Sunday, December 21, 2014

It's Winter!

Mom went to the beach today and it sure looks cold, don't you think?

It is not as cold as it looks.  It is in the low 60's.  It rained here on Friday and Saturday and it sounds like we will have more rain for the next three days.   We are happy that the only white stuff we are seeing is sand though.

Mom wrote in the sand, but she had a typo.  She was pretty happy with her creation, but then she saw the mistake.  BOL!

No typo on this one, but not as pretty.
She did a third one, but just as she was finishing, a wave washed it away.  She didn't see the wave coming, so it got her too.  I wish I had seen that.  BOL!

Here is a field of birds.
Scout and I have been running, digging and resting.  Yep, nothing has changed. 

There is a man here in a golf cart who has been giving us treats.  Scout finally accepted one from him today.  She was holding out for something better than a Milk Bone. Silly Scout!

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