretch my money as much as possible and this site is helping me do so.

Let me know what you think of shopping with Ebates.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Static Electricity - It Hurts!

Every time Mama and Daddy touch me and Scout, we get shocked. What is going on? Last night, I could even see a spark when they touched my nose. Daddy touched Scout and she screamed. Mama thought Daddy stepped on her foot or something. Mama rubbed us down with dryer sheets and that seemed to help. The static electricity is back again this morning, so it was time for another rub down. The weather man even said that today will be a bad day for static electricity. You know it must be bad when the weather man warns you about it. I will be glad when spring comes.

Your friend,
Jack the greyt, I mean greyhound

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Running at 2 a.m.

This is Scout here... I'm beginning to wonder if I chose the right forever home. I woke Mama up at 2 a.m. because I needed to go outside. She took me out and I did my business. I then decided that since there was a little bit of snow on the ground that it would be fun to run some laps. Jack decided that he would join me. We ran and ran and ran. We had so much fun. Mama told us to stop and come in, but we kept running. We quit after we got tired. Mama usually give us hugs after she watches us run, but she didn't seem to like it as much this morning. Do you think it was because it was 2 a.m. or the fact that is was 10 degrees and she was only in her jammies? I say she needs to find her inner child and enjoy life like Jack and I do.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Boring Day

It's been a pretty boring day here. Mama is working. She's here, just in the office.

Scout and I have mainly just stayed in bed. Scout played for a little while as you can tell from the above photo. We heard noise outside and we saw somebody go by on a ATV. I told you we live in the country. I bet you don't see ATVs going by your house in the city. We hear gunshots a lot, but it's not people shooting each other, it's people either hunting or doing target practice. We don't like the gunshots though. It makes us very nervous.

Did you hear that Patrick Swazye is in the hospital? We hope he is doing okay.

Your friend,

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Sunday!

Jack and I are having a nice Sunday with our folks. We went for a ride today. We thought we were going to the park, but we only went to the gas station to get a newspaper. Mama loves to clip coupons and look at the ads.

Oh, for all you kitty cats out there, there is a coupon in the Red Plum section of the coupons for Temptations treats, buy one get one free. You might want to tell your Moms and Dads to check their papers today.

Doggies listen up... Mama said there is also a coupon for Beggin' Strips in the Smart Source section of the coupons. It's buy one get one free! We love free items!

Hope you all have a "greyt" day!

Your friend,

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Morning - Watching TV With Mama

This morning Mama and I are having a slow day. We watched Pet Star. I love that show.

Now, we are watching an old movie. It's called The Ugly Dachshund. It has dachshunds and a great dane in it. You know, some people think that I'm a great dane. It's true. I've been called a great dane, a grape hound, a gazelle, a weimaraner and a rottweiler. People just don't know what a greyhound is, I guess.

I'm watching this movie so intently, that I bent my nose. Don't worry, it's okay. I've done it before.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Daddy's Home!

Did you watch Barbara Walters last night? Mama and I watched it. She didn't cry like she thought she would. She got choked up a few times though. Mama thinks that Patrick is very inspirational and a very strong man. It's amazing to us that he was able to shoot a new series while fighting cancer. We hope that he continues to have a good quality of life. We also hope that the tabloids leave him alone. We doubt they will.

Daddy walked in right at the end of the show, so Scout and I jumped up from watching the show and gave kisses to him. We are so glad that Daddy is home again. Well, he is back at work now, but he will be home for dinner tonight. :-)

I'm much happier today, don't you think?

These Shoes Are Adorable!

I have a friend who just had a baby last month. I have been searching all over trying to find her something slightly unusual for the baby. My friend loves cows and when I saw these shoes, I screamed. Aren't they just the cutest thing? Cow shoes! I'm sure you know the feeling when you find the perfect gift for someone. I know she will love these as much as I do.

Here is a link to the store if you are interested:
Baby Clothing The shoes are item #MTCow. These shoes are individually hand-painted with non-toxic acrylic paint and are washable. The shoes have an elastic no-tie curly laces which should make it easy to get them off and on.

The store has all sorts of items besides just shoes. They have clothes for girls:
Baby Girl Clothes and, of course, clothes for boys Baby Boy Clothes

The store also carries mother's jewelry, sock monkey animals, children's jewelry, birthday gifts, items for the bedroom, political items and many other items. There are even corporate gift baskets. This store seems to have just about anything you could want for a baby or toddler. There is even gift registry, which really makes gift giving easy.

I had not visited this store until today, but I will definitely be back. Their items are very unique and the selection is quite large.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Miss My Daddy

I really miss my Daddy. Mama said he is supposed to come home tonight. That means that the Lifetime movies marathon will end at our house and I will have to give up Daddy's pillow. That's okay with me. I would rather have my Daddy back home. He gives the best ear massages of anyone.

Mama said that if you are a Patrick Swayze fan then you should watch him tonight on the Barbara Walter's special. She said to get your hankies handy though because it's likely to be sad. Mr. Swazye is terminally ill. We've been watching the promos for the show on The View this week. It looks like it will be a bitter-sweet show.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lifetime Movies

Daddy is out of town again. Nothing exciting has happened, so I guess that is good. Mama and I have been watching a lot of Lifetime movies this week. Do I need to give up my "man card"? LOL

Monday, January 5, 2009

Greyhound Site

After reading Camie's Kitties comment about Camie not knowing her date of birth, I started thinking about the website that gives greyhound owners that information, but only if you have the greyhound's tattoos. Camie's tattoo cannot be completely read, so her information cannot be found.

Did you know that greyhounds are tattooed in their ears when they are puppies? Ouch! The tattoos are checked before each race to be sure that the dog racing is the one that is said to be racing.

A greyhound is given a tattoo in each ear. The LEFT ear contains a 5 digit number that is assigned to the litter at birth. All pups in a particular litter will have the same number.

The RIGHT ear contains either a 2 or 3 digit number followed by a letter. The numbers represent the month and year the hound was born in. The first 1 or 2 numbers identify the month and the last number identifies the year. The letter signifies the order in which they were tattooed.

There is a website that I absolutely love because it lists my dogs'lineages. I am big into my own family history, so imagine my delight when I found out that I could research my dogs' family history. LOL We are asked all the time if Jack and Scout are related. Yes, they are. They are actually cousins. The site is Greyhound Data . Here is Jack's actual page. We renamed Jack, but trust me this is my boy. I have uploaded photos of him to the page. This page gives statics on Jack's races. It shows his family history along with some photos of his family. His father was an excellent racer and is in the hall of fame. His grandfather and great grandfathers were also great racers. I've been told that some of the older dogs do not have all of their races listed, so even though they were great racers it does not always show up for them on this page. Jack chose not to follow in the family business, but that's fine with us. He retired very early and that is why he has been in a home for 2.5 years already.

Even if you are not a greyhound or a dog owner, you might find Greyhound Data interesting.

Oh, no! I just noticed something on Jack's page. I celebrated his birthday on the wrong date this year. He was actually born on January 3rd, not the 4th. :-O I can't believe I did that.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's Jack's Birthday!

Today is my 5th Birthday!!!!

I'm going to watch TV.

Play with my toys.

Take a couple of naps.

Basically, it's like any other day.

Mama made me a special breakfast and promised me something special for dinner. Daddy has to go away on a work trip starting tomorrow, so we are having "family day" today. We will be together all day today. I love family days!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I was trying to post yesterday afternoon a picture of Jack celebrating New Year's Eve when my Internet card broke. A new one will arrive tomorrow. I am at a Panera's Bread using their wi-fi. Yep, I'm doing it. I think they are ready to kick me out though as the staff seems to be cleaning all around me. It is starting to get quite crowded, so I need to leave. I drove all over trying to find an open place. I didn't think about everything being closed today. I wanted to drop my Entrecards, but I don't think that's going to happen today.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

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