Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Is Over

We planned to update our blog sooner than today, but the days get away from us.  Our internet doesn't work once the sun goes down and our days are usually busy.  Mom does whatever she does when she leaves us and when she comes back, we walk, dig and relax in our yard.

Our Christmas was nice.  We started our day off wearing our new hoodies. Scout was not happy at all about it.

We decided to stick together on the embarrassing walk.
 After our walk, we enjoyed time outside.  People came by and petted us.

Scout prefers shade.

I dug a really big hole and Scout decided to check it out.
We then came inside and relaxed.

Mom gave us each a Frosty with whipped cream on top!

After dinner, we took a walk.

This is our neighbor.  It took him a week to put up all his decorations. 

We really like the Santa on the roof and the big Christmas tree.

Here it is during the day.  That deer made me a little nervous. It is strange.
There were a lot more lights throughout the park, but we didn't get pictures.

We have been getting a lot of rain lately.  I really miss being able to sit outside.  Today, even though it is cloudy and misting, we took a very long walk because Mom said I needed it.   Scout and I are pretty tired now and hope to sleep this dreary day away.

The Greyhound Who Wishes His Mom Knew How To Rub His Ears Correctly

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Santa Uses A Golf Cart?

We were surprised when a man in a Santa hat knocked on our door today.  He brought our presents. It had to be Santa, right? He wore a hat and he brought presents.  I looked out the window to get a glimpse at his sleigh.  His sleigh was a golf cart!  I guess that's what he uses since we don't have snow.  ::::shrugs shoulders::::

Mom quickly opened the box. She didn't have a clue what he brought us.  You will never guess what we got!

Matching hoodies!

I don't like the hood part.

Do you know what Mom got?  She got pajamas that match our hoodies!!!

Her pajamas have shoes, but the shoes zip off.  Pretty neat!  The sleeve has a cuff that she can put her thumb in.  She is going to be toasty wearing those.
Okay, so the gifts actually came from Dad but Santa delivered them.  Dad is away this Christmas, so he surprised us with gifts.  Scout doesn't like clothes, but she said the hoodie fits her tomboy image and she doesn't mind it that much.  We are going to wear them tomorrow morning because it is going to be in the 30's when we wake up.  Brrrr!

Do you know what is nice about having your presents delivered early?

You can talk back to Mom without fear of not getting Christmas presents.  BOL!

Yep, no fear here.  BOL!
Scout is still being good, just in case.
The Greyhound Who Doesn't Have To Worry About Being Good For Santa

Sunday, December 21, 2014

It's Winter!

Mom went to the beach today and it sure looks cold, don't you think?

It is not as cold as it looks.  It is in the low 60's.  It rained here on Friday and Saturday and it sounds like we will have more rain for the next three days.   We are happy that the only white stuff we are seeing is sand though.

Mom wrote in the sand, but she had a typo.  She was pretty happy with her creation, but then she saw the mistake.  BOL!

No typo on this one, but not as pretty.
She did a third one, but just as she was finishing, a wave washed it away.  She didn't see the wave coming, so it got her too.  I wish I had seen that.  BOL!

Here is a field of birds.
Scout and I have been running, digging and resting.  Yep, nothing has changed. 

There is a man here in a golf cart who has been giving us treats.  Scout finally accepted one from him today.  She was holding out for something better than a Milk Bone. Silly Scout!

The Greyhound Who Is Really Getting Tired Of Christmas Movies

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Old Time Soda Fountain and Medical Museum

Mom has been wanting to eat lunch at a place that is described as an old time soda fountain.  Today was the day.

Stacy's Old Tyme Soda Fountain

Root Beer Float
Mom said it was fun eating there.  A pharmacy shares the room. The pharmacy opened in 1929.

After lunch, Mom walked down the street to the Holmes Medical Museum.  The building was the actual first hospital in this county.  It opened in 1936.  The museum is free to visit.  The second floor still has many items that were in the hospital.

This was the delivery room.

Surgeries were performed in here.
New mothers stayed in this room.

This is where the meals were prepared.  It has been updated.

Waiting room/conference room

This was the nurses' quarters.

The first nurse.
There were lots of medical instruments, but apparently Mom didn't take photos of them.

She said she was a little nervous because she kept hearing the floor squeak, but she thought she was all alone in the museum.  Then a man appeared and said "Isn't this great?!"  Mom said it was and it was really great that it was him that she was hearing walking around.  BOL!  She said it really was an interesting place to visit.

After Mom got home, we did our normal afternoon thing which is catching some rays outside.  We then went to the dog park. We ran, we dug and we relaxed.

I'm relaxing in the hole I dug.  Fun times!
The Greyhound Who Is Becoming A Champion Digger

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Tree Has Been Trimmed

Okay, well the tree has not really been trimmed.  It has been taken out of the shoebox that it lives in the rest of the year.  BOL!

Our ornaments are too large to go on the tree, so we just put them under it.
Isn't he cute?  Mom won him in the Greyhound Companions of Missouri auction.

We have lights going down both sides of the RV.  It looks somewhat festive in here.

Some of our neighbors really decorated the outside of their RVs.  We will show you those photos later.

The Greyhound Who Forgot To Write A Letter To Santa This Year

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